Reviews for Courting Spazzes
Guest chapter 6 . 6/9/2014
OanDuress chapter 6 . 8/4/2012
This was such a sweet story, I loved it! Great job.
KBZ chapter 4 . 12/31/2011
This is so cute. Abe and Mihashi's awkward-adorableness; and Hania and Tajima's lusty-turned-love thing going on.
Saphira Eliante chapter 1 . 6/19/2011
I approve.
shii san chapter 6 . 12/2/2010
:))))))))))) awesomez
bree-marie chapter 1 . 8/16/2010
Dude. You write Tajima so effing well. I was dying from laughter the entire time. xD
Jesyen chapter 6 . 8/4/2010
oh my gawd, this was so AWESOMELY DONE

big A for the report card :D
hustsu chapter 6 . 7/23/2010
wow, this is great!

I really like the smoothly feeling when I read your story.( or is it just me? )
StrawberryPanicthedisco chapter 6 . 6/18/2010

"Tajima-san, where are big brother Azusa's pants?"

loved this fic! one of the best i've ever seen! :D
ChOFee chapter 6 . 6/14/2010
Geniouses. Did I mention how much I love you guys? *DAWW*
ChOFee chapter 5 . 6/14/2010
You know, in my country we have a saying that translates to Two idiots a pair(like in couple). or something like that. But that's what comes to mind about Abe and Mihashi (and the towel ROFL). I love you guys.
ChOFee chapter 2 . 6/14/2010
You've just violated my last remaining shard of innocence. Dudes and Disney... and from all the Disney movies you could choose from it's Lady and the Tramp, my favorite... OMYGOD. Bye-bye, my beloved last shard TT_TT ROFL Your Tajima's priceless btw. And Mihashi and Abe are just pure AWWWWWWW.
RyukoVulpix chapter 3 . 6/3/2010
A thousand times love for this. :D Your Mihashi is adorable and your Tajima is... Tajima. I especially like the dialogue and the back-and-forth between the two stories. Guh, Mihashi XD
GoldenVXN chapter 6 . 6/3/2010
LOL that was a cute story!
GNDragon74 chapter 6 . 5/24/2010
OoO! what a way to end it! lol I can't wait for the next chapy! I want to know what happenes
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