Reviews for MvA- The 'What If' Series
Jay lee chapter 156 . 10/1
I am so happy you wrote another chapter and I LOVE your idea! I really hope you will be able to put up another chapter soon!
Jacob Voronkov chapter 157 . 10/2
What if Link was a female siren?
Anonymous Guy chapter 151 . 9/24
What if the meteor gave Susan the ability to clone herself (but she cannot control it)?
SuperTtrainer chapter 155 . 9/11
what if Susan heeded doc words and left. years later she's haunted by that nightmare. one day a scientist ask's her "if you could go back, what would you do?" she replies "i'd save him."shes taken to a room with a machine that looks like the quantonium extractor that does not take it away but takes her back in time. sshe wakes up and finds herself surrounded by the robot probes like before, but they come to life and gang up on her. in the now her brainwaves and heart rate are too much for the machine. after waking up sadness turns to anger. she forces the scientist to take her back fully which is a dangerous operation. it works and she sees her friends again. will her efforts be in vain? will she finally save them or will once again wake up alone in her cell?
ElectricSnowman chapter 154 . 6/19
What if B.O.B. wanted to beat up Derek all by himself since he thought he was a two-timing jerk? XD
Anonymous Guy chapter 153 . 5/30
Same as story 146 but what if the real Susan became giant as well and she and all of the clones were stranded on Earth?
Jay Lee chapter 152 . 5/20
Thankyou so much or writing all of these ideas, they are very enjoyable to read and are very well written. I would also like to make another request. I know I've made a lot but I thought this one was pretty okay.

What if the monsters used the same escape plan as the one in B.O.B.'s Big Break again in 2005 but it worked? And when they escaped they went to Modesto but we're caught out and suddenly surrounded by all of the people in Modesto. But in their panick they grab Susan and take her hostage. They take off with Susan and go on the lam, and gradually Susan becomes more comfortable around the monsters.

I'm sorry this districting was a little lengthy but it's what I thought of about twenty minutes ago. Thankyou so much once again for writing all of these and I greatly appreciate it!
Anonymous Guy chapter 152 . 5/15
Ok here's another one. What if the aliens did succeed in the invasion?
TheDocRoach chapter 152 . 5/15
This is what I was looking for! It's perfection! I love that the boys arrived in a hearse xD That was creative! Poor Link. Thank you again, my dear! I appreciate this very much!
Guest chapter 151 . 5/8
how about for the next one when Susan grows during her wedding she becomes an evil ruler of the world.
EliteSlayer103 chapter 151 . 5/4
What if there was another Quantonuim Meteor and hit a woman in an oppressed land?
Anonymous Guy chapter 151 . 5/2
P.S. How many Susans were there?
Anonymous Guy chapter 151 . 5/2
Sweet! Okay, how about what if the machine didn't stop cloning Susans (maybe because of a bug or something)
TheDocRoach chapter 149 . 4/25
What if, in "Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space" Susan never checked in with the boys before the pumpkins attacked the neighborhood? Like, the boys are really concerned why she hasn't called them to tell them how things are there but it's because Susan was too busy trying to hold back the pumpkins before they escaped. :)
Jay Lee chapter 149 . 4/16
sorry Accidently pressed post review. But I also wanted to say that I LOOOOVED this story and it much better than anything I could have wrote.:)
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