Reviews for Genophobia
GrimsyInWonderland chapter 8 . 9/27/2016
Noooooooooooo! Whyyyyyyyy? Why aren't there anymore chapters to this fic?! Please write more I really LOVE IT it's like the best fanfic I've read in a long while and I read a lot
FearThePuggles chapter 8 . 6/1/2016
"It's bitter", he says... good Lord Ichi. I love this I can't wait for the next update, keep up the good work!
Rize Shirosaki chapter 8 . 5/5/2016
I wonder if this will continue. It's been over 4 years and I'm still waiting. What happened to Ichi in the past? Will Starrk and Ichi continue their relationship? Questions, questions...
Muffin2234 chapter 8 . 3/18/2016
I really like this story starrk and ichigo are so cute together will you be writting more chapters for this story.
pantaraz615 chapter 3 . 1/5/2016
not like that I mean inseart blush here
pantaraz615 chapter 3 . 1/5/2016
that's bad so very bad
Neanim chapter 8 . 5/25/2015
"Utter adoration clenched stark's heart" I m in the same position with this extremely cute story!
Guest chapter 8 . 5/20/2015
God damn it please continue hehehe
gabriall.grimm.1 chapter 7 . 3/12/2015
put them on archive of our
fan chapter 8 . 3/4/2015
aya -.- desu chapter 8 . 2/8/2015
Love this. : ]]
Guest chapter 8 . 1/26/2015
Please don't stop wrighting though it's
Been about 5 years now. I really like it!
dhampire712 chapter 5 . 12/1/2014
Of course Masaki and Yuzu are the most dangerous! XD
dhampire712 chapter 4 . 12/1/2014
And so starts the platonic? Relationship! Go go Stark! You can survive this
dhampire712 chapter 3 . 12/1/2014
I saw that name coming! And it's nice so far!
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