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MissEllen chapter 51 . 3/29
The story is progressing very very well, and I'm pretty excited for the baby to arrive and everything, but there were a couple places where I really really wished I was still beta for you with this story. All things considered, I really love the story still, very much and I'm glad you're finding time to come back and finish it!

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Guest chapter 51 . 3/29
Great chapter! Can't wait for more. Update really soon please. :)
kouga's older woman chapter 51 . 3/27
More please!
pegasus5406 chapter 51 . 3/27
Humm...interesting...great update hon, thanks. I can't wait to read more...until next time...bigg huggs. Peggy
Goldielover chapter 51 . 3/26
Wow, I really wasn't expecting another update quite so soon. Thank you for it. Anyways, nice to know Charlie isn't going to be an out of control newborn. I will be interested to hear what Eleazar has to say about any gifts they may have. I wonder whether Bella will have the shield she has in the original books, or if it would be something quite different, like maybe a healer of some sorts to go with Carlisle's interest in medicine. Will also be looking forward to the birth of their baby. Not sure if we will ever hear anything more about the Forks wolves, or if they are gone for good now. Wait and see, I guess.
AHealingRenaissance chapter 50 . 3/26
Um...ooops... :D
pegasus5406 chapter 50 . 3/26
Great update as always hon...Thanks. Until next time...bigg huggs. Peggy
Debbie Hicks chapter 50 . 3/25
Chapter 51.
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countryheart chapter 50 . 3/25
Great chapter! Can't wait for more. Update really soon please. :)
Goldielover chapter 50 . 3/25
Thanks for the update. Glad no one was killed, but feel rather sorry for Jasper and Carlisle, losing body parts. I take it your version of the vampires don't regenerate. I've seem some stories where they actually can regrow a body part, but it takes a very long time. Jasper is going to have a hard time hunting animals - lets hope he doesn't return to hunting humans because they are easier. And Carlisle will most certainly miss performing surgery. It will be interesting to see how they manage with the baby. I rather like the idea of a baby Edward, seeing as how the other Edward was never turned. And I wonder how Charlie will cope with being a newborn. At least Esme didn't drain him. Will be looking forward to the final chapters of this story. I know its taken awhile, but I'm very glad you stuck with it. I've enjoyed it, as I did your other AH Bella/Carlisle story, Forbidden Fruit.
kouga's older woman chapter 50 . 3/25
Yay! Charlie is changing!
Guest chapter 38 . 3/24
Nice car
Kayla chapter 10 . 3/23
Aww, Carlisle is adorable. But will there be an Edward or Rosalie or will a human girl named Esmeralda take interest in Carlisle, while a human Edward takes interest in Bella? It would be a good story plot. But, you are a very good writer. Much better then most writers. Congrats!
Alice chapter 49 . 3/8
Awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter, hope it's done soon!
barbiedoll123 chapter 49 . 3/4
Charlie needs to forget Renee.i hope Carlisle will be ok
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