Reviews for Our Daughter Our Little Angel
yaralppes chapter 35 . 3/21
best fanfic ever. please finish it!
ariannaellss chapter 35 . 3/4
You should really continue this story. It's really good
shadowdapple chapter 28 . 2/7
I love the intense emotions you put in here. It made it seem more realistic.
shadowdapple chapter 12 . 2/7
Lissa should find out before Dimitri. He may be the father, but Lissa was there for Rose and Kady since the beginning.
shadowdapple chapter 11 . 2/7
I actually like this chapter. I am fairly frustrated with Rose, though. I can understand how she wants to wait a while longer before dropping a bomb into Dimitri's lap, but she still should've of told him. And as for a perfect girl for Adrian, a slender dhampir with black hair and shockingly blue eyes about 52 might do.
shadowdapple chapter 5 . 2/7
My favorite scene is when Rose punched her father.
josiehaley90 chapter 35 . 1/24
hope u get this message and continue the story soon
ProphecyGirlxoxo chapter 35 . 1/13
Love this story it's my first time reading VA fanfiction and I wasent disappointed I really hope you continue this story and update soon great job so far :)
ProphecyGirlxoxo chapter 35 . 1/14
This a my first time reading VA fanfiction and can tell you I wasn't disappointed I absolutely loved it so I really hope you update and continue this story someday soon. The writing and storyline are were great reading it all in probably a day and a half so can't wait for more , great job on the story so far :)
russia2774 chapter 35 . 11/1/2016
More updates please love it
ShadowKissedLover chapter 35 . 9/4/2016
I was so sad when I saw she went on a hiatus and left the story unfinished. I really hope she'll come back one day but I couldn't leave the story like this. So i decided to pick up where she left off, s/12134586/1/Our-Little-Angel-Our-Heart here is the link to the continuation of this amazing story. As you all know I don't own the story, I'm just trying to give it a proper ending until Tas comes back to finish the original story.
Evie chapter 35 . 8/29/2016
Fernanda21 chapter 35 . 8/13/2016
5 years
Guest chapter 7 . 8/8/2016
I love it! How can you think of something so like Richelle Mead? Hope you can write another chapter soon. You know what? I think you should start a book of your own. You are actually a pretty good, I mean really really good writer!
Hope you write another chapter soon!
sguiliano78 chapter 35 . 7/21/2016
i just have that i love this story so much ive read it twice i know its been years but i really wish you would complete it or put it up for adoption
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