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Guest chapter 7 . 9/29/2016
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Keep updating please!
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Keep updating!
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Keep updating your stories and soon please!
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Please update the story real soon!
Fate T. Nekoi -Angel Orie chapter 6 . 8/1/2010
Wow... that's the first time I ever read a fic with a Half-vampire Atemu. ) Looks great! Thanks totally for the info about the creatures and such, it helps tons to understand the story, and it's also good learning. Am I wrong in assume that Caoimhe would willingly gave some blood to help Atemu? And I bet the fact that he is at her home would not be a secret for much longer... 8D At least, she'd be able to get help from her friends, especially from Medi. u.u Can't wait to see Atemu telling her about his past life, and maybe Yugi and the others! And...

Well, I read your profile.

To be honest, and I hope you forgive me if I offend you, to stop writing just because you lost the next chapters sound kinda stupid. I mean, the ideas are yours, right? So, what makes you unable to just pick where you stopped in your stories and write a new chapter? '-' All you need to do is look at what happened last, pick the ideas you already had for it (the ones in your mind), and just WRITE. Even if it comes slowly, sometimes just a bit of this and that, it JUST NOT MEAN you need to stop permanently. Saying that you quit just because you lost your previous scraps and such, sounds like: 1)a run-and-hide kinda of thing; 2) something that a very lazy and coward person would do, and really, that's something I don't think you are.

Before you start thinking I'm a bitch that does not know what I'm talking about, I'll tell you a little story:

Three years ago, I was writing my final papel for the University. To get all my info for it, took me practically an year, but I did a really good job with my arguments. It was almost the end of the year, and the date for my presentation had been already set, for a week later.

Then, my computer crashed.

It wasn't that simple 'my memory got fried' kind of thing. The WHOLE FRIGGIN' HARD DRIVE WENT TOAST. I lost EVERY SINGLE THING that was inside my PC. INCLUDING my final paper. ONE WEEK AWAY FROM THE DEADLINE.

I admit, I almost sobbed my eyes out when I discovered that.

But I did not gave up. I still had some older things from it in the pendrive(like you have your older chapters), and still knew the gist of what I was intended to present in my work. So, I hauled my ass off to the nearest cyber-café and practically lived there for a week. Seriously, I'd get there almost as soon as it opened, and get out very late in the night. Had to get again ALL my pictures, try to write a serious argument with brats around me shouting and talking and just friggin' tearing my concentration to heck... Sometimes I wished very hard to be allowed to just hit them and knock them out of their misery, but I digress.

It took a week, but I redid my whole final paper. It also took a darn lot of money to scan, print, make copies, and bind the whole thing.

But I DID It. And got an A.

Now, is it really that hard to try and write things from the beginning?

I know it will not be the exact way you wrote before. But it can be EVEN BETTER than what you did before. You just need to try. The ideas are all inside your head. Even if they look foggy, weathered and a bit moth-bitten, you still have them.

So, why don't give your mind a little chance, and begin anew? 3

Before, you didn't had anything written too, and you did just that. Just because you don't have plans, doesn't mean you can't improvise, and even more: now you are more experienced, and can even rewrite what you think are 'not that good'.

Again, please do not see this as a flame, because it is NOT. I also wouldn't fully put it into the 'bashing' cathegory. It's just a critique, that I hope would help you somehow.

After all, I'm an Author too, I know how it feels like you don't know where to go with a story. But still, none of my fics are totally dead; I work into some of them from time to time. One day, I WILL finish every single one of them. Not because of people demanding it, but because each of them are ideas that I love, and wish to share. Just that.

Do not give away something that you love just because of a single obstacle. Persist.