Reviews for A Traitor Branded
owlspambot chapter 1 . 4/23
This is seriously one of the best fanfics I have ever read for SasuHina pairing. Well written with few typos, and so believable and not at all out of character for anyone!
I love how things were resolved and just how beautifully things wrapped up.
Awesome writing without any unnecessary fillers and such. Great, great job.
Keep up the wonderful work and thanks again so much for sharing this incredible piece!
Himesama17 chapter 4 . 4/23
Omg i love your sasuhina fanfic. Its awesome. Please make more
Guest chapter 11 . 2/5
Amazing story I loved it, your an awesome writer
Guest chapter 22 . 1/1
tears of joy. So satisfying. I love this story!
asasi chapter 22 . 12/25/2017
this is amazing story
blob80 chapter 1 . 12/4/2017
'wild hair up his ass' jesus fuck. what an image that line conjured.
blob80 chapter 6 . 12/4/2017
"wild hair up his ass" jesus fuck. what an image that conjured. i feel like i need to be cleansed
blob80 chapter 5 . 12/2/2017
i respect the way kiba briefed tsunade here. purely professional and giving credit where credit is due. people tend to write him in a more brash, childish manner because thats how he comes off, but i appreciate that you showed his maturity.
Loveanime chapter 22 . 9/19/2017
Very very very love this my god! It's the best story I have ever know?I really thank you very much for giving this story to us.I really love it. You writte so well.
Iam from to !
Lovemanga chapter 22 . 9/19/2017
Great! I love this fic. Thank you for giving this fic to us. Iam vietnamese.
BlackPoisonousIvy chapter 8 . 8/18/2017
amazing story BTW my name is poop
Drace chapter 22 . 8/13/2017
I just wanted to say thank you
Rue24 chapter 1 . 8/12/2017
While I was reading the part when Sasuke grabbed Hinata's throat, I mentally yelled "GENTLE FIST HIM!" And i continued reading, and I thought that was better than just Gentle fisting him (given the circumstances)
kittycat130 chapter 22 . 7/21/2017
oh my gosh... the ending crying of happiness. so...good love the story everything about it was PERFECT... awwwww i so wish the real anime was like that it will be so good to be honest. but for real i really enjoy reading you'er work (story).
hobo ghost chapter 22 . 7/17/2017
Aaa this is so beautiful! I thought I'm not gonna like how sasuke trat hinata but along the way I can totally see their chemistry. Good story and plot! Thank you for making this story!
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