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Bella chapter 16 . 9/29/2015
I dare Manami to pin down Yutaka and give her a kiss on the lips for 10 sec's, its about time u to got a dare with each other... Your welcome. (It has to be a passionate kiss, or a normal one)
Gigarot chapter 16 . 9/11/2015
I know this is over since years ago, but I'm a bit disappointed Kagami never was honest with her feelings for Kona.
Slorg Auimen chapter 1 . 2/20/2014
I quite enjoyed the at least one person on the entire internet doing this. I was *this* close to doing it myself. I looked everywhere, I swear Akira and Minoru are as unpopular as they were in the show. THANK YOU SO MUCH
Graves chapter 16 . 12/2/2012
Hehehe I love this fic. Please continue.


Tsukasa go onto YouTube and look up "Such Adorable Scarlets" and then tell everyone what you just watched.

Kagami you get to sing "The World is Mine" by Miku Hatsune.

Miyuki watch the entire series of Puella Magi Madoka Magica without stopping.


Yukata and Minami must cosplay as Haruhi and Nagato from Meloncoly of Haruhi Suzumia.

Yui why are you always drunk when you go to Konata's house?
dreamteamer52 chapter 1 . 10/1/2012
Hey! I'm a newbie to this, so I'll say two simple truths and dares. Hope I get into the next chapter!

Truths- Konata, what would you do if a certain video game character comes to life? Characters such as Kirby or Mario.
Hiyori, why is it that you use those two "CERTAIN" models for you doujins and mangas?

Dares- I want Konata to dress up as Ike, Tsukasa as Pikachu, Kagami as King Dedede, and Miyuki as Pit (Pit from "Kid Icarus")
And I want Yutaka and Minami to play "SLENDER" in a dark room, with the doors closed and no one with you.
Night Rain chapter 16 . 8/1/2012
Okay I want Kagami to cosplay as Kyou and Tsukasa to cosplay as Ryou there both from clannad.

Then everybody has to do a watermelon mashing contest but you guys weapons that look like one of the zanpakutos in its sealed form from Bleach.
The Bulbafinatic chapter 2 . 7/20/2012
Wha... Uh... Okay!

Clever idea!
otaku friend XD chapter 16 . 12/3/2011
olaaaaa es la primera vez k escribo eto parece diver *o*


KAGAMI: dale un laaaaaargo beso Frances a Konata *O*

TSUKASA: tienes que hacer un cosplay de dokuro-chan *O*

KONATA: siempre que puedas,saca la personalidad TSUNDERE de kagamin! soi un otaku tambien y devo decir que eres mi favorita XDD

MISAO:metete en una jaula con leones asta que acabe el capitulo XDDDD

MIYUKI:canta la cancion "MONSTER" mientras haces cosplay de moka-san del anime RosarioVampire *o*

una facil para Yutaka, sientate en el regazo de minami asta que acabe el capitulo


KAGAMI: que piensas de konata? (di la verdad XD)

te gusto el beso de antes? XDDD

KONATA:que arias si un dia kagami encontrara novio?

HIYORI:tienes mucha inspiracion con mi carta? XDD

TSUKASA:te gusta el mazo de dokuro-chan? lo digo por la otra personalidad ya se te curo?

bueno eso es todo espero que se diviertan como yo aora mismo XDD
Pokapoka chapter 16 . 10/23/2011
Let's see...Akira was sure bitchy this time.

Akira, your mouth has to be taped, you have to be handcuffed to a chair, and a hat too big for your head has to be put on you so that it'll fall and cover your face.

You're welcome, Minoru. :D
DiamondRainbows chapter 7 . 7/4/2011
Okay, I know this isn't the latest chapter, but I just HAD to get this in. Sorry if these dares and truths have already been made -.-;

Okay first of all, Hiyori, right? Draw a yuri scene between you and Ayano. Just something random :)

Konata, can you relate your friends to the characters of Ouran High School Host Club? (Meaning: Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru, Mori, Honey, Renge, Kasanoda, Umehito, and Kirimi.) if u can, PROVE IT, SISTER!

Kagami, you and Akira trade places (meaning also your personalities) for 2 episodes (think of the interesting dares...)

And Minami, just admit your insecurities about certain fan service related things... And cosplay as fansercive from Haruhi (you know; that bunny girl) hehehe... :)

Also, Konata, did you ever notice that that weird looking manga guy from that manga store always tries to get you to buy something, but always fails miserably? Yup.


LUUUV u guys,


P.S. Miyuki, I spared you.
Shadow15951 chapter 13 . 7/3/2011
Still great as usual. I love the entrance of Kaiba. Keep on doing your good work.
Son of Melon Head chapter 16 . 7/1/2011
Salutations to cast and author (perhaps director in this case.) I appluad your display of skill, willpower in the face of awkward situations, and flexing of vocal cords (Melodic or otherwise.)

It comes to me at this moment, an obligation to begin participation in this most amusing affair; and as such, without further ado, I present my ideas.

My dares are as follows:

Konata: Your skills in dance shall be pitted against a most formidable opponent. The song which you will be dancing to shall be slam by pendulum. Your opponent shall be the dancing fat guy from the song's same music video.

Yutaka, Minami, and Patricia: All of you dress up in plug suits from N**n g*n*sis Ev**gelion. You shall then be required to stand still whilst Hiyori draws you in this state.

Hiyori: I wish you sweet dreams tonight :)

Nanako: A six-pack of booze, one playing of m*tley Cr*e's "Shout at the Devil," one stage with a microphone to show people who's boss. Go nuts woman!

Miyuki: Debate with Aperture science c.e.o. Cave Johnson on the existential importance of lemons.

Stephen: You need more attention, thus you shall chose one of the cast to dance with to Johannes Brahms' hungarian dance no. 1

Kagami: wear a Victorian dress. I suspect you will look most lovely in it

And thus concludes the ideas I have to contribute. Good luck in facing the onslaught of fan requests

Oh and one more thing. In light of the recent, shall we say, circumstances surrounding a brief exchange between a mentally unstable Tsukasa, and visiting being of darkness or otherwise, resulting in an unpleasant amount of damage to both property and unfortunate soul, I shall be supporting Tsukasa's mental recovery and avoidance of further harm. As such through use of my *ahem* resources I shall be assigning K*nshiro from "H*kuto no K*n" as her gaurdian against injury and madness. Anyone who wishes Tsukasa harm or insanity is already dead. That is all, good day
PolemonMajorMaster chapter 16 . 6/29/2011
First of all I would like to apologize to Ayano, I'm sorry I pushed you to talk about... You know who...

Please forgive me D:

And since Drake Nolsa cancelled out some dares a few episodes ago which I'm a little pissed about because what is this show about? I will quote the first chapter:

“Akira: Yeah… I was getting there. Anyway, the reason why this new panel is going to be unbelievable and outstanding is because it isn't a simple half-an-hour show where we just talk and talk. It's going to be a simple half-an-hour show where you ASK questions to our lovely members of the show, TELL them what you want them to do or say and then you WATCH them doing the things YOU ordered!

Minoru: In other words, the Lucky Channel, Extra Episodes can also be called…

Akira and Minoru: LUCKY STAR, TRUTH OR DARE!

Akira: *punches the table with both hands, staring nervously at the camera* You heard me. Truth or Dare. The thing you've always been waiting for. There is NO escape for the characters. They'll have to do whatever you guys want.

Minoru: Akira… sama?

Akira: So DON'T dare to mess this up. We're looking for some real awesome confessions and embarrassing situations, YA'LL HEARD ME?”

Ok I know you can do anything including cancellation of dares but can you let it slide from now on if there's a safer way?

I have nothing against you Drake Nolsa please excuse my short rant

Also btw, did the last episode have a FLCL reference with Tsukasa and the bat?

And now...


Meito Anizawa- Battle with Dokuro-chan against Quote and Curly from Cave Story. To make the fight safe, you will all have a 2000 hit point gauge, no attacks will be TOO painful for you (Meito), and none are fatal and once it hits zero you'll be teleported off cage and pass out. Quote and Curly will not show any mercy and think of you and Dokuro-chan as enemies. And finally, to stop any destruction to the studio, a triple reinforced steel cage expanding half the studio and as tall as the studio is what you all will fight in and Meito, you have any three weapons of choice to use in the fight and Nanako has a first class seat to the fight. Have fun and may the best side win _


Nanako Kuroi- Tell your story of all the events of your date with Meito Anizawa
Knight25 chapter 16 . 6/28/2011
Good story!

Dares -

Nanako: I dare you to go on a date with Konata's dad & while on that date, you have to ask him what Konata's mom looked liked then tell us what you thought of everything.

Konata: I dare you to read several fanfics that involve you in a pairing (This does NOT include the more questionable ones that are out there) & tell us what you thought of them.

Truths -

Konata: Have ever wondered what you would be like (Personality-wise)if the rolls were in reverse between your parents (one alive & and other dead)?
Pancakes-sama chapter 16 . 6/28/2011
O-oh my gawd. You used my dare. AND THEY LIKED IT *squee!*

Anyway, Imma go easy again.. I think.


Hiyori: Wear a hat that shows what you're thinking. If you think of yuri/shoujo-ai, you must make out with Minami ;) When everyone is done doing their dares, you must do the GET DOWN! dance. :D

Kagami: Wear that M*ku cosplay, then jump off a tall building. Don't worry, Stephen will catch you.

Stephen(I lurve him the most XD): Catch Kagami. Then scream, "OMG IT'S MIKU HATSUNE!"

Akira: For every second Minoru exists, wack him with a hammer. Why? Because.

Tsukasa: You're welcome :3 Anyway, describe the mating habits of the bunny to every stranger you see for a week. Then eat some very tasty cookies while piggyback riding Kagami (Of course, when she's done falling.)


Konata: What do you think of Kagami? Friend? Enemy? Frenemy? Giant monkey from space? (No romance, just to give you a break :D)

Miyuki: WHY ARE "THEY" SO BIG? Nah, how do you feel about Hiyori?

Yutaka: Why are you so cute? I mean really, I wanna be that cute! (This also applies to Tsukasa, of course)

Minami: Tell us why you were listening to Yu-chan's confessions?

Brock/Sebastian: Why do you hate Akira so much? Are you just Tsundere like Kagami? I think you are. For a random D, you must dress like Kagami. OR ELSE.

OR ELSE Letting Akira wack you many times :D

BTW, this is Pancakes-chan with an account. :D
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