Reviews for The Path I Choose to Walk
WeirdxOne chapter 1 . 1/8/2017
No... No... No... No! No! No, no, no, no! I course I didn't skip to the bottom of the page just read it how I usually read PokeShippies which make me feel weird when I read one sentence or all the dialogue... No! Course not! Whatever makes you think I did? No! No! No... No... Nooo! Course I didn't! Course not!

JK, I did for natural reasons.
Shadowed Horizon chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
Absolutely loved your beginning. I really liked how stubborn you made both Ash and Misty, since it captured their personalities well. It's a great story.
shiro-wolfman-k chapter 1 . 9/20/2010
You know, it is kinda sad that GAry and Melody do often have the job of victims and womanizer, but hey! they do fit the job.

And interesting story, so thanks.
Warlordess chapter 1 . 6/24/2010
Okay, okay. . . So this was (sort of, partially) based off a dream. That makes me feel a bit better I think. 'Cause I have varied thoughts on it.

My very first thought was a chuckle at the fact that your summary (and one of the best lines of the fic) has a typo in it. I couldn't help that it was funny, okay? Lol.

Secondly, um, well I'm hoping that you just placed Gary in that role because no other character suited to be the rival more, even in Ash's love life. Frankly, I was a fan of his all that time ago when he was an ass. And even moreso when he finally learned to pull his head FROM his ass. In truth I'd hoped you altered his personality on purpose. Like maybe he heard what Ash had said to Misty and was trying to push her away and into happiness. Which leads to my next problem. . .

Wow. Misty was a wimp in this fic. A girly, weepy wimp. I could usually understand the character that holds themself back for reasons unknown, or for a lack of having something better waiting for them on the other end. . . But Ash outright confessed to her and still nothing. And it wasn't for lacking the same feelings either. I just don't understand. So many people told her she was doing herself wrong by being with Gary (a very OC Gary who treated her badly to begin with), Ash told her he loves her, she admitted to feeling the same way, and. . . What? She didn't leave Gary because of. . . some misplaced ego-trip? Like, she HAD to prove them all wrong? I really hate not having an answer to that question in particular because the Misty I know and love would never settle like that, no matter how much history she had backing her relationship up. She's the kind of person to pursue happiness, or at least fight the ache.

And I'm surprised at Delia's shallowness, though I won't fault you for it. It really depends on the author when it comes to minor characters like her but I would have liked her to at least realize that her son wasn't as happy as he seemed. That's usually what caring parental figures are used for in youth network shows and fan fiction.

Truth be told, Ash was probably my favorite character in this fic. I don't know if your dream turned him into the self-insert but I did like his personality. Being in a grieving state of love, confessing it and learning to live through it with the constant reminder of your "almost was" staring you in the face whenever you turn is a toughie. Poor guy. And he did what a man in love should always try to do by putting the woman first. So that was yummy.

My last note is on the affair / cheating thing. Just wanted to say I don't like it. It made a fragile Ash and Misty more fragile and it was a rather too-too obvious way of marking the end of Gary and Misty. I couldn't tell which of the four characters I was more disappointed in when reading those scenes, not to mention Gary's posessiveness was completely unfounded after a move like that. . .

But, you know, that's all. Please note that I wrote this review on my new celly so any typos are courtesy of my QWERTY keyboard that I'm still getting used to. I was afraid to review this way at first but your notes made you seem like you didn't care one way or another about getting reviews at all so. . . Here you go. Sorry. :)
CupCakeConundrum chapter 1 . 6/12/2010
Awesome. I love it and am really glad you wrote it, depsite the resistance. :)

Seriously, it is a really good fic, very fluffy.

* hannah *
sunsh1ne chapter 1 . 5/31/2010
Alright! And James scores another one!

Ahh, that was amazing. The AAML, Gary's... uh... jerkness, Brock, Melody, Ash... the list goes on.

Mmmm, Ash seems in character. Misty, too. I don't think Gary would date Misty. Well, only to really tick off Ash, I guess.

Why did you have to DO that to poor Melody!

All in all it was amazing. Keep up the good work!
CabbageMerchant chapter 1 . 5/7/2010
All I can say is... THAT WAS AMAZING! The Story flowed like a river and was gripping till the end. Thankyou for making my day bearable and I hope that you continue writting awesome aaml like this in the future.
schocked in somewhere chapter 1 . 5/6/2010
I can't believe you didn't want 2 write this. It was defianitly the best story I have EVER seen... er, read!You need 2 write a sequel.
Crystalgurl101 chapter 1 . 5/6/2010
"..he was sleeping with his Pokemon(Pikachu had been extremely angry at that one).." LMAO! The rumors were so ridiculous, it was funny! Pikachu's such a little cutie-pie! That was such a sweet, sad, romantic story! I felt so bad for both Ash and Misty! Why couldnt they be together before? Gary was such a jerk-still, i couldn never hate the man, he's too damn hot. xDD I absolutely loved it, it was AMAZING! Keep up the awesome work!

AAML! 33
Bittersweet Romanticide chapter 1 . 5/6/2010
I liked the story, I just had trouble with some of the reasons the characters did things, and couldn't feel bad for Misty about Gary or feeling any sort of hatred for Gary. We didn't hear any of the promises he broke, what he's lied about, or even if he had any valid excuses for standing her up.

Then, the final straw, the cheating, I couldn't feel bad for Misty at all. She cheated on Gary first, with Ash. Why should I feel bad that he cheated on her later? I couldn't feel bad for them because the problems they had were glossed over.

Ash agrees to marry Melody, saying she's giving him an ultimatum, but they've only been together, what, a year? I can't think that Melody would be threatening to leave him after just dating one year and hearing no proposal. Hell, couples are often engaged for YEARS before they get married. I don't think even Melody would be that impatient, especially considering she didn't exactly seem like the...erm...exclusive relationship type. She seemed like the "Yup, you're guy number four on my rotation. Let's hurry this up, because I have another date in a few hours."

I also don't understand why he couldn't have said no. He hardly even liked her. You say yourself, "mixed with a bit of hidden annoyance that she wouldn't just go away". Her giving him a way out should seem like heaven! If she's just a Misty substitute, any girl should do. I don't see why he wants to stay with MELODY and not just get a girl who annoys him less and doesn't give him marriage ultimatums.

I though about whether or not it seemed logical that Misty wouldn't leave Gary, but because I didn't get detail of any of the things he did, I don't know. Did he lie and say things like, "I did the laundry" when he hadn't really done it at all? Or did he lie and say, "No, I didn't kill your kitten". I know which one's a deal breaker and which one isn't. Did he stand her up to hang out with other people (regardless of whether or not it's a sexual thing)? Or did he stand her up because he's working too hard? For that, I also know which one's the deal breaker and which one is just a problem.

Honestly, I do think it could be an interesting story, but your reasons are either completely absent or completely illogical, at least to me. I could be missing something, but I just can't understand why the characters are doing the things they're doing.

Sorry for writing a negative review, but I only do it because I really think you can do better.
Mistyket chapter 1 . 5/6/2010
Ok, so I blame the story for be so good! I really like your one-shot. I should be slepping but na... I love this Ash, and i hate that Misty - the first one - (You must be good because I love Misty haha)

And also you made me laugh with this "The papers had been simply exploding with rumors about him since the wedding: he had a secret lover, he was gay, he was secretly a woman, he was sleeping with his Pokemon (Pikachu had been extremely angry at that one)… " hahahahahaha poor pikachu

I love this and i think that i really have to sleep because my english is vanishing but work on the next chap of TSOY!

Keep writing you're one of my favorites :)