Reviews for What Goes Up, Must Come Down
Sakura-d3-Uchiha chapter 2 . 8/28/2010
I Just loved it
LoveToTheCucumber chapter 2 . 5/18/2010
Oh no! I love this story! It's actually rare that I don't want a story to stop, 'cause every story will stop at some point.. And I really liked the ending, it's not that, I really loved it.. But I just want more! love it :'(! The best Hurt/Comfort story I have read ever!

Damn, I can't even stop saying it xD? I feel like I have to keep telling you how good it is, just so I'm sure you know!

Your language and descriptions were wonderful as always... And I admire how you manage to keep everybody in character! And damn, how could you make their relationship so real? Most pairings starts with them being friends but then suddenly they are just partners? This really took it slow and took you through everything.. You saw how their relationship slowly stared to develop... And I don't say that they ever got to the actual love state, I just used the example because it described perfect how you manage to develop a relationship, like it should be... It all got to then eventually.. They took it as it came... Slowly.. So beautiful... I love both Randy and Cody's character! It was a beautiful friendly relationship.. Even though the ending made you think that maybe later they would become more than fiends..

If you ever decide to make a sequel for it, then PLEASE let me knoW! 'cause it was soo relaxing reading it.. I almost never find it relaxing, but this did...

Straight to my favorites and just in case, I'll but it on story alert as well! Thank you so much for writing it, it was SO worth reading! LOVED IT!
LoveToTheCucumber chapter 1 . 5/18/2010
I feel so bad for Cody! I really like this story... It seems so... realistic? it is indeed really good! I can't even find words to describe it.. It's a masterpiece..That is what it is.. I love Randy in it.. He was so fucked himself, but then after his "accident" he got right back on the horse.. And nobody ever noticed? At least Cody didn't... I think this story is beautiful...

The "drug" I hate the most is weed... It would take me to long to explain, but I really hate it and when people tell me they have tried it I lose all my respect for them... But for some reason it's okay in Randy and Cody's situation?

(Randy is my biggest idol.. I really look up to him. Imagine how I felt after reading for the first time that he had got suspended, because someone caught him smokin' marijuana.. I hated him for SO long.. I really had a hard time getting over it... And that wasn't good, 'cause he really is my inspiration source..)

I really like the way you plaited the whole actual story in.. Randy getting caught in smoking... Well done!

I can't wait to read the rest.. Hope it's just as good as the first part.. But I'm sure it is!

Thank you so much for writing me this, I couldn't imagined anything better :D!
alethea293 chapter 2 . 5/10/2010

You put them through so much and yet... *sigh*

Yes, you leave me speechless and this fic is brilliant... yeah, I repeat myself XD

But all the subtle tension between them and the build-up... those tender, tender moments... and that you let us catch a glimpse of what they could have and what could be

And you end it with a wonderful sentence...

-I almost felt like I was on the verge of something big, something on the horizon that was going to take both of our breaths away, I just didn't know what it was yet. But these things take time, and only time will tell, but the best things are always worth waiting for.-

love love love

ale 333
alethea293 chapter 1 . 5/10/2010
OMG darling 3333

You already know just HOW much I love and adore this fic and just brilliant you are at writing the whole 1rst person pov... I mean, I watched it grow and develop over time and this is just such a stunning piece of ficcage 33

Cody's so depressed and lost in his own misery and heartbreak that he doesn't even see that there are people fighting for him, loving him no matter what and that he shouldn't think that he's undeserving of love just because someone who had his heart left him...

And your Randy is simply adorable... taking care of Cody after he finally sees what is really going on and that he can't let it happen again since he was almost over the edge once and *gasp* he's so intense and yet he manages to keep his distance without pressuring Cody... he's just there and does his best to keep his mind off things...

Which would be a much easier task without the evil thingy called internet...

I love it and you know it!

love, alethea
LegacyChick chapter 2 . 5/8/2010
You better soon update this and write another chapter or I'll come over and wring it out of you! :P

As said before, it's just fucking brilliant. I've no other word(s) for it.
LegacyChick chapter 1 . 5/8/2010
I'm at a loss for words. This story is simply brilliant. So fucking intense, so "dark", so full of... I dunno... it could as well all be reality. It feels as if they're there talking directly to YOU (the reader I mean). This must be the best damn thing you've ever written! :)