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guest chapter 2 . 9/24/2016
loved it. the middle was a little drag but in the end bam! it was really a nice end. bitter sweet and it could not ave been better.
vaetta chapter 2 . 9/8/2015
I must admit, you had me crying for a while there. But, despite him losing the baby, I was still smiling at the end. Your writing is fantastic, and you handled the whole situation with an honesty that made it quite raw for the reader, but in a good way. Awesome job!
sachesan chapter 2 . 6/18/2015
Fuck, this is bad for my eyes. *ugly sobbing*
Kazuri chapter 2 . 5/12/2015
Just wanted to drop another review! I totally adore this and I am so looking forward to a sequel or something haha! Oh great Nariko-sama please hear my plea~ XD
When are you coming back to update Wedding Vows or to write a sequel for this (?) :))
Awesome stories. Love to read them all over again!
Kazuri chapter 2 . 4/21/2015
This is like the nth time I've reread this fic but I can't help it!I love Nariko's stories! They're absolutely spectacular. They deserve more attention and reviews which is why I'm doing this. :)
Things to look forward to in the story:
1. Sweet Yuuram moments and cuddles
2. A very in love Yuuri (mind you, not OOC just whipped haha)
3. Concerned and adorable Gwendal (put Gwen and a yarn together, doesn't that say it all? Haha)
4. WOLFRAM. Need I say more? Just gotta love this blond prince with stunning emerald eyes :3
The version of Wolf in this story is someone who has toned down a bit after years of marriage. That is exactly what I expected considering that the love Yuuri showed him over the years finally gave him a sense of security and filled the void in his heart. No worries though chicas, he's still got that fiery spark we all love about him. XD So he's not OOC he was just you know, ermmm a little bit tamed? :D
5. Spot on expression of the character's feelings ( my heart suffered and rejoiced along with the characters. Too much feels in this story TT ;A; )
7. The puppy ( just because I love puppies haha. Nah, it was a nice touch to the story :3)
6. Author's writing style
One thing I love about Nariko is the way she writes. So clever and good. From the plot to the character portrayals. Everything is perfect. She's officially one of my fav authors already. :)
Her writing style is direct and vivid however, it's not lacking the appropriate amount of adjectives and elegance which is enough to make your imagination run wild. You can picture each scene clearly in your mind.
I personally hate writers who use unnecessary flowery words for so many reasons and I'd rather not go there. Haha
Although I'm not an expert in the English language because I'm not a native speaker and English is just my third language, I still do not tolerate stories with bad grammars, poor sentence construction, crappy organization of ideas, and whatnot.
What I'm saying is, one of the things I love about this fic is that it's very well-written. :)
A praise-worthy story must be given praise, then we must give this fic plenty of it.
Hats off to Nariko. Thank you for creating such wonderful stories. I don't always leave reviews for fanfics be it this fandom or not. But when I happen to fall in love with one, I would take time to write a review for it. :D
My heart is screaming for more and for sequels but hey no pressure *wink wink* haha
But if you'll be able to spare some time, please be so kind as to accommodate our requests hahaha
Looking forward to more of your creations. :)

I understand that MPreg is not everybody's cup of tea so I won't force you to appreciate this piece of art if you hate the idea of Wolfram being pregnant so much. But I'll have you know that MPreg is made for KKM. Hahahaha
It's undeniably absurd in so many ways but I can just see it coming to life at Shin Makoku. Hohoho
Oh the things Yuuram does to me. Just gotta love a Yuuram baby flesh and blood (hello, Adalrik) and Wolfie being round with Yuuri's child is something worth dying for! I wanna see! For Shinou's effin sake! Just what wouldn't I give to see that? (*3*)

Thank you for the great read, Nariko. Sending you hugs and kisses! 3 :3

Someone you made very happy with your stories
Kazuri chapter 2 . 4/1/2015
I wanted them to have the baby too. I was praying along with Wolfram. "baby,please be okay, please" Uwaaaa my poor heart. Torn to pieces. I hate to admit it but I also think it was unfair. Not even being able to hold their baby. :'(
Well-written. It's like the author has brought me into the story. My imagination is running wild. I can picture every scene clearly. Too much feels. Well-expressed. A realistic (not sure if this is the right word but oh well haha) Mpreg story with all those genetics and demon anatomy at hand. I really, reaaaaally, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally did hope they would be given a chance to be parents though. I hoped that the child was born but hey, why not try and try until you succeed. Hoho. If you would ever write a sequel or something, please let them have their own baby and not just an adopted one. :)
Anyways, what I'm saying is, I loved this fic. Hats off! ))
mayshy chapter 2 . 3/16/2014
i am not one to cry and this one made me tear up! it was so sad, yet nice.
incielum chapter 2 . 6/10/2013
My heart broke - the miscarriage. BEFORE Yuuri confirmed it himself. Wow. Just. Wow. In the end, I had mixed emotions of how the story closed. I was both happy and sad that you didn't go for the fairytale ending wherein Wolfram gets pregnant again and is successful in carrying him/her. However, I also very much appreciate how you slowly allowed the characters to cope with the situation. And the puppy. The puppy was a beautiful touch. It was so real.

More than everything I've said, I love how fluid your writing was. It was very easy to get through the fic without being overwhelmed by the simplicity or being bored with it. With that, I thank you for the great read.
mofalle chapter 2 . 12/29/2012
This was well written. Miscarriage is a hard topic to write about, I think you did a good job with portraying people's emotions. I liked the brotherly relationship between Wolfram and Gwendal. I haven't found many fics showing Gwendal as a supportive big brother. I liked that he knitted items for the baby and gave them to Wolfram. I liked how you focused on both Yuuri's and Wolfram's pain and made them different.
tk04 chapter 2 . 11/1/2012
I really like this story. To be honest i want more but at the same time how you end is not bad. It cute. I mean i am happy that it have a happy ending even though they lost the baby. Thank you for not rushing the ending like most people do.
Wolfram99 chapter 2 . 7/22/2012
That was a fantastic story, but it would make me even happier if you switch things a bit. Like say Yuri got Wolfram the puppy first and it died somehow, but then he got pregnant and they had a healthy son/daughter. I would have liked that a lot more. However, it was well written and I'd enjoy reading it.
shie0917 chapter 2 . 4/29/2011
omg~ this is such a great story on "real" issues of life. i actually had a miscarriage a few years ago, so i related to wolfram perfectly! this will def be a story i will be coming back to many times more!
Yuu13 chapter 1 . 3/23/2011
My god, this story is awesome, beautiful and so sad at the same time! Thank you so much for writing this!

But I still wish the baby would have been born.. btw, what happened to Greta?

Is the plot going to be different and be their adopted child? That would be cute~
Mrs Hatake Itachi chapter 2 . 1/18/2011
I love this, I love the way you portray Wolfram, The feeling he had when he had lost the baby, and Yuuri confusion on what to do to help the one he love to cope at the same time trying to be strong and cope himself. Hope there's a sequel to this. And hopefully this time, they would be bless with another baby of their own. alive and healthy.
Anabelle xD chapter 2 . 9/4/2010
That was just so sad ): And i was looking forward for a family scene too! As depressing as that was i really like your stories and i love how you just finish them in one post so i wont have to wait for updates xD Your like my new favorite author now. Please write more fics and try not to make Wolfram cry :)!
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