Reviews for All You Need is Love
The Truth of Words chapter 81 . 3/30
Damn I was hoping you would slowly bring Naomi and Light together...
TTY7 chapter 60 . 3/18
Hey, as long as Joe the metaphorical tumbleweed keeps showing up, I will be delighted to read nothing but ranting chapters. Joe just steals the show every time. XD
TTY7 chapter 59 . 3/18
Joe the tumbleweed is slowly becoming my favorite character. XD

This chapter had me rolling. Poor Takada. XD She really didn't have a clue what she was getting herself into. And...I think Light may have realized that Duck might actually be his kid...maybe. I don't know, but surely by now both of them kinda know that they're two peas in a pod...rather two demented peas in a corrupted pod of general evilness. And Matsuda with his foolishness really got me laughing this time. This whole chapter was great. I loved it!
TTY7 chapter 57 . 3/16
Okay, I have to ask now. Where do you come up with this stuff? How on Earth did you come up with the concept of naming the metaphorical tumbleweed? I can't tell you how brilliant that is. Seriously, I just absolutely loved that line.

I also love the fact that Naomi got to beat Mello up twice. That was quite nice. Mello needed a good beat down and I hope Naomi will give Light a good beat down once she gets out. The guy has completely brainwashed his family and Duck has inherited this trait. If there's going to be any hope for society, Naomi is going to have to teach her son some human decency. Otherwise...he'll just become Kira Jr.

Great chapter! I really laughed a lot in this one.
TTY7 chapter 53 . 3/15
I can't wait for the chapter when Light finally realizes that Duck is his son. XD
TTY7 chapter 50 . 3/15
Hilarious! XD A perfect way to sum up four years of ridiculousness. And seriously, did the woman name her kid Duck? That's just horrible. XD Great work!
TTY7 chapter 49 . 3/15
I love how Light is just fixated on the lack of milk in the house. XD
Guest chapter 81 . 3/15
Love this story hope you update it soon.
TTY7 chapter 48 . 3/15
It's always fun to see Ryuk in action, but with his return has come the terrible realization that everyone is doomed unless Naomi can get Light under control. We know he lost his mind a long time ago, but now his sanity is really down the toilet. And when he finds out the secret Naomi is keeping...that won't be a good day for anybody.
TTY7 chapter 43 . 3/14
Matsuda...had a good idea? What?

XD I have to say that this one had me laughing quite a bit. The idea of Naomi trying to give L and Misa lessons on seducing Light is just hilarious. The poor woman is so desperate to get away from Light, especially now that she knows that she's carrying his child. Let's just hope that he never finds out. If he does...I can only imagine the horror that will befall Ms. Naomi Misora.
TTY7 chapter 40 . 3/14
Can't say that throwing Light out of a window is one of Naomi's better ideas but...just thinking about the shocked look that must have been on his face when she did was priceless. ;) Great work!
TTY7 chapter 39 . 3/14
All actions have consequences. You probably should have just risked Beyond Birthday turning the world into a jam filled anime convention. Now you're stuck with Light's baby and you're still engaged to another man. She's in quite the pickle now.
TTY7 chapter 38 . 3/14
Nice plot twist. :) Poor L. I think Light's chances as Kira have risen above one hundred percent at this point. XD
TTY7 chapter 37 . 3/14
And so...somehow L is still alive.

I think Light has decided on a more elaborate plan of death for poor L.
TTY7 chapter 36 . 3/14
Well...I was certainly not expecting L to start choking Naomi. She was actually trying to be nice to him for once and then...well it all went to crap. XD At least Light rescued her in his unromantic way.
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