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MiniLover chapter 1 . 3/21/2016
Can't wait to read more of these two on your WP site. Heading there now...
jilllapet chapter 1 . 3/1/2015
This story has been recommended to me.. is there anyway I can get an invite and pw to your wordpress site? Thanks so much..
tanseynz chapter 1 . 7/28/2014
Would love to follow this further but wordpress has nowhere I can find to request.
bluetvgal chapter 1 . 6/21/2014
I was reading your story and enjoying it quite a lot. You said it is continued on your WordPress site but when I tried to go there it said it was by invitation only. Is there anyway I can continue reading it? Thanks!
AB Neg chapter 30 . 5/5/2012
I absolutely loved this story. I thought at first the super hero aspect would be corny, but it was not at all. I loved both Sookie and Eric's characters and how they finally overcame all the crap that was thrown at them. When the cahpater came where they had broken up I was devistated. I am so glad things worked out for them and that Eric could fly again. Great story...thank for sharing it with us.
ReefChic7 chapter 30 . 3/15/2012
I dont know how I missed this story before, but I saw mention of it on your blog. This was awesome! Such a different take on th story, but honestly all of your writing is fabulous. You did great and even though the Expert is still my fave- I would totally vote for an outtake on this!
PendulumWings chapter 30 . 2/24/2012

I cried, several times, and to avoid giving spoilers to potential readers, I'll be vague, but I really will give you all the details of my opinion if you want me to.

First of all - I abso-fucking-lutely LOVE this whole concept. It's beyond brilliant, and totally original.

I love where you put certain characters in the story in relations to what kind of positions they have in the books/show. Fuck me dead, mate, not even kidding, I am in awe. I loved the reality of the whole thing; the traumas, the legal proceedings, and the actions and reactions of everyone involved. And goddamnit, you kept me guessing, and that -NEVER- happens. I have literally gotten more depressed in reading this in one hit, and seeing it's over. Count me in to stalk everything you've written, as of now.

If it's half as good as this, I'll be right as rain.

Thank you so much for imparting this story, I'm so sick of seeing the same old, same old.

(And DAYUM, love me some hawt-Eric sex.)

Much, much love,


Lovetb chapter 30 . 1/16/2012
Another great story of yours. I couldn't put it down until I read it completely. I love how you made them so different from any other Eric and Sookie yet their spirit was still there .

Please write more Eric and Sookie , no one does it better in my opinion.
RiverQuaimegi chapter 30 . 12/17/2011
This story is really awesome! I love all the angst and suspens.

Your characters are great! I love strong Sookie! I love her relationship with Eric, they are so sweet together, even when they are not a couple. But you don't like making their life easy, do you? I love that they don't solve their problem easily, that you give them time to be angry, broken, then to heal.

I love the vigilante thing (especially when I imagine Eric in his suit, but I digress ;-)...) Their nicknames are cool!

I really thought Sophie-Anne was a good person for once, I should have known better ;-)

I probably have a lot of other things to tell, but I will just summarize saying: I really really loved your story!
vikinglover21 chapter 30 . 10/10/2011
this storyyyyyyy! *cries* it was so beautiful! and eric can fly again! ohh my heart is just melted in puddles right now, how perfectttt!
vikinglover21 chapter 18 . 10/10/2011
adopt him adopt him! d'awwwwwwwwwwww! i love this story!
vikinglover21 chapter 3 . 10/8/2011
omg they met and didnt even realize, can i slap them both?
vikinglover21 chapter 2 . 10/8/2011
aww be a tag team! hummingbird and... wait whats his name? viking? i was thinking thor lmfao cus of the hammer?
vikinglover21 chapter 1 . 10/8/2011
im picturing Eric in the suit. The bulge is very prominent. Me gusta.
Angiestl chapter 30 . 10/3/2011
I love this story so much that I want to marry it! Seriously, it's a great story, I don't know how I missed it when I've browsed through your stories before, other than just not paying attention. Every character is perfect, every chapter well thought out. I would be all for another supernatural/ human-ish type story if you wrote it. I didn't even hate the dark angsty parts of this story, and you should see me sometimes on twitter begging for rec's of fluff fics because I can't even handle a drop of angst that day. (I refuse to read anything that says it was an entry for the Happily Never After contest! Kjwrit about killed me when I read hers.) But with this story, it almost needed the darkness, the angst, to make it perfect. I'm only sad that I finished reading it, I want it to keep going.
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