Reviews for MvA- The 'What If' Series
EliteSlayer103 chapter 168 . 7/24
What if instead of the Moon Monkey Zombie that came out of the TV, it was Nancy Archer from Attack of the 50ft Woman, either version will do.
Mr crazy movies chapter 168 . 6/16
You did great hope you have a great holiday and here's a idea if you find it it takes place in the movie what if Susan was the president of the United States when she got hit by the meteor and again enjoy your holiday you've earned it
emily chapter 167 . 6/9
What if Dr.C found a teen mermaid with a severly injured tail
Simon System chapter 167 . 6/10
Really great fic you have here. He are a few ideas of my own if you are interested.

What if Susan was the only monster?

Link remains frozen in ice, Bob is never created, Dr. Cockroach doesn't transform himself, the Invisible man remains visible. No area 50 something and no team monster when Gallaxhar invades. Only the recently gigantic Susan.

What if Coverton really was on a mission of peace?

What if the Moon Stone worked and Man Beast joined team monster?
Mr crazy movies chapter 167 . 6/3
Not bad I like it how about since wander over yonder is getting cancelled later in the month or year can you do a cross over that takes place in the tv show what if all the monsters and aliens had to united to stop lord dominator from stealing the earth's magma core it's just a thought I understand your rules but maybe you could it's up to you have a great weekend and a fun summer
benn55555 chapter 167 . 6/4
What if Susan grew a second head?
Mr crazy movies chapter 166 . 5/20
I don't know how you can do it it's a great gift you have here a idea that takes place in the TV series what if every employee and area 50 something versed Susan to a dodgeball game got to go have a great weekend
Mr crazy movies chapter 165 . 5/8
To be more specific in the tv show with the base being time traveled to world war 2 after bob hit the switch
Mr crazy movies chapter 165 . 5/7
Hello I just want to be career on my idea it takes place in the TV series and that's it good bye and have a great day
Mr crazy movies chapter 165 . 5/6
How you end my idea is your part ps great story
Mr crazy movies chapter 165 . 5/6
I know sorry my idea takes place in the tv show
EliteSlayer103 chapter 164 . 5/4
Two ideas,

if Susan grows bigger from draining energy like electronics or anything that generates power?

if Susan was rampaging in Modesto Kaiju-style?
BoltXPenny chapter 164 . 4/23
Sorry about that 'Guest' thing. I don't normally put a name on, but I'm not a writer on this site. Anyway...
Those two stories were beyond infinity!
Maybe for the next story in the TV series, something could cause Susan to remain as GINORMICA and she starts having humans as food as well.
Or after stopping the alien invasion, Susan eats Derek in front of the camera and she then goes on a rampage
Mr crazy movies chapter 164 . 4/22
You are the greatest fanfic maker and I mean it here's a idea what if the monsters and aliens were time traveling to world war 2 story when dr c and sqweep are trying to get to their new time machine back to 1950s But accidentally end up in The beginning of the second world war ps great World war Z reference
Al Baker chapter 164 . 4/22
Yes! My review suggestion made it woot!

Wonder what if would have been like if Susan was the first monster...
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