Reviews for The Gray Winged Creature
Esmereilda chapter 36 . 7/15
I bet they will believe ciel now
Esmereilda chapter 35 . 7/14
and here will is being blinded by his hatred of demons rather than doing his jobs and finding out who is really behind the missing souls *rolls eyes*
Esmereilda chapter 34 . 7/13
well I bet Will will believe Sebastian now since no demon is stupid enough to reckless endanger their prey in such a manor and I bet this will allay soma and agni's worries ab Sebastian being a bad guy
Esmereilda chapter 33 . 7/12
and the plot thickens
Esmereilda chapter 32 . 7/12
a fitting end for lau considering how fluid his loyalties were
Esmereilda chapter 31 . 7/11
ariel obv doesn't what the queen or ciel involved in the affairs of London right now since both could derail her efforts and neither with turn a blind eye them since they are not in London's best interest
Esmereilda chapter 30 . 7/10
if only it were actually misspoken
Esmereilda chapter 28 . 7/7
she picked the wrong human to bait her trap with as ciel is almost as cunning and ruthless as most demons and that is got to be her undoing
Esmereilda chapter 27 . 7/7
yea ciel really isn't going to like hearing that the lives of him and his family were toyed with just to lure 'Sebastian' out of the depths of hell
Esmereilda chapter 26 . 7/6
ariel is not going to have her way
Esmereilda chapter 25 . 7/5
XD poor ciel
Esmereilda chapter 24 . 7/5
poor ciel XD
Esmereilda chapter 23 . 7/4
ofc Sebastian would find that amusing
Esmereilda chapter 22 . 6/27
awe how sweet
Esmereilda chapter 21 . 6/26
how sweet
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