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Ms. Lestrange Todd chapter 30 . 7/6/2016
Absolutely loved this. Truly amazing, and by far one of the most best written stories I have read. Great job!
darkraistlyn chapter 30 . 6/22/2014
This was -so- lovely. In my head, these two get their happily ever after by the sea. Beautiful.
Hellscrimsonangel chapter 30 . 10/21/2011
Really enjoyed this story, the whole thing was great esp in how the first part echoed the seconf LOVED IT!
JamesLuver chapter 30 . 7/30/2011
-Sighs- What a perfect ending! :D I just love how Sweeney blurted out his feelings for Nellie 'in the moment' - it fits him, because he's so impulsive. I'm glad that he decided to repeat his words in the end to make his feelings concrete.

I really loved this 'fic, it's one of my favourite of yours. :)
JamesLuver chapter 29 . 7/30/2011
Finally, they're together! :D

Ahem. I once again adore the difference in Sweeney's attitude, from hating every moment he spent in Nellie's company to /enjoying/ it. It makes me happy every time I see that.

I love the build-up to the first kiss. You really did word it wonderfully - I could almost feel desire Sweeney was feeling for Nellie (and that sounds completely weird, but I don't know how else to put it). It was almost torturous to read (in a good way), because as a reader I could see where it was going, and I couldn't wait for it to happen. The urgency of the first was also portrayed really well, and it really showed his changed feelings perfectly.

I like how Sweeney was the one to say 'no' here. Again, like I said in the previous chapter about Nellie, it shows how far he has come and developed, as usually he'd just take her and have done with it. I like this welcome change in the way that this sort of situation is portrayed.

The contrast between the first and second lot of kisses was superb. You really counteracted it well; this was /felt/ so much more loving than the first one, and while desire is always good, love is even better.

The end of the chapter had me grinning like an idiot. I've been waiting for this moment ever since the beginning, and I wasn't disappointed at all.
JamesLuver chapter 28 . 7/28/2011
"This seemed rather bizarre to Sweeney, for his breath couldn't be that cold and their bodies should be more than warm enough to compensate for it even if it was." I can't help but be amused by Sweeney's innocence here, because it's so /typical/ of him. Only Sweeney wouldn't realise just why she's trembling, and that makes him rather adorable.

I loved the 'experiments' on Sweeney's behalf - they were very sensual and made better by his innocence.

I also liked how Sweeney was the one to acknowledge Nellie's feelings for him, once again showing how far he's come during the course of this story. My favourite part of this chapter was Nellie actually being the one to take the reigns and say no, however. Usually Nellie never says 'no', no matter what is being asked of her, but I think this situation totally justified a 'no'. It added a very nice layer to her character and gave an already very complicated character a little more depth.

Although, I have to say that the very last line made me squee like the fangirl that I am. It seems that Sweeney has fallen for his baker without realising it...

I'll get onto the final two chapters later when I can actually function properly - I'm surprised I've been able to review this chapter as it is.
JamesLuver chapter 27 . 7/27/2011
Apologies are in order once again for how long it's taken me to carry on reading and reviewing your stuff. xD;

I love how in the past Sweeney never even thought of Nellie, but now his opinion has changed so much that he's trying to hold onto the thought of her to keep his nightmares at bay.

The way you've developed their relationship to the point where he wants to willingly go to her has been done in a way that is so believable. It's good to see him listening to what his heart wants rather than his head now, another thing which shows us how much their relationship has changed over the prior chapters.

I really liked the way you described the two of them together - I think you captured the intimacy of the moment really well.

Hopefully I should be able to review another chapter later, but I'm going out now and then I'm going driving and then 'The 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments' is on TV, so I might not be able to do so again until tomorrow. xP

Anyway, great job! :)
Biggest fan chapter 30 . 6/3/2011
This is bloody brill. My favorite FF!
JamesLuver chapter 26 . 5/2/2011
I'm trying to get a couple more reviews in before I disappear off the face of the earth for a while. :P

Sweeney watching Nellie at the beginning of the chapter made me laugh. xD It's a far cry from the times when he didn't even know she existed, though. And then he was watching her through her bedroom door. :P

I like how he's finally following his heart more than his brain now, however, with saying "let me do it" before he'd had the chance to process it. It certainly shows how far he has come. :D And of course Mrs. Lovett isn't angry that you were spying on here, Sweeney. Why would she be? ;D

"This was innocent, a proof of friendship instead of something more than that." Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Sweeney.

It's sweet that Sweeney finds brushing hair soothing, and I enjoyed the descriptions of the accidental touches and how touching Mrs. Lovett like that made him feel less of a "monster".

But my favourite part of the chapter was THE KISS. Okay, it wasn't a proper one, but a kiss on the cheek is still better than no kiss at all! It's been a long time coming, and was introduced in the best possible way. The moment afterwards when she whispered in his ear was also very intimate and I loved it. And I also love how it affected Sweeney. :)
JamesLuver chapter 25 . 4/25/2011
Baking chapters rule. 'Nuff said.

I really like how Sweeney is reluctant to enter the kitchen because it feels more "personal" than the pie shop. I think that's a really nice way of highlighting the way Mrs. Lovett makes him feel. :D

I also like the way you described Mrs. Lovett here, with Sweeney noticing her "sparkling eyes" and stuff. I adore the fact that he's warmed to her enough to notice such gestures within her.

I also love the way you described Mrs. Lovett's baking, especially since it's from Sweeney's point of view. It's awesome how much progress they've made over this period of time.

The image of Sweeney baking is adorable. There's just something rather cute and funny about Sweeney in the kitchen. xP

The build-up to the chocolate licking scene was really well written too, especially the way you wrote the hand-touching scene. It's very sensual.

And the chocolate licking scene itself...:3 Need I say more? I loved it. This pairing makes it so sexy.

Hopefully I'll have time to read and review the next chapter soon. :)
Cloister-Hearted chapter 30 . 1/22/2011
Kinda late... But CONGRATS! I envy your ability to complete a story at all, let alone in such a short amount of time!

It was very good. Thanks for writing!
MissPixieLovette chapter 30 . 1/16/2011
I lovette lovette lovette!

This was by far the best fanfic I have ever read, and probably the last Sweeney Todd fanfic I'll ever read. Why? I finally have the ending I wanted! *blocks real story and numerous other fanfics I've read out of mind because the original is so tragic and sad (why Sweeney WHY?), and the others are just horrible and short and bleh*

I laughed I cried, what more could I ask? The intro was amazing. I wept when they were in jail! I even felt sorry for Lucy (weird huh?)! I could have not asked for a better story. EVER! I stayed up late two nights, unable to sleep I was so excited to find out what happens next. Perfect, absolutely perfect.

I was sad that it had to end. :( Oh well.

Thank you for writing this. :D
obsessivelyfanaticgw09 chapter 30 . 1/9/2011
Oh my, sorry it took so long for me too reveiw this!


It was sweet and romantic and innocent at some points and not innocent at others, (but thats what makes it great, right?) and just AMAZING!


I don't think I ever reveiwed it, but one day last summer i fell IN LOVE with miracles. I remember staying up WWWAAAAYYYY too late to read ALL of it, and oh my goodness, was i mad when I went to click "next chapter" and it wasn't there!


I LOVE your writing!

Lamia of the Dark chapter 30 . 1/6/2011
Yay, you finished a story!

Which reminds me, I need to hurry up and finish some of my unfinished stuff :D
Lamia of the Dark chapter 29 . 1/6/2011
lol wow
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