Reviews for Vows III: Honour
Guest chapter 22 . 9/18/2013
Another Brilliant fanfic from you !
Darth Solus chapter 21 . 7/7/2013
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dirtykinks chapter 9 . 6/30/2013
Pansy and harry! are you insane yack! is their a reason because in the second duty you had her talking anout her and draco is this a ploy or something
RingleaderFirecracker chapter 17 . 5/13/2013
In this chapter you mentioned that his patronus was Prongs... But last story you said it was a panther for his father.
Lena Seragusa chapter 17 . 4/25/2013

Probably me just being picky but wasn't Harry's Patronus a panther from Vows II? You said that Patronas' can change with emotional upheaval but from what I've seen there hasnt been anything to change his Patronus from the Panther?

lit.ship chapter 17 . 4/23/2013
How come his patronus suddenly changed? It was a panther in the previous story.
Shira1111 chapter 21 . 1/12/2013
Since the question is asked in this chapter, I just read the story up to this point in one go (and I will continue in the next hours/days to get completely up to date) and found it though the Potions and Snitches Community, looking for something a) completed and b) not too short.

I don't really know what to say to the story, not being a nativ speaker always makes it difficult for me to find the right words to describe things, but I really like your story (unsurprising, I would have reached this point otherwise, right? ;)).

Obviously I like Snape adopted Harry/is Harrys father/etc plots, if they are written good, not too suddenly or have good reasoning for a quickly developing relationship between them. I also tend to like "Draco becomes some kind of choice-brother" stories, so thanks for that.
Also, if there are enough differences I don't mind if the overall plotline followes the books, its always interesting to guess what changes. After it was clear that Moody wasn't polyjuiced, I was guess who else could be the bad guy and although Dumbledore seemed like a good guess I wasn't sure because I couldn't imagine how that happend. Guess I'll have to keep reading and hope I'll get the info.

The panther/stag patronus, I'm curious what you keep on using, and with the last mentioning so long ago its understandable that nobody noticed. That's the hard part with slowly changing to AU, memorizing what parts are the same and what is different.

Well, guess I continue reading ths chapter now,
Guest chapter 17 . 1/5/2013
This series is really good! But I wanted to let you know about something that jumped out at me, since I'm reading through them all so quickly. In Harry's third year you have his patronous as a panther, obviously for Severus, but here you've changed it back into Prongs for James… Other then that though, this series is just wonderful. One of the best Severus as Harry's father stories I've read, and I've been reading Harry Potter fanfiction for 9 years.
rocketmom chapter 22 . 12/8/2012
Longbottom leaf? I wasn't aware that Neville was a hobbit...

Great story.
Snapeshipsfan17 chapter 17 . 11/23/2012
Why is Harry's Patronus not a panther like in Duty?
Katalara chapter 22 . 10/28/2012
I get so sad when I get to the end of a story! Then when I know there's a sequel, I get happy again. Now I just have to read Sloooooowly, so you can post ahead of my reading. :-) I know that won't actually happen, so I'll read what's there and wait (im)patiently for the next chapter...

I am really loving this series!

Outofthisworldgal chapter 13 . 10/12/2012
I know it is a little odd..but I think Severus and Narcissa are cute together and the five of them are pretty much a big family already.
sandra chapter 16 . 9/19/2012
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djaddict chapter 17 . 9/15/2012
I have really been enjoying this series, so glad I found them!

One minor complaint.

How come Harry's patronus is now a stag? In the previous story it was a panther instead of being Prongs.
Griffin Raven chapter 7 . 7/17/2012
I really don't understand just why Harry continually puts up with Ron's moody,jealousy envy and his so obvious fear of hardwork & learning whose only true interests seem to be
eating and quidditch...especially with some of his more highhanded prejudices and his tendency to speak without thought! I'd have thought he'd have learnt his lesson after the
truth about Harry's parentage was revealed...yet here is Ron doing the very same thing "again"...failing to offer his supposed best-friend the support that he should. Just
what annoys Ron the most I wonder, that Harry entered the TriWizard tournament or that he
did tell Ron about how he did it or enter Ron's name as well? You'd have thought with Ron
having been friends with Harry since 1st Yrs that he'd know by now that Harry; (a) doesn't
like his fame; (b) nor does he enjoy being cotinually in the newspaper; (c) or having
the majority of the student body whispering about him; (d) Harry also clearly doesn't
need the money that winning the tournament would bring just why does Ron think
Harry would enter, hhmmmm...I'd really love to know why he think's Harry dd, other than
that he's got his broomstick shoved up...(cough)...his you know where!...okay, rant

Guess you've realised that I'm not a great fan of Ron or Ginny Weasley...(I love Fred & George)...but think that Ron's is a bigotted jealousy snot who really needs to grow up
& that Harry, really deserves someone better than Ginny, a little-girl whose dream is
to marry her "hero" who saved her in her 1st Yr...Harry. Also I think that Hermione
could do a lot better than an underachieving, narrow-minded twit like Ron and that she
needs a boyfriend who will "truly" appreciate her mind, knowledge but also her spirit
& won't be put off by her little annoying know-it-all attitude.

So as for pairings I think that either Hermione with Harry & Draco, or Luna with Draco
because I happen to think they'd be good will be extremely interesting to
see just who'll you'll eventually pair them with? Hmm...will poor Severus, ever get the
time to have a little romance or will that have to wait until old MoldyShorts is dead
& dusted, hmm? It Moody isn't the "spy" then I can't begin to guess just who it might least yet?
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