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Notchka chapter 51 . 8/6
(LoL I left so many reviews the first time I read this that it won't let me post a new one!)

Years later and I'm still crushing on Enishi. Wish you'd right an Omake about his later years. I miss him.

Likely you wrote this up somewhere, but a google search was not helpful. Who was Mei Fu and why is his (her?) gate important?
Notchka chapter 48 . 8/1
Wait wait wait. Did Kinnya know that Futsuki was Sennaya's blood son?! If Kinnya did know, whoa. What a jerk Sennaya was to send Raiko away!

(Re-reading start to finish before jumping back into your current story!)
Tomyallen chapter 74 . 6/13 sad to have this finally end. Mind you of course you've granted the world more content afterwards but this part of the story was very engaging and thus hard to let go of. All of the character (canon and OC) have grown so much and we are seeing them carve their own paths and make their own decisions. I am truly content though with how you ended it...the destiny of the Kuchiki is one the fits perfectly with its future in the canon universe thus making this story seem all the more real.

Truly a wonderful journey filled with plenty of mystery, suspense, drama, action, intrigue, and true character development. Very well written...and its been a joy to see how you changed as an author through Meifu's stories. Thank you so much for the wonderful read as well as your engagement in reviews...its been a blast!

Tomyallen chapter 73 . 6/12
YES! He got to speak with Kinnya! (Nearly coughed up a lung doing it though) I am so happy that they had that opportunity and that Kinnya not only has helped Juu in the background here but he's willing to continue their acquaintance with each other and help him achieve Bankai...amazing! These characters really do just walk away from you don't they? Cause I had no inkling that this would come from Kinnya being in your story.

I'm so happy with the way this chapter. It went exactly the way I wanted it to and went even further...truly happy about it!

As for your authors note...I'd probably say Juu. I'm extremely academically inclined and pick up concepts quite easily, I wish to attain a type of strength which is hampered by my bodies own struggles, and I'm entering a work force where the prejudice is still there against me (mind you its more about gender than social status). I think one of the few things we don't have in common is our ability to develop friends...I have to work really hard for the relationships that I have.
Tomyallen chapter 72 . 6/12
So I read this chapter last night in bed but didn't review as I could barely keep my eyes open at that point so I've had a little more time to reflect.

I'm really glad that Juu and Shun had their chance to talk about the events back in district seven as it means they can actually move forward from them and also learn from them. Particularly because Shunsui was as worried as he was about it so its good to have that cleared up.

As for first I was surprised he was going to do but then I realized that no that was the correct action for a character who has developed the way he has. And it was also appropriate that he couldn't move against his sister. He'll make a good leader for the Endou...he's willing to make hard decisions but he's not immoral either.

I hope Kinnya speaks with Juu frankly...I'd like to see how he feels about him...but I'll just have to wait and see if he does. Im sad that this is nearly over now.
Tomyallen chapter 71 . 6/11
Yay Kinnya! He's a boss...even at 70% of his power he completely caught Aizen off guard even though he has his own Bankai. I hope before anything worse goes down (because lets be real I can almost guarantee that Aizen is still alive) he at least has a chance to talk to Juu properly.

And poor Juu finally remember the night in the snow as well...that won't be the easiest to work through. Hopefully he doesn't keep it to myself...he should at least talk to Shunsui when he gets the chance.

I see there is only a few chapters left though so I wonder what's planned next? Maybe Aizen is going to slip into the background for now and bide his time as he's planned with Eiraki. We shall see. I'd like to know where Hirata is in all this as well.]

Great chapter! Can't wait to see whats next.
Tomyallen chapter 70 . 6/11
Okay well this chapter spells out a whole new kind of trouble...Kinnya is coming that I know for sure. However Aizens just gone and recuperated his Bankai ability and that means he can control someone who has power...possibly even Kinnya when he arrives or anyone else who decides to interfere.

NOT good at all. Things just got exponentially more dangerous. I'm hoping that not only should Kinnya catch Aizen off guard but that should Aizen attempt to control him I hope he can resist with his older Bankai. If not then even more reason for old man Yama to hurry up back to district one.

Awesome chapter, absolutely loved it!
Tomyallen chapter 69 . 6/11
Ryuu finally spoke up and I was correct. He does not want to lead and made clear to Guren why he shouldn't not to mention putting Shirogane forth as an actual successor. As for old man Yama he needs to hurry his butt back to district one because things are about to get messy.

At the academy there are a few people I'd like to yell at...mostly Kazoe for letting Juu go by himself. Considering the circumstances even though he's Anideshi you'd figure that he's keep him on a VERY short leash. Dummy. Kinnya will be there I'm sure but now that Aizen's got him again that makes two very powerful attackers on premise and I doubt that Kinnya could raise his blade to his grandson...maybe Shunsui will slip away to stop Juu again.

Im literally bouncing in my seat with expectation as to whats to come next so off I go to the next chapter!
Tomyallen chapter 68 . 6/11
Poor Naoko...she had already been through enough. The emotional scars she is going to bare from this experience will be tremendous. I'd be surprised if she could return to a functioning life as a may just be too much for her. At least her power no longer poses a threat to everyone.

As for he comes. It's a good thing that Kinnya is waiting in secret because the academy is about to have great need of him and more particularly Juu will need his help Im sure. Hopefully Juu and Shun can escape the impending meeting without to much damage. Kinnya still better not die though...he still hasn't met with Juu and he needs to!

Awesome chapter! Looking forward to the next chapter so off I go!
Tomyallen chapter 67 . 6/11
Okay that's a lot to take in. It seems everyone is getting on the same page about Naoko though which is good because then hopefully someone if not Sora and Mitsuki will be able to stop her. As for Hirata I'm pretty sure he'll be the most likely to find his sister and hopefully put a stop to whatever she has planned.

As for the Kuchiki situation...not good at all. I'm glad Seiren came to his senses for a little while and I hope that chemical does help instead of completely destroy him. However that's highly unlikely. As for Ryuu...I think his intention is to have Shirogane be the next heir...I think he understands his failings even more now and doesn't want to be the heir when he hasn't corrected them. He wants the best for the clan and I think he deems himself NOT the best choice. We shall see though since he hasn't actually voiced it yet.

And then there is Aizen...HA sucker! Bet you weren't expecting that turn of events. However I wonder if they will be able to catch him at all now that he's slipped the trap? Even old man Yama would struggle against a man of his talents to get away.

Such an awesome chapter! Off to the next one we go!
Tomyallen chapter 66 . 6/10
Holy about being in the mix of it all now. Things are happening everywhere and literally NO ONE is safe. I'm glad Kazoe was able to defend his students (a nice little tidbit of that young kid firing off Kidou to help) and he made a wise choice in leaving everyone in Enishi's hands. He would not easily let harm come to any who are unable at the moment to adequately defend themselves. Not to mention he was quick to pick up on Naoko's involvement so at least a reasonable adult on campus is aware of the threat she poses.

As for Aizen...I do NOT like the game he is currently playing with the Kuchiki and old man Yama. It's neither fair nor has any level of honor to it. And now they'll have to face a hollowfying Seiren...which will likely give that sneaky man a chance to get away. Not to mention they'll likely have to put Seiren down for good and that's just not something his only son should have to witness.

Incredible chapter. So much going on action wise and still plenty of background stuff as well. Can't wait for more!
Tomyallen chapter 65 . 6/10
Well that was a stupid call and after all the good ones he made he's just going to send Juu off into the academy campus with not additional protection when they realize Aizen is making his moves. Silly.

This chapter was quite epic though. I was quite correct though when I said it was going to be Naoko causing trouble...and now a Shinigami is dead. Hopefully they can end this without losing anymore academy lives. They need to stop Naoko and hopefully someone can catch Eiraki or force her to flee before she can cause additional trouble.

And yay for another District achieving her Zanpaktou! And as Shunsui's junior that's even more awesome because it means he did well as a teacher for her.

Great chapter! Looking forward to the next development.
Tomyallen chapter 64 . 6/10
And here my predictions come true...Naoko is about to cause some serious trouble at the academy. And by all appearances her first actions are going to open the way for anyone to get into the academy. NOT good. Someone should have been staying with her 24/7.

As for Seiren...I'm glad Ryuu got to see him but I'm pretty sure that's a lost cause and I'm hoping they just put him out of his misery BEFORE he causes more damage. Also...Kinnya has Bankai! That's an awesome little tidbit...certainly makes him more of a threat and less likely for you to go off and kill had better not find a way to change that.

And then there's the senior class...Im glad they are all on the same page regarding the threat that Aizen poses to the academy and are going to make plans accordingly because I can pretty much guarantee that Aizen is NOT expecting them to all band as a unit against him. Hopefully if they need to put their plans into place no one dies.

Great chapter! Looking forward to more so off I go!
Tomyallen chapter 63 . 6/10
Although I understand the need for old man Yama to go to district 6 I'm sitting here screaming at him not to go because it will be the cause of true harm to at least one person at the academy I can pretty much guarantee. I can't predict who as there are a few possible subjects (I'm still going to be pissed if you kill Kinnya) but either way things are not about to get better because of their decision to leave. I just hope that with everyone on guard the least amount of damage will come about as a result. And though I'm certain Hirata's sister will escape in the long run I do hope Shunsui is wrong at the eventually Aizen is permanently captured and or killed.

I'm glad Kinnya is getting to learn about his grandson though. If they never meet at least he knows that his grandson is growing up to be an amazing man.

Awesome chapter as much as I hate the results that are coming because of it.
Tomyallen chapter 62 . 6/10
Wow...okay that last part first. I did NOT expect Shunsui to come out with an opinion like that...don't get me wrong we all know he's capable of such thorough forethought however even thought that statement was quite true it was also essentially a judgment of old man Yama's decisions (I doubt he would have made such a comment if the old man had been teaching) which is not a wise decision. I'm sure Kazoe was more than happy to have Shun not only participate but to also provide such a perfectly worded reflection of the real world trip and in doing so showing why old man's Yama's decision was not perfect. It was a short piece but that was a heavy statement nonetheless.

And would you look at that...old Kinnya has stepped away from his manor and interfered with his clan once more. I'm sure glad he did to otherwise things would be sooo much more worse right now for the Kuchiki. Mind you they're not much better Aizen has said its unlikely that Seiren can be saved even if Yama and Retsu arrive. I am happy Kinnya is going to district one though...not only to see to Shirogane's safety but he'll be there and I doubt he'll stand by when Aizen starts to cause a mess. I swear to god though if you go killing that old man particularly before him and Juu have a chance to meet and understand one another I'm going to be very I will send little Grimmjows to terrorize you angry.

Whelp that escalated quickly...Im not going to apologize for it though because I feel like you're working up to at least 1 but possibly a few major deaths and I really would rather you left Juu and ALL his family alone.

Awesome chapter by the way! Very well written. I enjoyed reading everyone's reflections on the real world trip. I would like to see the second teams reflections but I feel you are going to skim past that. Oh well off to another chapter.
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