Reviews for MvA- The 'What If' Series
drewdog302 chapter 86 . 6h
Uhhhhhhhh what the heck is this?
LockAndKey989 chapter 175 . 7/26
Heres my idea. The fist movie with either a robot or a gremlin on the team. As added humor he dislikes Derek immediatly.
Ben10Man chapter 164 . 7/24
What if Susan's parents worked for Monger and were the ones who turned her in at her wedding?
drewdog302 chapter 172 . 7/23
What if Vorican was a Xenomorph
LockAndKey989 chapter 176 . 7/20
What if a snarky gremlin joined the team the same time as susan?

IE: with him telling her Derek seems like a jerk
drewdog302 chapter 173 . 7/20
What if Susan ended up like Anakin Skywalker
Guest chapter 12 . 7/2
What if a gremlin was part of team monster. A snarky gremlin that when not ruining work was telling Susan Derek wasn't a good husband for Fresno when she first arrived.
CoolNicNac7112 chapter 1 . 7/2
How about a gremlin as part of the movie. One that likes to mess with dr c inventions and tries to dissuade Susan from Derek?
drewdog302 chapter 176 . 6/26
No Crossovers! No offense but that's just bull.
drewdog302 chapter 129 . 4/21
Whether Derek is a jerk or not he can still be portrayed to be a good person.
Mr crazy movies chapter 175 . 4/7
Glad to see your back so 200 and it's over I respect that ok what if susan was a cannibal criminal when she was hit by the meteor?
drewdog302 chapter 175 . 4/8
What if Susan and her dog were hit by the meteor?
Bat13SJx chapter 175 . 4/7
Haha awesome! Hey thanks for writing my what if into a short story :) you are an inspiration to me. i love how you are able to just go off of peoples what ifs and create an anazing short story. i feel honored to have my what if be written by you. Im happy you continue to write MvA fanfics. and yeah i saw the note at the bottom and i understand. i am amazed you made it this far. all good things must eventually come to an end. you are awesome and i hope you will at least continue to write more fanfics. thanks again i really appreciate it :)
benderjam chapter 2 . 4/1
These two chapters I like.

Might I suggest one where Susan eats Derek. A little bit of vore. Like imagine she swallows him whole and he's alive and screaming for help inside her stomach as she walks around or something.
drewdog302 chapter 174 . 3/3
What if Susan was wounded by friendly fire?
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