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Zokolov chapter 43 . 3/30/2011
Sorry for the delay again, but... Black/White fever. We European even got it sooner than you guys, haha!

Noel is a swimmer? Seems that there's some real life influences about. The sudden appearance of the mystery girl was strange, though, but it was interesting to get a glimpse of Noel's history. Him and Uria... I wonder...

Nice pageant, anyways. It was a refreshing change to see things from Emp's perspective, and I wouldn't mind seeing more POV changes in the future either.

And this website has been acting all screwy lately, though I dunno if you have noticed.

Hopefully we'll see more of this story soon!

- Zokolov
PokeFan102 chapter 43 . 3/12/2011
I done with Black and White and about time for an update.
cjml1 chapter 43 . 3/5/2011
As soon as I got the e-mail I rushed to the latest chapter. It wasn't bad but also not your best. The story's got a couple errors.

I won't blame you for taking a break to go through Black and White. Who knows it might inspire the next chapter.

My favorite part of this chapter:

"You have reached your destination" Said the GPS. Might I add that we were still in the middle of town with other cars honking behind us.

"LIAR!" Kara roared at the GPS, and chucked it to the backseat with Kado and me.

Have fun in Unova, CJ.

PS wat starter and version are you getting?
cjml1 chapter 42 . 3/2/2011
Are you OK? you haven't updated the story in a while and i'm really craving the next chapter also the plants vs. zombies story sounds cool. Hope your OK good luck with the writing!
Zokolov chapter 42 . 2/27/2011
Hey, I never saw that thing with Emp coming. Poor penguin... quite a clever idea to write it from Emp's POV, I must say.

And Azelf appeared even! This mysterious link between it and Kara does sound like it was taken from the anime, but this is way more interesting. I gave up on that show ages ago, especially considering how the lamely the Sinnoh arc in the show ended.

That link can be used to create pretty funny situations, though! Imagine how you'd feel if you would suddenly feel a slap on the face like that.

So we're going to see Noel in a Pokémon Pageant next! Neat! Though I'm even more intrigued by this whole guardian thing... the plot thickens all the time.

All in all, nice chapters. I wonder what you'll come up with next...
Zokolov chapter 41 . 2/27/2011
Sorry about this rather considerable delay in my reviews, but you know how it is. Now, to the contest...

Plumule? I gotta agree that it was a litle odd. And Kayle is rather... flexible. I gotta admit that it was actually pretty unique. Haven't seen an appeal like that in any fic I have read... though I haven't read many coordinator-based ones anyway.

My favorite part would be Emp making fun of Kara, damn good fun!

In the poll, I voted for "none". If that question is still open (you did post this quite a while ago), then I'd recommend Harley to make a cameo. That fruit has the best lines.

- Zokolov
sagemode chapter 42 . 1/30/2011
many things, i like the connection to the hotel california song, found it funny, and i also enjoyed your perspective on the inside of a pokeball, im going to base mine of yours if i ever make a pokemon fanfiction(if im allowed to).

overall, i like how lighthearted this was, please update soon
cjml1 chapter 41 . 1/28/2011
Not as predictable as you would think. I defenitely didn't expect the throw Emp in the lake part. Also I'm not sure if Edgar is jealous or not. Also i didn't get Kayla's appeal at all, and I'm still not sure how she got 8th. Anyway Kara's appeal was amazing. The amazing fruits of her hard labor last chapter. Kara threating Noel at the start of the second round was the funniest part of the episode. And Kayla buying a ribbon for bragging rights is just low.

Thanks for reading through this rambiling of your story I still love it and the sleepover picture is AWSOME! Can't wait for next chapter so post it after you finish reading this OK. Bye.
sagemode chapter 41 . 1/22/2011
i was actually sort of angry at the way Kara conducted herself with Emp. she abused him, i do not care how angry she was, she clearly abused him, it's hypocritical that she'd tell kayla not to hurt her pokemon but she did it before too, yes, Emp's a water pokemon, and i also understand that he could get out of the pokeball, but could she not think of his emotions and feelings, if i was a pokemon, thrown to the river/lake by my trainer, i'd be scarred for life, always wondering what i did wrong, and just feeling horrible. i just found it alittle... disgusting of the protagonist to do such a thing
Zokolov chapter 40 . 1/2/2011
Another contest! I can't wait! For some reason, I kinda like all that fancy stuff.

Poor Noel, though. He just fails in that whole leadership thing. And Team Galactic still keeps on going... along with creepy pedophile Saturn. Funny-creepy stuff.

But Kara's dream sequence was just one of the best things ever. Hilarious, trippy and a bit freaky in the end. Noel gets emasculated once again. What really made me laugh was Shawn prancing around in the background as the flower girl.

"I think Kara's broken!" was the best part.
cjml1 chapter 39 . 12/31/2010
Dear Lopunnu,


Fave scene this chapter was the "THERES LEXI! Get her" scene. The rematch between Alta and Slate was epic. Kara needs to learn how to do the from the back moves. Sometimes though I'm not sure wether I should laugh, cry, or stare at a sentence in awe.

Either way this chapter sucked me into Pokéarth till the very end.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, have fun in twentyleven, and write more epic chapters

Joyously, CJ
Zokolov chapter 39 . 12/27/2010
The reassembly of EVERYONE can be considered quite impressive. And yet, you pulled it off! Marvelous.

"You two aren't ice crem!" Aww, she was so disappointed, but it was a nice touch to make the scene less schmaltzy. Kara must be some of the best OC's I have ever seen. A funny, believable and endearing character, and it really shows here.

Nice battle scene, too, with Slate and Alta. A chance to demonstrate some cool moves.

And the receipt gag! I laughed. I kinda saw it coming, but still. I guess I'll never understand what is it with girls and expensive clothing... but it was for a good cause indeed! It also makes me wonder just what a Corphish tastes like.

It's also impressive how many past events you could reference in this one too. I guess I appreciate the little reminder at the end the most. When you have a long story with a load of wacky characters, it's easy to get messed up. Overall: I enjoyed every word. I regret reading this so quickly, as now I have to start waiting for the next update.

Sorry for reviewing so late, but Christmas was a busy time and so forth.

- Zokolov
Teddiursa97 chapter 39 . 12/25/2010
Me: Merry Christmas! I got a new computer so reviewing is easy. Alright I won't hate Edgar, too much, but still Kayla might be the most hated character.

Lux: Lucian seems mean.

Me: Doesn't Kara win money from battles, well they don't get into too many battles.

Lux: She needs a new pokemon.

Me: She might get her wingull or pelipper soon!

Lux: Party time!

Me: Can't wait for the party, bye Lopunnu-chan!
anonymous chapter 39 . 12/23/2010
you left out some characters. like Edgar and whats her name. I forget. Take that as a bad sign. If You forget a character, the author doesn't use them.
pokefan101 chapter 39 . 12/18/2010
Awesome chapter keep it up and I do forgive you
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