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Balanu chapter 1 . 10/30/2014
I know you haven't updated this in a long time, but I still wanted to fave this since this is a great story. Plenty of awesome Garrus/Shepard interactions as well as entertaining scenarios
SweetestRevenge chapter 22 . 6/24/2014
Okay, I seriously love you. All of my friends have been going mad over indoctrination theory for ages now and with ME4 in the works, they're trying to convince everyone that it's cannon which is driving me nuts and now you have given me a way to explain why they're wrong! THANK YOU! Also, are you planning to carry on the fic? I was really enjoying it :( I fricken love Garrus and the way you've written their relationship! Please keep writing!
Tequila se'lai chapter 22 . 5/1/2014
sorry to bother you but in relation to your last chapter regarding the indoctrination theory: how do you explain the fact that after the beam hits you there are piles of corpses (with ash and kaidan's armor btw) on both sides of the beam? who put those there? why impile them? given the fact that when the beam hits you there is no one near the beam m, where did they come from?
also when the illusive man shots himselfthere is not an exit of the bullet: given the angle, the proximity of the gun and the way ME bullets cut the flesh the bullet would have exited from the left side of the skull but no bullet came out.
ShepFic chapter 1 . 3/23/2014
You misspelled "Harbinger" and "ichor".
Guest chapter 22 . 1/7/2014
Then please explain this.
In the renegade option how did Shepard survive the fall from the citadel to earth?
Its obvious, Shepard never left. Shepard was knocked unconscious on earth, his/her weakened state of mind would have been manipulated by the reapers, everything you see in the citadel, are collective memories. Things Shepard has seen through out all of mass effect. The citadel control center thing didn't even look like the one in me1, infinite ammo, i shoot Anderson yet I'm the one with a bullet hole on my left side. Why? Because, Shepard is having an internal conflict. The child lies to you, even says "i know you've thought of killing us" who's us? Aren't you the crucible? No, the child is a reaper manifestation. Simply put there to influence Shepards end decision. I never thought the ending was bad to begin with. If the indoctrination theory is wrong and that was all 'real', then the ending makes no sense and is completely stupid. But if it wasn't real and it was a fight in shepards mind(after being hit by a reaper beam and knocked unconscious), choosing renegade prevented you from turning out to be just like saren and the illusive man. Choosing renegade wouldnt have actually destroyed anything, would have freed you from indoctrination. Would leave room for another game just sayin, cause honestly who's willing to accept me3 as the end? I know im not. If they decide to make a forth game it has potential, and i have hope. :) which btw idk if you noticed but mass effect is based on hope, if you give up you might as well be reaper chow. And as for the ending cut scene, a dream manifested by Shepards will, aa hope to end the reapers once and for all. :b
Megasis chapter 1 . 11/19/2013
AHHH I'll forever love Garrus and Shepard! This is amazing I only finished the first chapter and I can't wait to read more.
FunnyLittleMe chapter 22 . 4/2/2013
That was a nice story to read over an afternoon. You haven't updated since last year, but whatever. Still good. Favourited.
smileintothechaos chapter 5 . 12/17/2012
yesss wooo space cricket love!
Kanaydian Dragon chapter 22 . 9/28/2012
I've just found this fic and read it over yesterday and today in my free time, then have just now come to the end of it. I was hoping to hear more of Mel and Rallius' relationship, as you mentioned at the end of chapter 19. Hopefully they survived?

I can understand skipping the game. Reading stuff I've already played through in the game, recycled almost word for word, is a bore and something I often tend to skip

I am curious as to how your Shepard survived, so I'm looking forward to hearing about how you handle this.

Your arguments against the indoctrination theory are sound. I'd love to hear what else you have as evidence. Really, these are points I've never even thought about until you mentioned them, despite how many times I played the game. I just heard the I.T. theory from the other side, and it seemed to make sense, I hadn't thought to look into the other side of things until this.

By now the new ending DLC and the Leviathan DLC have been out and I'm curious if you have seen both or not. I wasn't a big fan of the original ending considering how they left things and how some things didn't make sense - no offense to you at all, you said you liked the endings as they were (I'm a live and let live kind of person) - and while the changed endings are better and fixed certain things, they also left more questions in their place. I'm happier with them - not completely satisfied, but content. The final good bye to your love interest if they are with you on the run to the conduit... very touching. I won't go into details, I don't want to spoil it for you on the off chance that you haven't seen it yet.

Anyway, I hope you do actually continue this story. What I also hope is that you write a separate piece for Mel and Rallius. Even though you've explained part of their history in this story, I think they would make for a wonderful one-shot or short-chaptered fic.
Guest chapter 12 . 7/1/2012
Hah! Garrus and Thane all! It's all about the style! 3


(Yeah, You'll probably get little notes on a bunch of the chapters, so don't mind me! Awesome story btw!)
Guest chapter 11 . 7/1/2012
I loved this chapter! Especially the end with the growling! XD

ArtsyNerdLady chapter 22 . 5/23/2012
""The "Secret Ending", where there are people in the future talking about how Shepard saved the galaxy, etc etc. This ending comes no matter which choice you make. This ending does not say "Shepard tried and failed." It does not say "We're all Reapers." It says Shepard saved the day, stopped the destruction of that Cycles species, and life moved on.""

You are both right and wrong in this. Right in the fact that the ending with the Stargazer talking about The Shepard is and ending that comes no matter which choice you make. However you are wrong in the fact that it is 'The Secret Ending'. SPOILER AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE GAME! The real "Secret Ending" comes only if you choose Destroy option and have and EMS (Effective Military Strength) of 4000. In the Secret Ending it shows Shepard surround by what looks to be concrete rubble and then Shepard takes a gasping breath.

It is only a short little scene but the fact that there is concrete rubble, which the citadel wasn't made of, is only one of the many facts that have led me to believe that the Indoctrination could be true. I'm not saying that it is definite but many people have found much to support the theory. I think people have come up with it to try to fill in the major plot holes but it could very much so be true.

One last thing I would like to point out. The Indoctrination Theory DOES NOT state that Shepard is indoctrinated! Its just saying that throughout all Mass Effect 3 the Reapers have been trying to indoctrinate Shepard and that when Shepard get hits by the beam in the Final Push and wakes up it is all an illusion that is a last ditch effort of the Reapers to fully Indoctrinate Shepard. And your choice in the end determines whether or not you are Indoctrinated.
sylnnn chapter 20 . 5/4/2012
Looking forward to your continuation! I've loved it to this point. D
GrilledCheezus chapter 7 . 5/3/2012
Oh goodness. This has GOT to be my new favorite story!
That One Angry Hobbit chapter 22 . 5/3/2012
I admit that I kind of think that everything that occurs after being hit by the beam all happens in Shepard's head as he/she is disintegrated by said beam (including the stargazer bit).

I believe this could be possible for a few simple reasons. One, Anderson is magically there, a man who was always a mentor to Shepard and perhaps represents the paragon aspect. Two, the Illusive Man is also there, representing the renegade aspect. Then their is the Catalyst, who just happens to look like the child Shepard could not save when the Reapers came to Earth. That could represent Shepard's regret at not being able to save everyone.

Besides, the synthesis ending could truly be something Shepard would think up because it represents the idea of everyone getting a chance to live, and is ultimately a redemption for the Reapers themselves.

I'm not saying that I'm right, just simply offering my opinion.
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