Reviews for The Darkness Within:The Rewrite
romeroariz79 chapter 15 . 12/1
Guest chapter 57 . 9/11
Please update somewhere if you have given up writing or just taking a break. I really wanna know if I should keep hoping or not.
karrtoonmonkey chapter 57 . 8/12
this story is amazing
Kingofthepoledance chapter 57 . 7/23
Loved it
Guest chapter 51 . 7/20
bloomtutku chapter 57 . 7/15
I love this story and I hope story continues.
HPfan chapter 57 . 6/5
I really this series but i think you should focus a bit more on the relationships between the characters because it just needs a bit more realistic stuff. Please continue the re-write its really nice.
KoreP chapter 57 . 4/29
Hope you're well!
I miss u and looking forward to your next update.
A fan of the Dark Prince Triology!
I hope to see you soon! 3
Nicchata chapter 57 . 4/20
Holy fuck this was incredible
Nicchata chapter 44 . 4/17
SeekForTheSnitch chapter 53 . 3/31
I really do detest Nott. I hope harry finds help.
SeekForTheSnitch chapter 52 . 3/30
'It was as if tiny shards of glass had been pushed under his skin and were now flowing in his veins, tearing him up from the inside.'
I was really surprised while reading this. His emotions were expressed so lucidly and his acceptance that his actions were what led to Harry's estrangement was weirdly sad to read..

"Voldemort had reasoned with himself that Harry only did what he did out of anger. He was hurting and he lashed out. Voldemort was ready and willing to move past it."
This really encapsulates voldemort's character growth..

"You took him away from me, but you couldn't stop him from growing up to look exactly like me," James continued. "You took away his innocence, but you couldn't take away his compassion for others. You tried to teach him wrong, but Harry still managed to learn what was right. Harry will never be yours. He will always be a Potter."
Even with his dying breath, James was going to remind him who Harry's true father was.

James' monologue was extremely heartwarming and he definitely nailed it! Voldemort deserved to have those scathing words said to his face.

I'm speechless.
SeekForTheSnitch chapter 15 . 3/24
This chapter had me on tenterhooks throughout! Can't wait to see what happens next.
rhpsp chapter 57 . 1/24
Please continue! Still check everyday for updates. Reread this constantly. It’s so good
CrazyWithABook chapter 57 . 1/15
I love your series and make a point of rereading everything once or twice a year! Thank you!
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