Reviews for For the Love of a Human
PrincessGBRS chapter 45 . 5/4
This is the best story I've read in a while!
Guest chapter 45 . 4/8
I am loving this story and can't wait to read more.
Rose chapter 45 . 4/6
Can't wait to read more! Love how the story has gone so far.
SapphireGypsey chapter 5 . 2/28
Chapter 5 has a few mistakes in it. This story is magnificent!
Ca.zaphira chapter 45 . 1/18
Have enjoyed the story very much. Looking forward to updates.
Chloe Rathbone-Whitlock chapter 29 . 1/18
mfaerie32 chapter 5 . 1/16
I do hope you don't have her falling in love with him after only 3 days. ( Attraction..yes...lust...oh yeah. But Love? That should take a little longer until she knows a bit more about him. And for a second I thought you were having Alice take her out of the hospital for a day to go shopping. I was a little pissed. She's not even fully recovered yet. But I'm glad she's at least waiting until Bella is released to torture her.
mfaerie32 chapter 4 . 1/16
I'm happy that at least Alice & Jasper are in the story. I'm sad that Emmett isn't, but I understand why. You left out Edward, Esme & Rose because he never chose to turn them, or didn't meet them, and Emmett wouldn't have been found in the forest by Rosalie since she was never turned. It saddens me to think they died like they did.
Matthias Stormcrow chapter 45 . 1/15
Awesome. I love it.
kouga's older woman chapter 45 . 1/15
When will she tell them that she is actually married?
Cullen Cousin chapter 45 . 1/13
Excellent chapter!

Debbie Hicks chapter 45 . 1/13
Chapter 46.
Iy happened Again felt this Pain then felt very too Sickest had to hunt then the tape was Break it is the Vulcans I must Stay Alive Feet do your Work now I ws so sick so ill had to to Hunt like wild Vampire then Spied Solok then Suddenly Began to Drink with a gusto a primal foce and then moving on to as all of then was still draining like Crazy it was working then then it Shattered but it improving like bananas and all of the Sudden myself was Tainted poisoned polluted toxic was still hunting in a prial fashion then as all of the very all of the Killling was more than as all causing my Brown eyes to be so Ruby Red so blood red as bloodstones then could not stop hunting and killing the teeth wre all-Venomous but it straighten but became more whitest by my hunt skills imprived then I was a wreck a mess but I could not killing more had to drink a lot was a lethal pretator was a dangerous huntress of the night it want more and more it happened both shattered but it happened all of them followed me in a way obeying myself was fine hello Husband I killed them don't tell where am I in Port Angeles via my bodysuit I must go to find my warriors my Army I am fine but it's okay before I Hatch this kid the first one Torak yes Deactivate my Phone now then Alice had a vision oh my god she killed what the Vulcans who are in Forks via from the water she can't breathe but adapt like us oh no she is on the prowl a training journey she has Attacked Attack is tainting far roo much and causing more chaos and discord but all of the sudden Arrived fed but more full from both tainted but myself wore new clothes with shoes on Bella it is fine I have news it is finished your Eyes it's Ruby Red it's tainted ugh I have acted as Handmaid like Offred you read books very differently yes he acted as a Commander you Esme are a Wife yes the news ran wild I was the first Handmaid in history to carry this kid to term at ten months it was so full of pure energy I was young as well counseled as all of them to fallow from the Handmaid's Tale dressed in Red ugh I hate red wearing this dumb veil it is driving me crazy oh drat my Vulcan prenatal pills pop one To keep me breaking like a Acorn and these with these what this a thing oh god I need to stay alive before this one rips out then it happened Alice you are very good thanks a lot I grumbled it happened the state went The Handmaid's Tale onto the wholliest world went Book crazed onto it then their Commanders were Vampires with the Wives forced fertile women to be mated by Vampire males it was a nightmare with the Volturi wild onto human women breeding out of control mating like Vulcans gone into Plak tov very as tri-mazillions and as all of them very bazillions survived the birth by becoming as Vampires and with turned men as well Bella you are so tired me I need to up for this kid you acted well but you need a strict diet what is it the World gone wild it' the Women had hybrids a lot of them very tribazillion the Volturi suffered infertility as all of them never mated Again they are moaning in horrible Agonizing pain but had gained much more kids aged to adulthood to fight and train onto their own could become warriors but sent them to America to meet mates and have more were fertile but it was too late it came too late they never had kids again very too much of them but a Curse was from my kid or children oh my god there goes my stomach Gangway to Phaser blast it is gross I used a old fashion way of losing my lunch oh ugh it 's happens with a Vampire's child I feel so weird it is twins did you say twins YEOUCH Stop that Junior with your sister my back is killing me Alice it's both battling each other oh my aching brain I am going to have twins at Ten months good grief I feel like some Betazoid woman try talking with your mouth shut Rosalie here goes nothing then from the deepest far of my matacortex Kids you are hitting me settle down calmly I was telepathic without my own mouth movie was training I was the first human to speak telepathically in the few days I was talking without moving my mouth sensing him was too busy reading Bella you are learning differently from got training it's twins oh my god this wonderful then the news was in a uproar the Volturi heard this I was gaining alien powers from the pills I took but all of the sudden turned my eye color Golden but became a telepath had to wear gloves in case of a psychic attack it was very logically way it happened the Brain suddenly ripped into four I was fully able to speak more telepathically like Lwaxana Troi all I need a is my gift of Shielding her father sighted my onyx eyes looked like her in her twenties the first officer was very busy but was nervous was Sonvok Madam settle down it's twins dummy now hand me my uttaberries with blood for my kids Whack! Ouch you are speaking telepathically the first time he tested me I am Pregnant Doofus now hand me my novel Husband hoo boy gone Betazoid on me hello Garrett my new wife she is Betazoid I'm human get over here good god I am in Alaska they forced me to hunt Animals Waaaack! HELP! He sounded like a Duck he was acting like a frantic human being Daughter you taught her to tame herself yes who hit you her she is with child at Ten months the kids with her child then it was done but over it was healthiest again now the hard part alone time before the Hatching oh man I feel weird by now writing this diary Alice liked my entry who is that Garrett he is converting to our diet but on break he called mewas dragged my his new mate her name is Kate oh man I an large as a Starship ugh I need some rest befoe I Hatch out.
Khyharah chapter 45 . 1/12
Oh my golly Jessica amuses me so lol. I like this. A little insight into Charlie's feelings out his little girl growing up. Good stuff. Can't wait for more!
Taylor9901 chapter 45 . 1/12
I think she should have just told everyone. It would just get everything out there and then they don't have to deal with it later.
Debbie Hicks chapter 45 . 1/12
Chapter 46.
Alaska/Pre-wedding Jitters .

Alice Help it's Jitters that's it going Bridal shopping time to Act like Wilma Flintstone huh what is on myself from the Flintstones here I am into this Cave chopping Everything had to reboot everything was built by hammer I'm tireless all I need is a Stone age Car It's uncover no way onto this body of mine over here chipped is all out but rebooted then Bella where you learn watch it got too busy can't to build us a home Cavewoman way of living she is working at home Bella Calm down then where Esme and Carlisle on leave then a Bird squawked Phone CALL! Oh man then I used a cover up story name Bella Granite Reporting Hello Honey guess I am wearing this it is itching me what this on me it's Caveman fur's meet the Girls who are with the Vulcan women Sis I checked over Hanna Barbera I found the Clothes it is known as the Stone Age clothes from the cartoon and no shoes allowed please invite the Denali they are Itching as well with that Nomad please Civilize that Caveman of yours he smells like a Dinosaur in here dress in in furs then Garrett was dragged by them Good god me a Caveman yup I am a Caveman move over Honey I need a Bath I Smell like a Dinosaur he enjoyed the both oh man Not the showers then what is that touching me a WOOLY MAMMOTH! Hey lady he needs a bath Sister then her scream Cracked The Bottles was too loudest pierced his ears too loudest we are hosting a Flintstone Prehistoric Stone Age pre-Ceremonial party the men heard my best Wilma Flintstone voice it was Embarrassing Sir! ouch my pointed ears it's Kate Momma mia not in front of the bride What is that it is bad luck Strom Rachel sighted a Stone age Spider it reported onto her furs she Screamed why that four point Eleven Vulcan male he heard feet Oh no he was Chicken was Grabbed he was Muscular watch it we are like them Eeeep you are not from our planet no sir you are a Vulcan male my Imprinter hates Spiders Eeeeep he was terrified over here Stone age food oh man Women he was very desirous onto Vulcan women Carlisle is dressed like a Caveman is still Scratching his furs Driving him nuts oh ugh how primal to Dress those days guess his Last name is Slate I am Granite that is a great one before turned soon I will Isabella Granite Slate his mate it is going drive me crazy hunting Dinosaurs the News were hot on their tail then prepared for the wedding come on feet do it then suddenly it went very fast the cars were designed for Vampires and soon to be they were from the movie um' Alice yes you are driving this Vampire before and after car I am in training got to obey this law have to act one before and afterwards you are thinking differently that's right hey lady watch it buster such a temper with the Vulcan women rose a eyebrow Aunt why are carpooling to save gas Darn she is yours I'm babysitting her oh man Girl check this out oh my god Alice had a bad omen Egads Bella yes Osu where you speak Vulcan webpage have to learn about her planet hot and harsh the Rumors were true onto my marriage in the Stone age wait I get my hands on him he will be Dinosaur meat ready or not bridal shop here we come I drove faster I was still training myself obeying this law had manners whoa Nellie then hi there it these here Stone age Ice then I sighted a Clamshelled bridal stone age robes by seamtresses Pu' then read from a Rock it was Known as Caveman Bridal Please be gentle Omph hoo boy how Romantic oh Commander Ack Daughter Egads new wedding robes yes gone Stone Age my feet are murder Sir! I am going to Itch in these the young Vulcan Woman was treated Cavewoman style hoo man you drive wild I do need to learn to drive like a Vampire then it happened oh Momma CLANG! Ow then she washed it old fashion way then the child played with a huge large Egg CRACK! It sounded like a Bark uh no Dino SIT! Crash! OUCH! He was slobbering his tongue on Commander Strom's face ugh a DINOSAUR T'Pran! oh no the Vulcan women had a heighten sense of smell but it was over finished in a flash for the hybrids to rest in beds holy cow it's done by yourself yup I am going to be Immortal wild primal but Stone age that's me going to cook and keep house.
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