Reviews for Life Takes A Turn
medward chapter 20 . 2h
Oh yes, Draco would be very valuable.
medward chapter 19 . 3h
I hope Neville knows occlumency, otherwise Albus D will know all about the DA and Harry mating.
medward chapter 18 . 3h
Oh my, a soft loving glow? Sounds like there will be an heir. Dumbledore will figure out their deception once he knows about the pregnancy, unless he thinks it was not consenual.
medward chapter 17 . 3h
Ron need not worry, the blood they have given Harry is worth more to him than the compensation money.
medward chapter 16 . 3h
In horror films, it is always a mistake to walk down a deserted, dark corridor alone at night. Just saying...
medward chapter 15 . 3h
Dumbledore's blood is probably laced with loyalty or obedience potions. It would be best to avoid it.
medward chapter 14 . 4h
Harry! TMI !
medward chapter 13 . 4h
I wonder what Sev thought Harry was so shocked about.
medward chapter 12 . 4h
Sev to the rescue.
medward chapter 11 . 4h
Gel ink is even better
medward chapter 10 . 4h
Is it detecting his dark mark?
medward chapter 9 . 5h
Bravo Ron!
Too bad Harry can't share the blood with Severus, although technically he would be drinking from a bottle, not from a student...
medward chapter 8 . 5h
It's hard to believe that there was nothing else Sev could teach Harry. Maybe he should secretly take his newts already and starts studying for Masters.
medward chapter 7 . 6h
Albus D is making some huge mistakes.
medward chapter 6 . 7h
Yeah, the Gryffindors will definitely be PO'ed and will blame him for being a murderer. Where's Rita when you need her?
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