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Guest chapter 55 . 10/13
Yes I would like to read more from you.
JustaDK chapter 9 . 9/29
This is a well written story that could have been very good if it just got rid of the crossover section and was just Mass Effect only.

The characterization of Master Chief is horrendously wrong and all the advanced tech of the UNSC is discarded just to make the story compliant with Mass Effect universe... but this causes major head scratches in plot.

However my biggest gripe is how Canon everything seems even with the Chief being a spartan. If you really wanted a Super Soldier, you could have used Sheperd with the Super Soldier serum or something, but to bring in the Chief and literally discard everything about him just seems wrong.
Guest chapter 55 . 9/20
Major Ackerson is a bit of a Mary Sue. Her power is feasible, but having a multi-chapter rant about how much dirt she had on Chief and her being so skillful and such just seems too much.
bob chapter 55 . 9/12
Zgamer please dude this is epic and i can't wait for more really mate it's just getting good i'm rather looking forward to more please
475213 chapter 3 . 9/10
I was going to write a long-winded rant about how how smart AI's were vital to the UNSC's infrastructure, coordinating everything from cities to space elevators to ships and even fleets. However, I see that you covered that at least partially in the codex entry, and I also think that the Citadel might allow the use of dumb AI's in Citadel space, drawing comparisons between them and VI's. This remains a bit of a grey area from what I've read so far, considering how much more powerful a dumb AI would be compared to a VI. Still, I can't imagine that the HSA would be willing to give up the huge amount of logistical and combat support that they were used to having from smart AI's, especially over a single rampant AI.

Picture an airport, an insanely coordinated dance of inbound and outbound flights, terminals, gates, passengers, and cargo. Now multiply that by space. I don't think it would be unreasonable to say that AI would be an indispensable benefit in organizing it all, as well as monitoring the systems of a spaceport, ensur.
koseta.a chapter 4 . 9/10
You know the forerunners would have been 100,000 years ago if they came before the Protheans. That makes a bunch of other details a bit wonky...
475213 chapter 1 . 9/10
True threat? Nah. The Flood are far more threatening than the Reapers could eve be.
Vanessa Masters chapter 55 . 9/8
How did the teams do?" He asked.

"We won," Nolan replied. "Shouldn't be surprised. Your crew's a bunch of badasses. Even Liara. She scored the only kill on the Turian team's leader."

Chief nodded in reply. At least someone on the ONI team had a high opinion of his team.

"I've been there you know," Nolan then said, getting the Chief's attention. "Ackerson calls you into an office, she talks your ear off about a bunch of stuff and then she has you doing things for her because you think it's the right thing. That's how I got into this mess to begin with." The lieutenant then looked to the Chief. "Don't trust her. Don't trust Falana. Don't trust their marines."

Chief was mildly surprised by the lieutenant's bluntness, but kept his usual poker face as he made eye contact. "What have you seen to warrant that distrust?"

"…legally, I can't say," Kyle replied. "But I can't let you get caught in her web. I put my team at risk. I won't let her get yours."


I want to strangle that Ackerson, people aren’t pawns, and I agree with hat guy, she can’t be trusted. This is for NO ONES Good. And her so called ‘roles’ garbage.
Vanessa Masters chapter 54 . 9/8
"'Hauling?' Hardly. Everyone inducted into the program was given fair treatment. One of my soldiers was there with him and can validate that."

Chief crossed his arms. He wasn't a stranger to being hauled off to some camp that trains soldiers, so this was an issue he had some investment in.

"I'm sure Lieutenant Alenko performed admirably while on your team, but this…" she said pointing to the image. "Think if something like that happened to someone on your squad. Or to a VIP on the battlefield. Even if it was just this one incident, that's already an increased probability for a repeat offense."

"…is Alenko going to be tried for murder?"

Ackerson shook her head. "Not right now. Maybe never. If word got out about what happened, it could hurt our relations with the Turians. That and considering what it could have done to hurt human biotic development at the time…"

Chief had figured something was off about the lack of an explanation for BAaT's closure, but he never suspected Kaidan could have been the cause. Then again, maybe she wasn't telling the whole truth.

"I'm not surprised this never came up before now," Ackerson said looking at the Chief. "It's not something you can easily talk about on the battlefield, is it?"

"Bitch…" Cortana muttered as Ackerson slid another page on to the holographic screen.

"And while we're talking about your human crewmembers, we should discuss Gunnery Chief Williams…"


Ugh, that’s a lie NO ONE was treated fairly, your officer lied bitch.

I have to say love the back and forth, to hearing the dirt on the characters and swapping to them in the field
Vanessa Masters chapter 53 . 9/8
So, the interrogation of Chief begins and miss Ackerson apparently looked up Chiefs team.
Vanessa Masters chapter 51 . 9/8
"Not a fan of Turians, I take it?" Chief asked.

Nolan was taken aback for a moment by the Chief's bluntness. Then, he shrugged. "A little." he confessed.

"I kinda feel the same way about Sangheili." Chief confessed with a shrug of his own. "Speaking of, where's N'tho?"

"By the vending machines." Wrex stated.

"Still?" Chief asked as he walked through a dead-end corridor that lead to bathrooms, a drinking fountain, and a series of vending machines. Sure enough, there was N'tho, who looked at Chief and Nolan as they walked up to him.

"Oh hi Chief." N'tho said. "And, you're Lieutenant Nolan, right? Your squadmates mentioned you. N'tho 'Sraom, at your service. Blue Team's chief scout and reconnaissance expert.

"…..N'tho, your hand is stuck in the vending machine." Chief pointed out.

N'tho was sprawled out on the floor, one hand stuck in the passage where snacks come out of the machine. "I paid for my crunch butter, I'm getting my crunch butter." he resolutely said.

The Chief sighed as he took a few steps back towards the armory, midway between the benches and the vending machines. "So, your team is…..interesting." Nolan observed.

"My biotic has the hiccups, my assault specialist is a muffin thief, and my scout is fighting a losing battle against a snack machine." Chief said as he covered his face with his palm.

"….Muffin thief?" Nolan asked. Chief nodded at Wrex, who was pulling a muffin out of his pocket and was being very careful about eating it in such a way that no one would see. "…Huh."

"They're a good team." Chief said. "It's just that back in my day I was used to more - "



Hahahaha. I love it, N’tho is like
Homer Simpson!
Vanessa Masters chapter 50 . 9/8
Tyrannai you ambitious fool.

Also, I forgot to say how happy I am that Chief spared the Raichni Queen
Vanessa Masters chapter 49 . 9/8
Oh Liara, admit your feelings!
Vanessa Masters chapter 48 . 9/8
"I'm serious about this, Danielle." McCallister said. "You need to make it clear to Spartan-117, in no uncertain terms, what our interests are and what we expect of him. We have to keep a short leash on him. We can't trust him otherwise. You see Danielle, when you're a Spectre, many choices lie ahead of you. None of them are easy."

He leaned forward in his chair, wagging a finger at Ackerson for emphasis. "And you can't trust a broken man to make the right choice."


It’s awful the way they talk about Chief, and keeping him on a leash? He’s not broken! He’s repairing, thou apparently killing the Rach I Queen isn’t. Good sign.
Vanessa Masters chapter 47 . 9/8
Benezia clutched both hands to her head as she stumbled over to the railing, leaning on it for support. "Mother!" Liara pleaded. "I….Don't leave! Fight him!"

"…..You've always made me proud, Liara." Benezia whimpered out. A moment passed, then Benezia stood back upright, her arms glowing with biotic fury once again. "Die." she growled as she locked eyes with the Master Chief.


A gunshot rang out and Benezia backed away, catching herself on a railing before slowly sliding to the floor. Her hand was covering a bloody wound in her abdomen.

Chief's gun wasn't the one that fired.

Chief turned and, much to his surprise, saw that Liara had her pistol raised once again, a tiny wisp of smoke trailing up from the barrel. "Oh my Goddess….." Liara softly said as she dropped the gun and rushed over to her mother's side.

"I cannot go on." Benezia softly said. "You will have to stop him, Little Wing."

"Hold on!" Liara quickly said, panicking as he unbuckled her utility belt and laid it on the floor. "I've been trained as a field medic and I have biofoam and medi-gel. You'll be fine Mother, I just need - "

"No." Benezia firmly said.

"I can save you!" Liara pleaded.

"He is still in my mind." Benezia said. "I am not entirely myself. I never will be again."

"Mother…." Liara whispered.

"Good night, Little Wing." Benezia said as she continued to slump to the floor. "I will see you again with the dawn…"

"Mother!" Liara shouted as she grabbed Benezia and shook her, desperately trying to rouse her.

Poor liara, poor Benezia.
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