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Masterelite28 chapter 49 . 12h ago
Great chapter! Looking foword to more John x liara! Also some advice about your life trouble, as the late great Monty Oum once said, keep pushing forword
Guest chapter 49 . 2/24
Where did this AI named Iaan come from!? And the Assembly is still going on despite the Citadel's law for the Alliance to Abolish their AI's.

I still find the Mass Effect technology to be inferior cause it made humanity SEVERELY cut back on the size of their warships!
acepro Evolution chapter 49 . 2/25
Great chapter. I actually thought for a moment that Chief killed the last Rachni; I mean let's face it, Chief would jump off a cliff if it meant saving humanity from destruction, so why not avoid a hostile alien from being resurrected to avoid a possible invasion. But you really surprised and impressed me with Chief's not doing the deed, and lieing about it to his superiors.

By the looks of things it would also appear that Liara is starting to get feelings for Chief. That would be an interesting interaction since Chief has never really been the romantic type or sexual for the matter, yet Asari have no objections when it comes to their mates; species or gender.

I cannot wait to read your next chapter so good day to you.
FORD B chapter 49 . 2/25
Really great update and the wait was no problem.
Guest chapter 49 . 2/23
Chief let the Rachni live! Yes! And he lied to the Council about it too! I'm so proud! (Wipes away fake tear)
Guest chapter 49 . 2/23
You made the right choice Chief. Liara being shy about it is kinda cute. And of course the Chief would be completely oblivious about it.
GrimKid98 chapter 49 . 2/24
Well ONI might be in for a surprise if they catch any of the new quirks in Chief's behavior (most around Blue team).
Guest chapter 49 . 2/22
good to see a new chapter hope you update a longer chapter soon!
RedGOzilla chapter 49 . 2/22
(mumbles aside) What is up with that warhammer reviewer? (Normal voice) anyway… PRAISE THE LORD! A NEW CHAPTER! this one is short but it did a good job in wrapping up the arc. Chief lying to the council about the Rachni queen was not what i expected but I like it. Aww, Liara was so close to telling Chief what she felt about him. (French laugh) Ho ho ho ho ho. I like about Ntho being strapped down to the table for Chakwas to medicalize him. I totally believe that the elites have to be strapped down in hospitals. Im however upset that we didn't see Wrex's reaction. I mean c'mon, Chief and Wrex having problems with each other is Drama giftwraped to you. I better get some of that soon. On a serious note, Know that while these bad moments in life sucks, they don't last forever because all the evil in this world has an end but all good things will last forever like its creator. Im praying for you and God Bless you. Keep on writing, for us writers, Its the greatest thing for us through hard times.
Guest chapter 49 . 2/22
Lunatic Pandora1 chapter 49 . 2/24
Genetics doesn't really factor that much into behavior, though. Especially not after four generations. Who knows, she might actually be a decent human being?
darkfinder chapter 49 . 2/24
ray chapter 49 . 2/22
I see what your doing having liara fall for chief and maybe chief is falling for her to , but anyway maybe and this is just a suggestion Ackerson and Ashley know each other and chief learns ash's family history.
Lone Gundam chapter 49 . 2/21
So does every woman in Blue Team have a crush on Chief or something? That's gonna make things awkward.
Guy chapter 49 . 2/21
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