Reviews for Reluctant Hero
Apex85 chapter 3 . 11/11
Liking it so far, can't wait for what happens next.
Apex85 chapter 1 . 11/11
Oh, I look forward to this. Also, congrats on FINALLY, getting a tropes page.
pikachukite chapter 40 . 11/9
awesome story would love to read more!
lillmuffin12 chapter 39 . 11/4
wow that was a great chapter! so much world building and foreshadowing and then it came to it's climax and i could barely breath and then you wrapped it all up with that beautiful cliff hanger! you are a truly skilled and an amazing writer! you sure do go to great lengths to prove that in this story!
lillumuffin12 chapter 37 . 11/3
LiGHT IT ON FIRE! dragons only hatch with extreme heat usually over long periods of time so to hatch it has to be on fire! good chapter!
i really should go over to ao3 and do comments...
lillmuffin12 chapter 36 . 11/3
oh that chapter was great! i cracked up so hard that it almost hurt and seemed cruel! i love mushroom induced aang! and yeah now zuko has a dragon to hatch! i really enjoyed that chapter.
lillmuffin12 chapter 27 . 11/2
i'm... not sure how reviewing works. i've never done it on this site and can't figure out where to read them to get ideas so i apologize if i got this wrong.

i thought this first book was great, with just the right balance between comedy, and tension. i love how you developed the characters so well, and so well written it all is. i've mentally dubbed this, 'Zuko Chronicles, the unwilling Avatar: Book 1: Ice' because the whole book is about Zuko overcoming his pride, and stubbornness, and COLD, and learning how to melt his cold, and angry heart while learning to, if not accept, then acknowledge, that he his the Avatar. there were a lot of great moments, and thinking of the scene with Yue during the dance, er, after it, still cracks me up! i'd say my only real complaint about all of this, is You mad Zuko the Avatar, but you DIDN'T GIVE HIM A SPIRIT ANIMAL! EVERY AVATAR HAS ONE! every. single. ONE! and not only that, but they get their spirit animal at a very young age, and they bond. and it's established in the show that, through possible to service without their spirit animal for extended periods of time, it is very painful, at least mentally, on both sides, for the two be apart. so i find it hard to believe that, Zuko hasn't gone mad if he hadn't found his spirit animal by 16. i know in canon Zuko didn't get his dragon until several years after he became Firelord, but that was significant. he wasn't ready for a dragon yet, he had to grow into it, and i'm not sure a dragon fits him in this story. in a way, it still does, but in another, it just doesn't fit.(doing my own thoughts now) i imagine since Zuko was very kind hearted, and caring as a kid, that he could easily stumble upon a hurt Dragonbird, (yes i'm thinking of Avatar Korra pareils) and taking it home, and raising/nurturing it, and it sticking with him. i know it's almost an ugly red when it's a baby, and a beautiful gold when it's grown, but what about when it's an adolescent? i imagine that it must not be a pretty sight, being all awkward, and scruffy looking, growing into new wings, and the adult feathers, as well as still mostly being covered in it's kid ploom. it's would be going through an awkward stage of development, as it shed something ugly slowly becoming something beautiful. Kinda like Zuko right now! besides who doesn't think a DRAGON - BIRD, doesn't sound perfect for Zuko! also one more note, the animals all have to big enough to ride, so they can carry their Avatar around.
but i know you can't just write in, Zuko having a pet, so i suppose, i'll have to wait a while before he gets one, if he gets one at all. you should really consider that dragonbird thing, if you haven't already picked out an animal for him, or haven't decided to not give him one.

i'm sorry that got long and ranty and i'm still not sure if this falls under review or comment. this is my first one on this site!
Secret.Identities chapter 8 . 10/20
You know, there’s a really big hole in the “putting out the fire” thing. You didn’t write anything about Pakku taking the wood. Zuko could have restarted the fire easily..
The Independent Variable chapter 40 . 10/17
Hope to see another update for this great fic.
BehbaLovesTea chapter 40 . 10/15
I am absolutely in love with this story! Life pulled me away from keeping up with my favorite stories for a while and I just had to reread this in order fully appreciate the latest chapters. I just couldn't stop reading this for the past 5 hours! I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter, hopefully a lengthy one lol. Thank you so much for sharing your magical brain juices with your devoted FF readers!
Eeveecat1248 chapter 36 . 10/5
BADGER badger BADGER badger BADGER badger Mushroom Mushroom SNAKE
Eeveecat1248 chapter 17 . 10/4
Heh. Ghost. Shen. Pinyin jokes.
erica.phoenix16 chapter 1 . 10/1
Please update soon.
Dragon-Bowl chapter 40 . 9/30
I binged read almost the entire story in 2 days.
I'm in love with it. I'm very happy to have found it.
I like the things you add to the world. I like the character you create. I like how it's more mature than the show was.

After this point I have less than positive things to say.

I said i almost read the whole thing because I pretty much skipped over everything about what Sokka and Katara are doing.
I don't wanna sound mean or discourage you.
I gotta admit, I don't see how their side story has any relevance to the main story. Maybe if I actually read those parts I probably would know if those parts are relevent but I don't give a hoot about what they are doing. Im here for zuko and what's up with him, and the stuff surrounding him.
I wanna read more about zuko iroh, the ship crew the element masters and aang. See more progression towards a reunion. Because ya been building up the hype for it and there's not much pay off happening.
Like I was kinda annoyed that aang pulled off that stunt to find pirate treasure. Cuz sweet gezus, zuko wants to find his uncle, I want him to find his uncle, this is bs aang. At least some cool stuff went down and zuko got a dragon.
I could deal with the Katara sokka side story if it was updates on them, snippets on what their doing but there are big dedicated chunks to it.

I feel bad for saying that because I do read your authors notes at the end of the chaps and see that u really do enjoy writing that side story.
I'm sorry.

I did have a holy s..t omg moment when toph was threatened to have her feet binded tho.

I really do enjoy the story. I wanna read what happens next and I'm with you until the end.
Heck, even it takes ten years to finish. I'll be 35 by then tho. I hope u can complete it.
Because great stories that are abandoned is heartbreaking.
Mr. Q chapter 40 . 9/30
Sure do wish this would get an update.
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