Reviews for And Then There's You
Teaganbriana chapter 32 . 9/7
Such such such an amazing story! I wanted to smack Edward up the side of the head and cry with him all the way through.
I love stories where Bella doesn’t starlight away forgive Edward when he stuffs up and it was good too read how much he regretted everything he did and how he was open with his emotions.
Ugh the ending had me fighting the tears. It was so good to read that she had her moment with Charlie even though he didn’t deserve it. I wonder whether or not he actually knew what he was doing and it was his way of leaving closure. Ugggggggghhhhh I’ll say it again and again. Such a good story! Why hadn’t read this ages ago!
SassYNoleS chapter 32 . 7/25
Thanks For Sharing !

Such a great read from start to finish !
alice'sbella chapter 32 . 7/22
Wow!love it!
PuzzlePerfect9 chapter 32 . 7/13
i really liked this story. i loved the character development. i loved how edward stayed for and ultimately rescued bella. i loved that she maintained her releationship with jake but that it was by no means a huge part of the story. i loved the epilogue, too... and that edward turned into an amazing dad (obviously lol). sad its over.
awesomeami316 chapter 32 . 7/7
And now I’m crying. This was an amazing story
HisLove chapter 12 . 6/11
This chapter... it’s hard to put into words how brilliant it is. The heightened anticipation of a magnificent ruin for all to the earnest and visceral emotions displayed not just through their words/thoughts but through their actions.

Oh, I cried.
forkswa chapter 32 . 6/10
this was such a beautiful story! i wish the epilogue would have shown more in between moments like their time in California, their wedding, or when Bella finds out she’s pregnant, but regardless it was a beautiful ending to a beautiful story.
Lord-of Oceans-Poseidon chapter 4 . 5/27
Little disappointed with Alice for staying with Jasper
Birddy chapter 8 . 5/20
This is definitely my favorite chapter, I love how you write Edward’s character. He’s immature as hell and soooo cliche but his inner thoughts are hilarious.

Their budding relationship in this one is also perfectly paced until the end of the chapter. Well done.
Birddy chapter 5 . 5/20
The dialogue in this chapter had me cracking up, lol. Also yessss Bella for not fallin for the BS, this is great so far.
raina chapter 31 . 4/8
It's "I'm going to kiss you NOW," not "I'm going to kiss you KNOW." Geez.
donna73 chapter 23 . 4/8
"No, YOU'RE real father," means "No, YOU ARE real father." Use YOUR.
gina997 chapter 18 . 4/8
coffee BREAK, not BRAKE
drool WORTHY, not drool WORDY
instead of LOWLY, use SOFTLY
she can't BEAR the silence, not BARE it
he felt it TOO, not TO
amsrule chapter 32 . 3/27
love it! glad Edward was really there for her.
myrkheart chapter 13 . 3/5
The happy meal has me in tears!
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