Reviews for I think I luv you!
Sea-EnigmaDare chapter 2 . 4/20/2004
ok, my head's spining,
what is happening actually?
Is it a CloudAeris fic?
Forget I asked, by the way, I'm dying to know what happens next.
Will be really looking forward to the next chapter.
Aeris Gainsborough chapter 2 . 1/7/2003
That's soo cool! Write more, okies? )
Krisy chapter 2 . 9/26/2002
cool fic, it would be cool if tifa wuz with rufus, the fic is a lil confusing... but its good overall.
A person you dunno chapter 1 . 2/25/2002
it totally sucks and its way confusing...
ff7 freak chapter 2 . 2/23/2002
please update soon! i've been waitng 4 a while! ugh! i have 2 know what happens! ur stroy is so interesting. do u like Rufus/Tifa together?
krystalclear chapter 2 . 2/13/2002
arg... guess you like TifaRufus, huh? well, that's fine... nice beginning, keep it up.
ff7 freak chapter 2 . 2/13/2002
please write more! i've been waiting 4 a whil update, and Rufus was the one to threaten Tifa? the shame, and what would he want with barret? please get the next chapter out soon.
Vwoila chapter 1 . 2/10/2002