Reviews for The Last Spartan
Helljumper206 chapter 52 . 10/8
Even if you have given up on this story I'll still have this story marked as "Follow" till whenever you get the sudden need to come back to this story, and help the Chief on his ever continued journey in the future. Know that there are many others that will try to silence you, for they can only fail. As it is your words that will reach the readers imaginations and not the nigh Sayers. For every one of them there will be more that will more to support you in your journey.

Guest chapter 52 . 9/14
Hi DinoJake.
For the record, I liked your story. I remember beginning reading it more than six years ago, and a few days ago came back and binge-read all the way through it. To me, it's the epitome of long term fanfics. I wish you luck on whatever you're working on now.
mikeczajk12 chapter 1 . 9/14
you may never even see this. I just wanted to say that this was so well written I could've swore bungie wrote it themselves. I was upset that this will never be finished. well done writing it
Fl4mingTurd chapter 52 . 8/28
Shit. Just shit. I realize you probably not going to see this, but fuck. I for one loved this story and the way you blended the universes. I never had a problem with how you handled slipspace and A.I. This was by far the best Halo/ME xover I've found and I am saddened that it will never be finished.
Guest chapter 52 . 8/23
You should really change the synopsis to say this story has been abandoned.
Allstar13521 chapter 52 . 8/20
Well I've gotten this far, and whilst I'm still disappointed about running out of story (despite knowing that it was going to happen prematurely) I can honestly say that I am not disappointed that I spent the time to read through this. It was amazing, well thought out, and full of potential to come despite the fact that you've spent 463,120 words on the Very First Game. I would have honestly kept reading this thing the whole way through the trilogy... maybe not to Andromeda, but only because that game was an all-encompassing black hole of disappointment.

Whilst some people may have found the AI & Slipspace issues to be mistakes, I was still looking forward to seeing their resolution to the very end, especially after you managed to work them into the worldbuilding and background, using them as lenses for exploring the world more thoroughly (Which is something else entirely that you should be congratulated for really).

Your feelings of inadequacy regarding this 'fic are entirely unfounded, the fact that you kept updating it at all is a miracle, one that I and no doubt many others are immensely grateful for.
DAUNTEDSUPERIER chapter 52 . 8/22
Guest chapter 52 . 8/17
Damn. Just got to the end. As a connoisseur of good fanfiction this ranks at least in the top 10%... Good on you. The slip space and AI bans were actually well handled in my opinion, by the way.
Allstar13521 chapter 33 . 8/17
I read on the TVTropes page that you didn't like Miranda much, and yet she came across as an overall reasonable and likeable antagonist, not even really a villain.

I'm almost certain that you don't read these anymore, since the 'fic is marked 'dead' on the TVTropes page, but I'd like to say I've enjoyed everything so far and I'm dreading the point where I run out of 'fic to read.

Hope you're doing well in your current affairs.
Futa Loli chapter 52 . 8/11
stumbled on this again and found it was discontinued, guess this is gg dinojake
sakddsssak chapter 2 . 8/3
disappearance of the prodition was probably Cerberus
Zgamer chapter 50 . 7/31
Hey guys. You might want to go check out Dinojake's Word-Works on Tumblr. Some TLS news has been posted!
maartenvervloet chapter 50 . 7/27
Andromeda is not so bad
maartenvervloet chapter 44 . 7/27
technically it would only be cannibalism if the Kig-Yar eat other Kig-Yar
maartenvervloet chapter 23 . 7/25
I like the MAKO better than the NOMAD from Andromeda (mostly because it can shoot thing)
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