Reviews for The Fifth Act
Verdantia Akalixi chapter 38 . 7/3
Wow. Great story. Very cool twist that in the end the time-traveler wasn't the typical focal point of all the positive changes, but rather the people around him were.
PrincessArien chapter 38 . 6/8 phrase succinctly sums up this whole entire excellent fic and that's "for want of a nail". Amazing what can be provoked with just one major difference. I loved this whole entire thing, you had me hooked from the beginning and I just spent almost the whole entire day reading this :P I really loved how all of the changes built on top of each other and it seems to have led to an ultimately better future in the end.
UnLike Us chapter 38 . 5/28
Hi, I what a nice story. I really like the concept that it's the 'small' things that made the greatest difference. I think you did a really good job with all the characters, they were all very interesting and none of them were neglected or overly abused. I really love Kunsels role in this story, his shrewdness couple with his insecurity of ever going further up the ranks was very well pulled off.

Love your battle scenes. They were very dynamic and entertaining and descriptive. Thank you for seeing such a great story to the end!
rc48177 chapter 38 . 5/24
A fun story

Good job
Raven Star Queen chapter 1 . 5/5
I love this story! Sephy-chuu and Cloudy poo had to pick me up off the floor and fan me, because it's so good I fainted!
Akuma-Heika chapter 4 . 4/28
I believe putting Jenova in contact with the Lifestream would be a terrible idea considering what that did in canon. the only bright side would be that it might fuck over Omega...
I'm a Coffee Bean chapter 38 . 4/27
This is beautiful.
I know you won't make anymore sequels but I somehow want to read a sequel where Cloud and his friends (AVALANCHE) meet and become friends, no matter what timelind they'll always be friends. Just my wishful thinking! XD
I'm a Coffee Bean chapter 25 . 4/26
From 'Kill Sephiroth" to "Stop Sephiroth"
Cloud, stay strong!
I'm a Coffee Bean chapter 21 . 4/26
I love how this fic shows how much of a great man Sephiroth was.
I loved him in Crisis Core. He was someone who cared for his friends and had a great personality. Too bad he went 'insane'.
TheSuperMario chapter 38 . 4/22
Poor Cloud, he's still mainly having the greatest enemy that concerns him here with is NEITHER of the big 3. It's himself because the only reason why he never actually stops acting like this is because he never really takes the chance to do it himself always making excuses which is petty.
Valder chapter 13 . 4/10
This started out fine but after a few chapters really turned into a slog. I get that Cloud is traumatized and has issues, but it seems like he has not sat down to PLAN anything at all. He's been back months and hasn't done ANYTHING. And now he's joined SHINRA on some vague plan to get close to Hojo? Seriously?

Everything catches him by surprise. Every conversation he lets something slip. Every place he goes it's 'oh no trauma I'm going to shut down my brain and follow where the wind blows'. I don't get it. This Cloud comes across as lacking any sort of will or determination at all. He's so... reactive! Every scene is him being reactive.

I'll give it another chapter or two, but honestly reading this is actively frustrating at the moment.
Shade the Hero chapter 38 . 4/2
After reading through this entire story, no, work of pure genius/art, I can only bow in respect to your talents. This story drove my emotions through the wringer and had me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time. I will also admit that this is the first time I've ever hated Angeal. I understand his actions were out of desperation, but I didn't pity him when he ended up like he did. Actually, I felt much like Cloud did. No forgiveness, but he still deserved to live. I'm also glad Kunsel made it through. I like him.

Thank you for writing this story. It was extremely refreshing to see that kind of ending not to mention awesome. I know this story is years old and I'm still kicking myself for not finding it sooner, but I could easily see this storyline continue as a series. The ending you left so open and positive for future adventures made me really excited and happy. I love those kind of endings and to know that all of them survived is amazing.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/2
Wow, I really love this story! A friend recommended it to me and then I couldn't put it down and binge read it in one go. Kudos for writing it, it's easily one of the best fanfictions I've read!
Shade the Hero chapter 3 . 3/29
I'm going to start sounding like a broken record. I can tell already. Just know that every review I give this story I'm calling it a wonderfully genius masterpiece. Even if I don't say it, I'm still saying it. And Cloud isn't even going to give the general a chance to speak? He certainly isn't holding back. And I love how you write for Genesis. Accurate is a given, but the style and flare he possess is awesome.
Shade the Hero chapter 2 . 3/29
Oh-ho, that was awesome, not the just fight, but how Cloud managed to cure Genesis and so easily. Thank goodness he had those vials. Such an awesome chapter. Seriously, why didn't I find this masterpiece sooner?
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