Reviews for The Life and Love of Endia's Knights
Kazuki-Rina chapter 1 . 10/28/2010
dude! i like this pairings!


ur story is really impressive~!

better put this in my favourites~! XD
superecho chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
What an incredibly sweet story!

Shizuku is my favorite character, and you make a good fit to her with Okita Souji. Their conversation was so touching...

I feel like I want to cry whenever I read this! *sob*

Shizuku actually matches very good with Okita. :3

Their warm, time-cross love bond in this story really soothes my heart! I really support this pairing now :D

I like Shizuku, but have no idea who'll she pair up with! Well, definitely not Hyoma and Hayatemaru! XD

It surprises me that other 12 fics for Chaos Wars are telling stories ONLY ABOUT Hyoma and Rin's love relationship.

Why no one write about other characters? X(

Maybe you're the first one (or the second) to do so.

I want to see the next pairing soon! ...No Hyoma x Rin, please!

...I know they're meant for each other, but I had enough with their stories in other fics! Other characters please!

Good job! You have natural talent for this! Keep writing!

I support you to continue this story! XD

P.S. A little bit of trivia... Did you notice in Chaos Wars' Opening Movie (Theme: Sound Horizon), when the characters' cards are lined up, Okita's card is right next to Shizuku's card?

Maybe they're destined to be together! O_o

...Just kidding. Maybe it just a coincidence.

Still, it supports this pairing! :)
PiyokochandeArimasu chapter 1 . 8/19/2010
huhu THAT SO SAD T.T Can i request a Zeonslit x Mue or Alice in the next chapter?