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TheQueenOfScouts chapter 37 . 2/28/2014
Fantastic story. Loved every bit of it!
Geminii524 chapter 37 . 7/29/2012
Ah, me! It’s been so long since my last review. I had such high hopes to continue with my per-chapter review, but work and RL has just sucked up most of my leisure time and the delay would be indefinite. The improvements you made to Alice herself and the revised situations Alice and Hatter and her father find themselves in were riveting! You kept to the general story, but added so much more depth. I just wanted more and more! Alice and Hatter were so sexy together. If the movie was not going to give us that, then my hat is off to you for providing it for our reading pleasure! Superbly written! It’s one of my top favs and permanently installed on my Kindle. Thank you!

PS: I would so love for you to continue with Hatter on a Hellmouth. It was off to such a startling start! Is your muse still with you?
Geminii524 chapter 26 . 1/1/2012

“She didn't even scream when she fell…” Oh, that scene on the ledge was heartbreaking! Hatter, Jack and Carpenter all screaming for Alice, who toppled over and was lost over the cliff edge. Hatter is just torn to bits with guilt and agony (very well written!) I am SO glad you did not leave us hanging as to what Alice’s fate was *whew*. My brain was riveted on reading it all, really fast! The boys, now that’s a different story, how long will they have to suffer?

I liked seeing how they each handled their grief in different ways. Hatter is in black despair, but feeling that Alice would not want him to give up on the mission. Robert grabbing a gun and resorting to violence – wow, didn’t expect that! Jack – well, plans foiled, taken prisoner. Will he step up to the plate or wimp out?

Lol – Alice just cannot catch a break with her choice of outfits. First, it’s the blue dress and boots that she is forced to run around wonderland in. Not exactly meant for the task. Now it’s a skimpy Diamond dress and high heeled boots – again not something one would choose for fighting in.

The fight with Mad March, Alice and Hatter was rock-m-sock-m good! Alice finally has a real appreciation for Hatter’s sledgehammer.

Then this - "You…" he began, his voice weak and threaded with so many emotions, "you…I thought…you're…alive?" He swallowed heavily, his entire body shaking slightly. Sooo well written! I got a little misty reading all the emotion in it!
CJaMes12 chapter 27 . 12/21/2011
Once More with Feeling! Love that episode. It came to mind again when you mentioned the building 'combusting' , from the demons song.
Geminii524 chapter 21 . 10/26/2011
Holy cow! You didn’t just topple Alice off a cliff in front of Hatter horrified eyes did you? Yes, it seems you did! My jaw is on the floor! You know, I don’t do well with heights either and this scene with Alice teetering on the edge made my palms sweat! Jeez, that was just terrifying and awful and crazy! Your muse is indeed evil. How in the world will you fix this?
Geminii524 chapter 20 . 10/26/2011

Charlie’s story was so sad and tragic both in the movie and here. He has been carrying around the guilt for over 100 years. I thought Alice made an important observation:

"There is a time for leaping into battle and going out in a blaze of glory, trust me. But there's also a time to know when you're on the losing end of a fight. A dead Slayer doesn't help anyone and neither does a dead White Knight. If you survive, you're alive to fight another day."

So the Cheshire finally lets the cat out of the bag – so to speak, and reveals her task. No wonder Alice feels overwhelmed! I think Alice’s #1 rule: “Don’t die” would definitely be an advisable tactic to follow here.

*Yay* a Kiss! – so glad you tucked one in! I think Hatter was going to explode if you didn’t find an outlet for him soon - lol! Your explanation of condoms and STDs to poor Hatter’s shocked senses was priceless!

Now to that damn Mad March – He should just have a stamp of “evil one” there on his forehead. Dang – slicing Alice’s cheek with his knife, then slamming her head on the cement. I just might take up swearing because of all this mayhem! Oops – I already did! You left Alice and Jack in quite a pickle, although alot more battered than how the scene played out in the movie. Have to say, your version is way more exciting :)
GravekeeperBat chapter 9 . 10/25/2011
Oh this is interesting! I try to hold off on commenting on a finished story until I finish reading it but I couldt help but notice your comment about not working in a Harry Potter ref yet.

If you think about it, the comment she made about hoping there wasn't a giant squid in the lake could easily have been an HP reference - in fact thats what I thought of first.
Geminii524 chapter 16 . 10/19/2011

I guess I’m just drawn to phrases that really pull you in and come alive. This is one of my favs so far: “His aptly named Sledgehammer had appeared during his prickly, awkward adolescent stage when he was shuffling his boyish form for that of the man he would later become.” Aahh, puberty, what an awkward, confusing time!

Charlie just gives me a chuckle! He never called Hatter by his name. I just loved that line of his: "Call it what you will, but, in time, you will see that I am the true paladin here and you are merely a harbinger!"

OMG. Wonderland is certainly NOT a kid’s story! With Alice and her suicidal plan to save the resistance (and Hatter) and Mad March juiced up beyond belief with a knife at her throat, and the Tweedle’s Truth Room torture chamber where they plan to crack her open and see what she ahs inside. (Btw, I like your Truth Room better. Hatter really has to walk thru Alice’s memories to get to her and he gets an all important glimpse of her family.)

I loved your last paragraphs in Ch XV. Hatter contemplating his feelings for Alice – no other way around it and no use denying it, he is in love pretty dang deep with that Oyster. *claps* Yay!
Geminii524 chapter 10 . 10/19/2011
Vll, Vlll, lX, X The Jabberwock scene took a decidedly different turn with Alice as a Slayer! I guess a Slayer wouldn’t run from a fight if she stood a chance of pounding that thing into the ground. Good-O! Then being almost skewered in the pit! Yikes! Poor Hatter is just so distressed by the ripped dress and the blood. And she wants a bath? That’s just perfect!

Oh, poor Hatter - The world stopped and it was both “wonderful and dreadful” for Hatter and he looked at her with “that look”. He went and done fell for Alice! Seems Alice is having some trouble concentrating on Jack now, when she is busy staring at Hatter’s dashingly messy hair. *grins*

Appreciate the Slayer explanation for Hatter. It helped me out too!

Thanks for talking out Alice’s inner turmoil of taking the ring or not. We all know Alice left the ring in the Kingdom. She made a hard sacrifice - leaving it for Hatter and the greater good.

Oh! I like this mysterious version of the Cheshire! He had such a minor role in the movie, I have to think so much of his part was edited out, because Wonderland needs a Cheshire! He provides some good back story, but to me he could spell real trouble. I’m gonna keep my eyes open.
Geminii524 chapter 7 . 10/3/2011
IV, V, VI Ahh, here we go – my favorite part! Hatter swivels around and meets Alice. Lol – Love how his brain is fogged up by her overflowing emotions and attractive very-wet-dressiness and he is powerless to stop himself from jumping right in to help her. You would think this would give him pause: “Well, he stood corrected on his assumption about the girl being borderline reckless. She had just demolished the border completely”. (love your writing!) I was tickled by the subtle signs of interest blooming between them (not that they actually realize it yet - hehehe).

OMG, what Alice did to Dodo! Lifting him above her head and slamming him on the desk. That was a great take off on the original. I was waiting for that point where Hatter is completely astonished by her abilities and that was it. “Any other super powers you might be hiding under that dress?” *snicker* Hatter’s from Wonderland after all, he’s used to strange things, so I guess that is just part of her appeal.
Geminii524 chapter 4 . 10/3/2011
I, II, III I’ve never seen a Buffy episode, so I was hesitant to start down this path, but Alaina D gave a recommendation, so I thought I would give it a whirl. I am always on board for a well written Alice fic and this is proving to be a rockin’ story!

Appreciate the background story and the glimpse of Alice as a Slayer. Musings on Jack Heart – “there was something about him that set him apart from her former boyfriends” –yeah, ya think? Lol. Thank you for explaining the odd outfit Alice chose for her dinner with Jack. I know it’s supposed to be an homage to the original Alice, but I thought it was just such a weird choice.

Loved the way Alice launched her hardcore Slayer self on white rabbit lapel guy. She doesn’t have a whole lot of patience “I am not some helpless damsel in distress”, except for the fear of heights part. Poor thing, that will be a problem in Wonderland!
DragonRose4 chapter 37 . 9/16/2011
Okay yeah, I do hate ya for that ending. I understand about the never-ending story though. They will get away from you.

I also love the companion piece with the smut. You write it very well with no silly words to take the place of cock, pussy, or semen. Very refreshing! :P

I am interested to see what canon characters would pop up, especially if you are gonna drag the Angel crowd into it. I love Lorn and Fred! And who could guess Wesley would stop stuttering and turn deadly. Hotness! Can't wait for the sequel.
DragonRose4 chapter 27 . 9/14/2011
'Once more, with feeling' a title to one of my favorite Buffy episodes. Love the musicals!
quoththeraven5 chapter 37 . 8/7/2011
this was a fantastic story I loved it!
helikesitheymikey chapter 37 . 7/9/2011
why do I get the feeling that they should have set it to 12:01 instead of 12:00? I mean he's gonna end up there at midnight isn't he?

wonder how long it'll be until Robert learns about the beasties...wonder how Carol has coped in that week or so...and just where everyone is living...because I'm not sure Hatter will REALLY want to let his prospective dad-in-law bunk with him since his and Alice's quality time would be shot.

Alice gonna pull some strings so her dad can get help adjusting to the current world?

totally enjoyed this story and I believe I'll definitely stick around for the sequel...even though I know zip about the Buffy-verse

the sequel will have more lemon offshoots right?

and I SO wanna see her telling Hatter just what the preventative measures to keep girls from getting pregnant there are...definitely think she should tell him in the off chance they don't work out(VERY unlikely of course)...OR if she gets killed or something...wouldn't be fair to leave him vulnerable to some girl trying to get pregnant with his kid or something.

see ya in the sequel! or any of the lemon offshoots for the series!
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