Reviews for Fuggiasco
MissWM chapter 36 . 5/8
I finished reading this last night. And totally forgot to review. Just passing by to say I loved it. You put so much effort in the background of your stories (I just finished reading exposed) and that feels incredible. Because they are actually believable, you know? I loved this one. You are truly very talented. Thanks for sharing!
nowayitendslikethat chapter 8 . 3/4
hey there! I know it has been a long time since you posted this fiction. I just thought that positive criticism might still be helpful for you as an author so...I mean no offence but this issue must be addressed.
I am Italian. I am sorry but NONE of the sentences you used in this fiction makes any sense. so far at least.
I am assuming that you used some online translator and I BEG YOU, never to use it again. this is pretty much a prayer as much as an advice. I you are still reading reviews for this fiction, feel free to PM me. I'd like very much to suggest correct italian translation, if you are interested, of course.
Sassyvampmama chapter 36 . 12/25/2020
Thanks for sharing this with us.
musicnlyrics chapter 35 . 11/23/2020
This. Is. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!
JojoJinx chapter 29 . 6/22/2020
cried so much this chapter that I now have a bunged up nose and headache :D ... Also this probably sounds silly but I am desperately waiting for Edward to break and actually cry.
Guest chapter 36 . 10/2/2019
Wow, I loved this story. Second chances, love, family, friendship all in one great story.
Thanks for your time
Guest chapter 36 . 8/3/2019
It's a door JAMB, not JAM.
Guest chapter 35 . 8/3/2019
"Seth, you're pick, little man" YOU'RE is the contraction for YOU ARE. The possessive form is YOUR.
Guest chapter 34 . 8/3/2019
"I slam on the breaks" Cars have BRAKES, not BREAKS. Geez.
Guest chapter 31 . 8/3/2019
You must not have had a beta for this chapter. Lots of errors!
paragod chapter 36 . 7/30/2019
One of my favorite stories. I hope you never take it down.
soccermom101113 chapter 35 . 7/23/2019
I am crying at work. Thankfully I'm the only one here. Loved it! Thanks so much!
fanfictionalcolic chapter 36 . 7/16/2019
Wow, what a story
jen5795 chapter 36 . 6/26/2019
No matter how many times I read this story, I fall in love with it all over again.
dpennell007 chapter 36 . 6/21/2019
That was an excellent story! My heart went out to your hard-luck Edward. I'm glad you decided to add an epilogue. Edward and Bella were perfect for each other, and after everything they went through, it was nice to see them still peacefully living a normal life a little further down the road.
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