Reviews for Ever After
Siriusmunchkin chapter 1 . 6/6/2012
A great companion piece. Ness is maturing. She's already grown up physically. She's learning that not everything is as it seems. That life is not always about perfection. That it is ever changing and compromise is a form of love. It is possible that she may even try and convince Jake that a year or two of college in Madrid would be good for him. She's already asserted her independence and learned a lot about herself. Having Jake with her would be good for both of them. Having Emmett as an uncle or big brother would be a really good thing.
AccioBourbon chapter 1 . 5/13/2010
I was so excited to read this! (I don’t think I told you that I read “My Love...” some time ago, but it was before I ever got brave and started leaving my wordy, rambling reviews. My apologies, and I’ll try to redeem myself just a bit here. :)

I love how you incorporated her ability in her conversations with others, so that instead of “she thought” we get “she pushes” and “she sends.”

“"Pfft." She huffs out.” I had to laugh a little at this, because of course, that is one of H’s favorite responses smart-alecky comments. ;)

“Dollars to donuts she would've smiled at the big happy tom, too, and not snacked on him. Not that she would've told anyone about it.” Yes! Exactly. That’s Rose, right there in two sentences. :) (Gee, how many smilies can I put in this review?)

“The guilt fills Ness's stomach, and she imagines this is what it feels like to swallow a boulder.” I love this. So true.

In our family, “The Princess Bride” is in a category all its own. It’s quoted all of the time, of course. My own Emmett and Rose quote it all of the time in “Inconceivable.” I even own a pink, long-sleeved tee that says “This is true love. You think this sort of thing happens every day?” My husband’s ring tone for my calls is Billy Crystal and Carol Kane’s voices doing: “Get back, witch!” “ I’m not a witch, I’m you’re wife!” So, yeah... we are a bit fond of the movie. ;)

I love Ness and Emmett arguing about primary vs. secondary vs. tertiary vs... quarternary? characters. It’s such a nice little homage to H.

“Is it really happily ever after if you end up with something you like, something you can work with, but it isn't what you always dreamed of? Wouldn't Aunt Rose's true happily ever after include being a mom with you?" Aww, this makes my heart hurt a little, for personal reasons.

“I, Emmett McCarty-Hale-Cullen, am the living embodiment of color commentary...” Amen, sister. ;)

“...she speaks slowly, as the thoughts in her head spool together into something coherent...” i love this imagery, how the supposedly multi-tasking vampire brain can be multi-threading as well.

“They talked. Loudly, but they talked and they came to an agreement that they could work with, even if neither of them was one hundred percent happy. And they went to bed on good terms.” YES. Years ago, I was told by a dear college friend that a good marriage/committed relationship was work- and not just sometimes, but every day. After 12 years, I know what she meant.

“Mal Reynolds...” Firefly refs, FTW! (and in the middle of Star Wars-related banter-it doesn’t get any better than this. H must have been wetting her pants with excitement while she read this.

“Ness isn't sure she wants to know the answer. If Uncle Emmett says "yes" then her view of him, her perception of his stalwart faith in the 'good guys' will be forever changed; she's not sure that's a good thing. If he says "no" then somehow he'll lose some of the depth she knows he has because what real person never waivers in their ideals or beliefs?” I love this thought process of hers. To me, this shows Ness to be “an old soul.” So often, questions have no yes or no answer. Or, as we say at our house, sometimes the real answer is “there is no spoon.”

“"Underneath the questioning, though, there's this calmness, this knowledge that life will work out, regardless of how we try to manipulate it or change it." YES. Again, yes. Or, to quote another movie: “nature finds a way,” and when you realize that and truly believe, it really does lend a calmness to life’s parade of events.

“"Sure. Just let me grab my wellies." More love for H. :) I adore you for this little Monster/BAT reference.

Loved this! You are such a true storyteller, lady. I felt like I just closed a great book, satisfied and content, having spent time with wonderfully drawn characters, great dialogue, and a warm, positive message. Thank you, and thanks to the monster for being the reason you wrote it. :)
b3j02 chapter 1 . 5/10/2010
I love your characters from Coming Home. I am glad we got another installment off of them. Nessie is right. Happily ever afters and perfections are different for everyone. I used to hear all the time to strive for Joy and Contentment because happiness is not constant. So according to that Nessie is right. It was another fantastic peek into their world. I hope you write more. Also awesome for the Princess Bride shoutouts! I love that movie.
LightStarDusting chapter 1 . 5/10/2010
Hey you.

*Narrows eyes* Is this a kissing book?

So, Jacob and Ness. This might go against the grain as far as the start of a story but I like things that go against the grain! ;) Honestly, I love Jacob and there's SO much potential with Ness.

'Emmett shrugs. "It's just Jasper. He doesn't count, anyway. He's what we call a 'secondary character.'"

"Uncle Jasper is secondary? So does that mean you are a tertiary character, Uncle Emmett?"

"I'm the main character!"'

Priceless. I giggled. OF course, Emmett is the main character.

'"Edward is an unimportant character, remember? He doesn't need to know what's going on."'

Truer words...

I love your Em. And um, they are all geeky geeks which makes complete and total sense, given you and H. This whole little analysis was perfect.

"Uncle Em is watching her, his expression serious but open. He wants her to know that he is treating her question with the gravity it deserves. She thinks, too, that he understands that her perception of him will change, regardless of his answer. She feels confident, though, that Uncle Emmett will be honest with her, regardless."

I love that. I love how he knows when to play and when to be serious, when to treat her questions with the respect and nurturing that they deserve. He's truly an uncle, in every sense of the word - treating her as his own - which is something that uncles do in my family.

Thank you for writing this. xoxoxo
winterstale chapter 1 . 5/9/2010
~~"Underneath the questioning, though, there's this calmness, this knowledge that life will work out, regardless of how we try to manipulate it or change it."

This sentence is a wonderful summation of Emmett. Speaks very nicely to his inherently grounded, faithful nature.

I always enjoy Em played against Nessie. Your uncle and niece pair had the easy humor and affection that makes me adore stories featuring them together. I also found Jake's acceptance of Nessie's need for space and the freedom to develop into an adult on her own terms particularly touching in this story. His need for her was very apparent, but his simple faith in the larger forces that bound them together really eclipsed that need. To me this was Jake with a much older soul and I appreciated that change.

Thanks to you and HMonster for sharing with us all!

emavalexis chapter 1 . 5/9/2010
That was incredibly sweet and just all-around lovely to read. You've done future Renesmee's characterization and circumstances justice.
chele681 chapter 1 . 5/9/2010
"Maybe 'happily ever after' doesn't mean what you think it means."

Such a great line.

Love this fairy tale.
bklover08 chapter 1 . 5/9/2010
this was a nice premise and very nicely done, I liked that Nessie was living away from everyone else and with other kids at college and that she and Jake seemed to be adult in relationship, that felt very real and the relationship with Emmett rang true - all-in-all a very sweet story and emotional message! Thanks for this bit of sugar! ;)
TheHeartOfLife chapter 1 . 5/9/2010
This. Was. Fabulous.

Oh, god, well I don't even really know if I can review this correctly or intelligently or with any semblance of normalcy. I usually make notes as I go along so I can talk about everything that connected with me, but I couldn't do that here because A) I would basically be copy & pasting this whole thing and B) I was so sucked in! I got to the end, bellowed "NOOOOO" and then went back to this review box and saw that it was blank. So, I must congratulate you for completely distracting me and then right after that apologize because this is going to be really schizophrenic (like it already isn't?).

Okay, so. I am Switzerland when it comes to Renesmee in fanfic. Wasn't crazy about her in the series, but it was more about the fact that she existed at all than the fact that I didn't like her character. But I LOVE how you've painted her. She's seriously delightful and whip-smart and witty with just a pinch of petulance that is adorable rather than annoying. Her interactions with everyone are fabulous - loved that first scene with Jake, the undercurrent of love and sadness and guilt and contentment. I love that she struck out on her own and that she acknowledges that it's hard sometimes, that not everything is perfect. That's real and honest.

And then...sigh. Emmett. I get all kinds of swoony when I read a good characterization of him and this was just beyond. You captured the complexity of his personality so well. You didn't make him just one thing. You encapsulated everything that I love so much about him as a character - his affability, his sense of humor, his love for Rosalie, his thoughtfulness and patience. I mean, I can only imagine the kind of tailspin this sent H into because had I not been sitting down, I would've ended up on the floor. His conversation with Ness was adorable and heartfelt and meaningful and if I didn't love him in the non-familial way so much, I'd want him as an uncle.

I loved seeing everyone else through Ness's eyes - Jasper, Bella and Edward, Em and Rose, Carlisle and Esme, and especially Jake. She has this really affectionate way of speaking about them, even when she's calling out the things that annoy her. She's coming from a place of really deep and abiding love and it made me all warm and fuzzy.

The whole primary/secondary/quaternary conversation was freaking hilarious. Oh god, I was laughing out loud during so many parts, especially this one:

"Our niece is all grown up. I might shed a tear." This from upstairs.

Emmett perks up and looks toward the ceiling, in the general direction of Jasper's study. "If you manage to squeeze out a real tear, I'll buy you the newest Lotus."


Ha! Fantastic. So, so fantastic.

Another part I really loved was when Ness asked Em if he'd ever lost faith in the idea of living happily ever after, and how she noted to herself that either way her opinion of him would change. I thought that was really poignant and honest. A lot of times we idealize the people we love, or mold them a certain way, and I think it can be surprising to find out new information that challenges or even completely changes the way you view them. That's not necessarily bad, not at all, but it certainly turns you on your head a bit.

Gah, I'm missing so many elements of this and it's making me panicky, but I don't know, I've gone on and on for about five paragraphs now and you're probably continuing to scroll like, "does this EVER end? *pause* Oh. No." I am the song that never ends.

So, um, to summarize:

This was so enjoyable from start to finish. It was effortless to read, honest and funny and poignant all wrapped up into one vampire-human mutant girl-woman who I now have a new appreciation for. Thank you so much for writing.