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A Forgotten Place chapter 12 . 6/5/2016
Simba's father and grandfathers
1. Mkase is the father of Mfalme / Simba's great-great-great-great grandfather
2. Mfalme is the father of Dhahabu / Simba's great-great-great grandfather
3. Dhahabu is the father of Mohatu / Simba's great-great grandfather
4. Mohatu is the father of Ahadi / Simba's great-grandfather
5. Ahadi is the father of Mufasa / Simba's grandfather
6. And of course Mufasa is Simba's father

Mohatu's paternal family
1. Dhahabu- Mohatu's father / Simba's great-great grandfather
2. Busara- Mohatu's brother / Simba's great-grand uncle
3. Makani- Mohatu's brother / Simba's great-grand uncle
4. Taraji- Dhahabu's sister, Mohatu's paternal aunt, Sahau's mother, Shetani's grandmother, and Zira's great-grandmother
5. Jahili- Kuchinja's son, Taraji's wife, Mohatu's paternal uncle, Sahau's father, Shetani's grandfather, and Zira's great-grandfather
6. Sulubu- Dhahabu's brother, Mohatu's paternal uncle, and Simba's great-great grand uncle

Mohatu's maternal family
1. Mahiri- Mohatu's mother, Simba's great-great grandmother
2. Imani- Mahiri's sister, Mohatu's maternal aunt, and Simba's great-great grand aunt
3. Malachi- Mahiri's brother, Mohatu's maternal uncle, Nuru's father, and Simba's great-great grand uncle
4. Nuala- Malachi's wife, Nuru's mother
5. Nuru- Mohatu's cousin
6. Adhimu- Mahiri's father, Mohatu's maternal grandfather, and Simba's other great-great-great grandfather

1. Njaa, Tauni, Kufa, Vita, and Ushindi- Giza's other 5 sons, Kuchinja's brothers, and Jahili's uncles
2. Asumini- Njaa's wife, Winda's mother, Mohatu's mother-in-law, and Simba's great-great grandmother
3. Njaa- Winda's mother, Mohatu's father-in-law, Jahili's uncle, and Simba's great-great grandfather
4. Winda- Since Njaa is Jahili's uncle, that also makes her Jahili's cousin as well as Simba's great grandmother
5. Avina- How can she be both Simba's great-aunt and grandmother?

So this... is the complete extended family tree of the royal lion family from what you've described. Fill in the details if I've missed anything.
A Forgotten Place chapter 3 . 5/13/2016
It seemed a little out of blue for Dhahabu to be having such thoughts of his sister.

I've always wondered why elephant herds were ruled by females not males btw.
A Forgotten Place chapter 2 . 5/13/2016
Was Sulubu Dhahabu's older brother? It sure made it seem like he was the older one.

You know, the hyenas weren't really evil for doing what they did. They were fully within their rights to kill the cubs. Had the cubs intruded on the turf of another lion pride, they would've met the exact same response.

Why didn't Mfalme tell his cub that the northern border was off limits?
A Forgotten Place chapter 1 . 5/13/2016
This is probably a pointless question to ask but is Dhahabu the eldest of the siblings or are they triplets.

I... actually somewhat agree with Damu. Elephants can live for 70 years. Lions live 10 to 15 years, with the exceptionally long lived lions reaching 20. Damu will have seen the coming and going of several lion generations. Elephants are much more intelligent and have longer memories than lions do. In fact, it would take the entire lion pride simply to fight Damu. If he doesn't want the lions to be kings, why doesn't he just call upon his herd, and simply muscle them out?
Bowtie Lion chapter 12 . 3/19/2016
And so another epic tale comes to a close... Man, you know how to take people on emotional roller coaster rides! This was such a nice epilogue to end things. It made me happy and sad at certain points and it was nice to know what happened to the rest of the characters. All the stories that can be told and would have probably been told to Simba if not for what happens the very next day... Now, I'm in a state of awe after finishing this amazing story. Thank you for writing this tale. Yet another masterpiece!
Bowtie Lion chapter 11 . 3/19/2016
Took me a while to read this one but it was worth it. We got more character development, a blooming romance, nice conclusions for certain conflicts and characters and the brief return of two beloved characters that made me jump with joy! I didn't expect Njaa to start a romantic relationship this late into the story but I found their interactions cute! And then, near the end, we get the return of Mfalme and Sulubu in the way that Mufasa made famous! I felt so happy seeing them again and we got to see how Sulubu would have looked like if he had aged and I loved his description. A very beautiful lion! All is well with the circle of life and only one chapter remains.
Bowtie Lion chapter 10 . 3/1/2016
Finally got around to finish this chapter and boy did a lot happen! Firstly, I want to say that I like how you managed to give the lionesses a backstory even if they were brief or short because it actually fleshed them out and it gave them a unique personality that made them stand out as more than just expendable characters. I flinched at the words Dhahabu used towards Taraji. The arguing back and forward, where the characters got to speak their side of the story was interesting indeed because, you will not believe this but, you managed to make me stop hating Kuchinja and instead I felt sorry for him in the end. Make no mistake, I'm not forgiving him for what he did but it did made me see him in a new light. I like how the rain cleansed the land like in the first movie and that Taraji and Jahili are together and happy with Dhahabu and his pride okay with it. Once again, your expertise on description is outstanding and I'll see if I can finish this amazing story soon!
Bowtie Lion chapter 8 . 2/25/2016
The warning at the beginning of the chapter and the title weren't enough to prepare me for what was to come... I had feeling of what was going to happen but my goodness, it still left me devastated! This was worst than how Shen Zhuang was axed off! Hell, Mufasa's death wasn't as scarring as this one! All I can say is only an amazing writer like you can pull off such amazing details and descriptions. Now, I worry what's going to become of Jahili and Taraji's relationship, especially once they find out what had occurred and what will the others do and say? Also, Mfalme didn't outright tell Dhahabu who his killer was just to stop Kuchinja. In some way, that reminded me of how Mufasa's spirit told Simba to take responsibility instead of avenging him. To sum up the entire chapter, I hate Kuchinja, I f# $ing do!
Bowtie Lion chapter 7 . 2/24/2016
What an emotional roller coaster ride! There is not a single moment I which I am sure of what is going to happen next and I love it! Seriously, I could have sworn the cubs were going to be killed! I'm so glad Tembo was there to save the day. Also, the cubs are so cute! I love them already! And it seems Jahili will be in deep trouble in the next chapter, hopefully he makes it out alive, especially since his and Taraji's relationship just became a legit romantic one! Great chapter, it shows just what a great author you are!
Bowtie Lion chapter 4 . 2/13/2016
Well, it's been a while since I reviewed but that mostly had to do with the fact of what occurred early on in the story. In other words: How could you! How could you let that happen to Sulubu! I really liked him and he was axed off so quickly! *sniff* In this chapter, however, my sadness became anger as we found out the reason for Sulubu's death was nothing more than a planned assassination by the villain of this story (I think). That guy really is unlikable, especially by how he treats his son and the way he treats others. Speaking of the little cub, he seems to have devised a plan of his own, one that I feel won't go so smoothly. And our heroes, Dhahabu and Tembo are finally going to meet Adhimu and maybe the former will finally get a mate... wow, it just dawned on me, this is a story of a guy trying to get laid... Anyway, I do love the story and your writing abilities and I'll be reading the rest soon and give you some more feedback.
Bowtie Lion chapter 1 . 2/1/2016
Well, I've decided to check out something to read and I wondered what else did you have and I saw this! Can't believe I haven't read this story before but better late than never!

As always, your characterization of the cast is amazing. Loved your Simba and Mufasa and the conversation they had at the beginning, it was like out of the movie! And then onto the new story of the kings of he past, starting with Dhahabu, even though the chapter is called after his brother, Subulu. Again, I like how you write characters, they feel real and alive! Also, I love the description you gave Mfalme!

We also met a jackass, er, I mean, elephant who is such a hateful jerk who I think might cause trouble for the lions in the future. But we'll see what happens!

Expect hearing more from me since this story hooked me!
AnimeFan4Eternity chapter 1 . 6/29/2012
Rereading this story again, because it is really good! D
LunaMaiaPotter chapter 12 . 5/3/2011
zira! and timon and opumba! omg! is there a sequel?
maddie-mira chapter 12 . 2/27/2011 this is an amazing story you've written. i can't tell you how much i enjoyed reading it; so many times i smiled and laughed or almost cried. the story is really beautiful. i hope u keep writing; from this one story it's obvious that you've got so much talent for writing. i'm definitely checking out your other stories too! :D again, this was such a wonderful story; it blew me away.
Light-Princess14 chapter 12 . 7/27/2010
You know I read this chapter eariler but I was going somewhere so I didn't get a chance to review. I loved the epilogue chapter. It tied up those loose ends and explained more on what happen. And the surprises never end even at the end of the story. Taraji's daughter's son's daughter is Zira?

Nice twist. I'm sad it's done but I was glad I happened to read this while searching on this archive. You're an incrediable writer and I hope I hear more stories from you soon.
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