Reviews for The 'What If' Series
bat13sjx chapter 130 . 4/18
Hahahahah! brilliant! that idiot derek deserved that. XD Awesomeness - love reading these what if chapters. and congrats on getting to 130! wow! hopefully it will keep going!
Dlh024 chapter 130 . 4/18
Nice thought with the whole slime ball thing. What if the monsters gained magical powers.
NeverLander852 chapter 130 . 4/19
What If Derek transformed into a monster resembling the monsters in the film, with 5 versions of the same story, but with a different monster?
Dlh024 chapter 129 . 4/15
What if when Susan regained her ginormica powers it caused her bust and buttocks to grow instead of all of her? Still T rated.
gg chapter 129 . 4/14
What If it wasnt a meteor that crashed down? What If it was Susan who is an Angel that came from the heavens? To warn humanity from the oncoming danger of Galaxhar?
Edwardnygma23 chapter 129 . 4/10
Thanks. :) don't worry, though. I'm still glad Derek's a jerk because Susan's single now. But you know, I just figured I ought to mix it a bit. :) by the way, I changed my name to WalterWrider. I'm just telling you that to avoid confusion. :)
Dlh024 chapter 128 . 4/9
Feel free to call me a jerk but when I asked for you to write my monstraliens thing I meant as another story not part of the parallel series but if you still don't want to I get that its your decision. Just thought I should clarify tell in next episode
SuperTtrainer chapter 120 . 4/6
hey, DawnoftheMonsters it's SuperTtrainer again! great job on chapter 120:story 116. It was better than I thought, and I have another idea for you: What if ginormica was banished by the norse god odin to jotenhiem to learn more about combat.
NeverLander852 chapter 129 . 4/4
how about if Derek turned into a monster at the end of the film?
NeverLander852 chapter 71 . 4/1
i KNOW, HOW ABOUT Derek transforms into a monster at the end?
WalterWrider chapter 128 . 3/25
What if Derek accepted Susan in the movie when she came to him at the studio? Even after being smuthered by her kiss & nearly crushed by her hug, he thinks of Susan as a hero... his hero. He also says that the world would be safer if she stayed huge because of the wonderful things she could do at her size. She starts crying in happiness & Derek also admits that her kiss actually feels good. After another kiss, she takes him on a date to a hillside. After the date, Derek falls asleep in her arms & she takes him to his house, opens his bedroom window, & places him on the bed. She closes the window, giving a kiss on it that leaves a lipstick mark as a sign of her love. Then she walks off, awaiting their upcoming marrige.
Dlh024 chapter 128 . 3/21
I get it and its cool you just wanna focus on your stuff its cool.
Dlh024 chapter 127 . 3/21
Would you consider What its for your parallel stories cause I think a lot of people would enjoy the option just wanted to ask
Dlh024 chapter 127 . 3/18
What if during the internet episode Susan actually fell in love with the inteRent and eventually got married to him?
DLH024 chapter 127 . 3/10
This is too concerned fan. You shouldn't be speaking about the content of this story its the parents responsibility to minister what their children read online and these stories are rated T so you should expect things teenagers would know about so his content is perfectly OK
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