Reviews for Alisa III Chronicle: Laying the Past
Vicious Pink chapter 8 . 8/1/2011
I'm really glad you wrote more for your Alisa III Chronicles. I always enjoy these stories. :)

Well, as usual your Sari gets the kind of brilliant character development she deserves, being one of the more interesting and compelling characters in PS3 in the first place. I like her counseling session with Sean. It had a mentor/mentee, Merlin/Arthur feel to it, and the way the sand and glass metaphor changed throughout the chat and thereafter was really well done. You've also successfully aged Sari here. She's not the same Sari as in your Ayn timeline stories (well, she is, but you were able to write her differently enough to put the hard years on her), making her older and wiser but still the solid general-queen of your other stories.

I like the way you hinted at Sean needing something other than revenge-through Sari's own thoughts-at the very end. It was a nice way, without imposing your own interpretation of what might have kept Sean going, for the reader to decide for him/herself what it was that gave Sean the extra push to continue with his quest without breaking under stress and anger. Maybe it was the companionship of Laya and Kara, maybe it was the connection he had with Sari or the connection with his ancestral home, Landen, the one kingdom he had ties to that wasn't destroyed. Maybe he found more honor in fighting for his family's memory rather than for revenge... but in any case, you get the reader to ponder those things and look past a quest of pure revenge.

I loved the ending, too. Sari is a hardened woman, which makes perfect sense and I can't really picture her interpreted any other way, but the mentions of wanting Sean to have more heart and her final recollection and toast to the future of her fallen friends' son is really touching. I want to give her a hug! (She probably wouldn't accept it, though. ;))
Vicious Pink chapter 6 . 6/3/2010
This is great! I especially like your post-battle setting, being at night around a campfire. It just seems like a fitting way for the group to convene after defeating Dark Force. It's cozy, there's no stiff and formal ceremony; it's just a return to a very normal existence (or as normal as one can exist on a bio-dome traveling through space, anyway) and it needs no grand revelry (plus, poor Sean wouldn't really be up for that, I don't think).

I also love a good pairing, and the sparks between Sean and Kara work so well here. It doesn't seem forced into the story just for the sake of ending with a budding romance. As brash of a character as I've always pictured Kara (not necessarily a bad thing; I prefer the stronger female characters in PS3 over the princessy ones), I do think it's possible that she could give Sean a little hope for a brighter future, and I like that you ended on that note.
Vicious Pink chapter 4 . 6/3/2010
I really like the way you've written Kara and your description of Dahlia. I can imagine it must have been hard for Kara to come to terms with the truth about who the real enemy is and her father's breakdown, but it's her determination to get out there and show the forces of evil who's boss that you've captured so well in this chapter.
GreatLight432 chapter 7 . 5/16/2010
Well, I guess that answers my question from the last review. As always, great writing and look forward to more!
GreatLight432 chapter 6 . 5/15/2010
Okay buddy, assuming that this is the end, I shall now review.

As always, top-notch writing. A lot of what you wrote, I remembered from the days of seeing it on Maxlow's site The PS Pages, but seeing them in a collection now makes them flow much better.

Always found that last pairing interesting, too. Until you did it, I couldn't really see Sean and Kara together. The way you've written it however, makes it very plausible. In a way, I guess it was almost a shame that PS3 ended with the third generation.

Intending to do another chapter? Perhaps other stories? Your writing is too good to just disappear. I shall look forward to your next(if any) project!