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coragyps chapter 10 . 7/11/2012
Yay Dean! I hope we get lots of wonderful brotherly love and comfort after all the dust clears! Good job so far and keep it up!
Samantha V chapter 10 . 7/8/2012
I've been thinking about this story, and, voila! Update! I am awesome lol ;p! Seriously, there was so much that I loved about the chapter.
Dean's not alright, but he's going to fight as hard as he can to get to Sam, and Sam has a lot to make up for, but he's trying, and now faces the ultimate test of the demons/angels manipulations.
Zachariah was deliciously nasty, and, of course, the Impala is sentient and part of the family :)
And the lines - "Besides, your car will run me over if I show up without you" and "Sam's head shaking gets more vigorous, like he's trying to ward off any further hurt with wind power" - had me chuckling.
Nicely done!
Future Shigure chapter 10 . 7/7/2012
Your updates are always, ALWAYS worth any wait! ;) So happy you were finally able to get this chapter where you wanted it! About the chapter itself, you write Dean's wishy-washy, back and forth feelings so well and you reached that perfect level of outright meanness with Zachariah. :D Looking forward to the next chapter!
Ster1 chapter 10 . 7/7/2012
Kudos on another great chapter! I know it took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but you did an amazing job \o/
PeaceJoJo chapter 10 . 7/6/2012
YES, it was worth it! Sheesh, woman! :P Dean's back to his old self, Sam is on his team again (and hating Ruby), and Tyler is STILL awesome! lol

Loved the description of Dean taking down the troll and how HUGE he was. If it wasn't so impossible, I would have attempted to manip that picture.

And I liked that even thought Tyler seemed so itty bitty compared to Dean, he wasn't afraid of him at all. :) So sweet.

Now, I must upload the manips to my lj.
Nyx Wings chapter 10 . 7/6/2012
Heh, love how the Impala's kinda alive. Yes Sam, your life is easier when you treat her right. :)

Oh Deaaaaan. On one hand, lololol, a trufax man cave! But stupid angels making him...arrghhhh i hate them can Dean squish Zachie too? :[

oh yessss, this chapter was definitely worth it! Most excellent! Ugh, I hate Zachariah with all the force of a thousand giant Deans dancing on his head. arrghhhhh, I'd go on about the bits I liked, but well, it was all of it, and I'm too angry at the angels! also full of feels for Sam and Dean.

(having recently gotten into The Avengers, I couldn't help thinking that Dean would do awesomely there. :) He and Hawkeye would get along so well! And he'd likely help Tony explode things. XD
The Silent Wind chapter 10 . 7/6/2012
Really great chapter, worth the wait! I love how Sam won't give up on Dean even if Dean has given up on himself and that last scene with Tyler was great, I love his friendship with Dean. Great job on this chapter! :D
Sefiriot chapter 10 . 7/6/2012
Oh good! i was wondering whether you'd disappeared or something. The boys still have a long way to go to fixin' what got broken; but Zachariah's been playing Lady Catherine de Bourgh and made a colossal mistake; if there's any time Winchesters get together to kick ass, it's when you threaten them or lie to them, or both. Now let's hope Dean gets there before Sam kills Lillith.
QueenSpanny chapter 9 . 6/4/2012
Great idea with the timestampy-esque style of writing, it enabled us as readers to understand devastating effects of the previous chapter in a greater scope than a standard linear timeline. The forward jumps in time allowed for a greater contrast from scene to scene highlighting Sam and Dean's grief at the situation, together with Tyler's worry for Dean (He is just so...awesome!)

You captured Sam's frenzied, guilt-ridden hallucinations perfectly. The crescendo, his realisation that he had no one else to blame but himself, was perfectly paced. The guilt, interspersed with frustration and anger was spot on, and I loved the fast-paced snap back to reality. I felt like a fly on the wall for the entire scene. The duality of the situation was striking, and the 'shared' fondness for Dean touched me the most!

Tyler Dean Love. Always

The bully scene was great! Very cute (Borris deserved a good smack across the head!). Favourite line "we got yelled at by his mom for fighting". Haha so Dean! And yet in just a few simple lines you were able to bring back all the things we loved about Lisa and Ben...makes me warm and fuzzy!

The scene had a very smooth transition into a quick glimpse of Dean's psyche. That was an awesome touch, poor Dean doesn't know where his head and heart are at! Love, love, love that both Dean and Sam admit to themselves that they aren't okay.

Sam's imaginary conversations with Dean are a little heartbreaking- poor kid! Doesn't know what to do without big bro there, even though it's taken him this long to figure it out! Hope he doesn't bun himself out before he gets to Dean (which btw...ahh so much suspense!) Sam's a mess, Dean's a much mess to be cleaned up! C'mon boys you can do it!

I like that Bobby's trying to get through to Sam, and looks like he (and everyone else) has left enough an impact... buh-bye ruby! Stupid seductive mole!

Tyler's concern for dean is gorgeous, he really loves him! I like little Tyler the bossy boots, was super cute, and the mexican-wave-of-yawns made me smile! Also Ty-guy-who-likes-pie...just so much awwww! Their little friendship is like a beacon of hope for Dean, who proves time and time again to care for everyone else first, and himself last. Poor bloke!

Loved Zachariah, such an evil Bastard ha! You write him very well, could picture it perfectly! his crappy corporate attitude and condescending nature were spot on- loved that he pulled a chair out of 'thick' black air, gives the impression of being choked just as Dean is being emotionally choked.

Flashback to hell is always gruesome, awesome job, but my favourite part would definitely be the last line. It's just so...d!ckish! Dean's 'execution' was a great scene too... really encompassed how he was feeling in such a visual and dynamic way!

Good on Tyler for calling Sam- kid's got brains! And oh the irony of Sam being so close yet so far away from Dean!

Awesome chapter :D :D waiting patiently for the next one, good luck!
QueenSpanny chapter 8 . 6/4/2012
Woah it's been a while! so glad this story is still going strong :D

First of love how you write Sam so well that despite what he did to Dean I can't bring myself to hate him for it! I feel hugely disappointed in him, and definitely disgusted...but not hate! Don't ask me to pinpoint why...maybe it's the tears of face full of concern (those damn puppy dog eyes!) but you've got one hell of a talent woman!

I love Castiel's blunt accusations, he clearly cares for Dean, and in a moment such as this I think it's great you managed to convey his awkwardness too- very in character! Also liked his connection to Dean later on- that he could feel Dean's pain and despair was a nice touch, ditto for Sam's guilt at not being able to do just that.

Bobby is wonderful of course- the way he lends his will to Dean, albeit in an unconventional manner, is both heart wrenchingly good and bad... the flashback to hell was just terribly perfect. I was clenching my teeth as I was reading...and as i re-read it again to review! (And holy crap, once more as i re-read my review- cudos!)

Bobby's sentiment; that he believe's Sam is sorry, but that the buck stops there- spot on! And his conversation with Sam is fantastic, Sam is so far in denial that he is *still* frustrated and defensive and Bobby putting him in his place was well deserved.

Sam's slow realisation that he'd gone too far, and him warring with himself were great, I especially loved the prayer- so 'Sammy' like.

Dean's injuries being listed like that really emphasised just how bad it really was. Great attention to detail with the cardio paddles too by the way!

Sam noticing Dean was actually awake brings the boys back to the old days, before hell, angels and apocalypses... I think Sam's apology/breakdown encompasses that nostalgia and Dean's lack of emotion is a total contrast to that. Poor boys!

Using Anna was a great idea, and her and Cas' moment about grace/god/falling, together with Cas' low power reserves was a nice reminder that the crap is still hitting the fan out there in the big bad world.

I find it so..well Dean that he glosses over sam's 'episode', he doesn't say sam tried to kill me, or sam did this...his biggest hurt is not the physical aspects of what Sam did it's the emotional and mental...and I find that very fitting.

Dean's escape was perfect too, the descriptive nature makes it seem almost an afterthought and it builds a such suspense in just a few sentences.

Tyler! YAY! TYLER! Always a cutie (also Dean's hesitancy to be picked up was a great way to acknowledge just how much Sam hurt him)

And Dean frustrates me to no left for *you* not for Bobby, Sam, Cas, Meesh or anyone else dammit! *You*! Do something for yourself for onceeeeeee pleeease! (So not gonna happen but it helps to vent haha)

And the last line was a nice little addition, such a contrast to the heaviness of the chapter and gives off a bit of much-needed optimism after all that angst!

Congrats on an amazing chapter, honestly had no idea where you were taking this gem of a fic but so so so happy with what you are doing with it!
Stark chapter 7 . 2/6/2012
I literally turned green when I was reading about Sam crushing the life outta Dean. The writing for that part was so believable. I could see something like that happening on the show. LOVED this chapter!
ccase13 chapter 9 . 10/27/2011
Good boy Tyler! The Winchester brothers definitely needed some help to get back together. I'll be interested to see the reunion.
Ster1 chapter 9 . 10/25/2011
Congrats on finishing up this complicated chapter- very nicely done, as always.
PeaceJoJo chapter 9 . 10/23/2011
Dooood. I cannot tell you how much I LOVED this chapter. No, seriously, it was totally worth the wait. Sam going through his withdrawls, Dean scaring bullies with threats of becoming snacks, Sam calling Ruby a bitch and spitting demon blood IN HER FACE (I had to stop reading to pump my fists at that), Zach being calmly evil and so Zach-ish, and then the ending? Awesome. Oh! And the training! Hee! Dean and Tyler are so cute together. I wish the show had done this sooooo very badly. Ugh. *hugs* Looking forward to the next chapter. :D
The Silent Wind chapter 9 . 10/23/2011
I loved this chapter. My favorite part was the Dean and the Bully part. Pure perfection! I also loved the angst when Tyler was telling him to stop hurting the bully when Dean said he wouldn't. Poor Dean. He needs a freakin' break!

By the way, I am craving a Coke Icee right now.
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