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ilzehs chapter 10 . 6/28/2011
You called the entry 'Valentine Crap'? Really? Lol. It was like so totally the opposite. Far from anything that's even close to crap. Absolutely a wonderful mixture of sweetness, saddness, emotion, angst & love. & you just have this ability to write things in such a stunning way...they never fail to get the right emotion outta me.

Man Enough;

Ehm...Where to start now? Okay..I don't think it'll surpise you to know that Miz/Adam was my absolute fav out of all. I was just wanting someone to write Miz/Adam in a sensible way & you did just that. Your take was WONDERFUL. It makes me love you more & more everyday to know how well thought every single thing is in your work. This 'man enough' theory works PERFECTLY here, & surprisingly I kinda see Miz/Adam...& sometimes Randy/Adam that way too. Its like what you would expect from a guy like Adam. Adam may be a sex kitten but he's a babe with a lot of standards. You gotta spoil him & earn the right to touch that beauty. He's a special guy, & you completely were spot on with his character here.

OMG LOL...I love your Miz...He's like...So damn believeable even in just few phrases. You study your guys brilliantly & conceive perfectly everything. The way he was so blunt with Adam amused the shit outta him. That's exactly what I would expect from him. & Adam..that high-maintance little doll...Gawd he's so precious.

I LOVED that! Miz still not getting the point & smacking Adam's precious butt...kissing him like that...& Lol...Adam slapping him...WHY CAN I SEE IT LIKE IT REALLY HAPPENED? If Miz/Adam ever happened, they happened this way. Btw, fuck...I just pictured this scene & it was amazingly sexy. Sans the slapping Miz's face part ;P

Oh Adam...We know you likes to submit...But classfully. He's a classy bitch ;)

I Awwwwww'ed for straight 5 minutes. That was one of the cutest thing ever I read with Miz. He's trying, & Adam's finally giving him a chance. Hehe, Adam telling Mizzie to leave his gifts alone was precious. This was beyond adorable & leave me with wanting more. Hopefully someday you'll have some sweet Miz/Adam to write.

Rose Torture;

Fuck. This broke my heart. Also reminded me just how much you are powerful with your angst. You made me feel Jeff's pain. & I loved how Matt wasn't over the top. Jeff was written beautifully. Like a man. God...I wish more people would give him a chance like this.

Ah as much I love Jay/Adam...Poor Jeff didn't deserve this. But then they always say, Love hurts. Guess it does.

Cold & Bitter;

This was so sad...So intense. & you know I love Jay/Jeri as long as Jay's personality is not destructed. I felt so bad for both of them. I dunno if I could blame Jay for doing that to Chris...Adam is a guy that would grasp your soul as well as your heart...But Jeri didn't deserve that. & the ending was so cruel, yet so real. I loved it. & I love your intelligence.

Ugh...You have no idea how much I despise Miz as a rape victim. I cannot swallow him written as a bitch cuz he's not that...nothing suggest that. Specially when people make a bottom like Adam rape Miz, it sound & look over the top idiotic. I'm glad you have a sense of characterization which is a key to quality writing.

Anyways, wonderful gift baby. Although it contained sadness, but it was only a sign of quality writing. Thank you so much *hugs*
AdamEdgeCopeland4Evaaa chapter 1 . 6/26/2011
ohemgee lyk i luvd thiz chaptar. i lyk luv da way u write ur chrctarz. 3
takers dark lover chapter 10 . 3/16/2011
Man Enough.

I thought this was sweet and cute. Mike was so determined to get Adam to say yes. He would try anything. And it worked.

Rose Torture.

This one was very sad poor Jeff had his heart broken. I don't like when Jeffy gets hurt. He kept silent about his feelings just so Adam could be happy.

Cold & Bitter

This was another sad one. Jay broke Chris and not just his heart. Jay should have left Chris alone if he couldn't love him like that. He was just being seflish and it ruined Chris.

I think you did a wonderful job writing thses. I'm looking forward to read many more of them.
redsandman99 chapter 10 . 2/14/2011
Great chapter!
Esha Napoleon chapter 10 . 2/14/2011
BlackDiamonds.32.20.54 chapter 10 . 2/14/2011
I hate Valentines day, I just don't like it. I don't like what it stands for but I love these pieces of work that you wrote. I laughed at the fact that Adam was making Miz prove that he was 'man enough'. SO funny.

And the Jeff loosing Adam so sad. Makes you want to hug him and give him his TNA belt to cuddle, LOL. Can't wait for you to write more.
takers dark lover chapter 9 . 12/18/2010
Very cute I enjoyed it very much.
GrandpasGuitars chapter 9 . 12/18/2010
That was so adorable. Especially the explanation over Wiggles. I love it
ToruKun1 chapter 9 . 12/8/2010
I was freaking out when I saw you added a new chapter to this AWESOME compilation and I was super stoked to see some E&C shipping~!

That bit about Edge smelling/tasting like raspberries..."tart, yet sweet?" Reminds me of the manga Marmalade Boy...I guess this makes Addy a RASPBERRY BOI~~! XD

This also reminds me of a Brood/New Brood slash fic I read a while back that had Christian smelling/tasting like strawberries, so Edge being all raspberry-ish only makes sense~! They compliment each other in their fruity-ness, ROFLMAO.


Both Addykins and our dearest Jay-Jay were acting like teases, and this fic was in itself a meta-tease~! First off, the freaking out about vampires thing was SUPER CUTE and Adam fretting/fantasizing about being hypnotized/lured into getting his blood sucked by some Nosferatu-looking mother fucker was VERY EROTIC TO ME, MURR-HURR (now I'm longing for some kind of Addy-related vampire fic where he's the victim).

Second off, WE NEED SPANKEN DAMMIT...I think YOU were the one who wrote that four-way with Edge/Randal/Juff/Fatt where they pulled up Addy's thong and spanked him? I'M LONGING FOR MOAR...and it would be great and grand and glorious if his not-brother-from-another-mother Jay-Jay punished him in such a manner...X3

Third off, the last bit was so good that I'm also looking forward to maybe some HARDCORE, ALL THE WAY E&C buttsecks...RIDE THAT DICK, EDGY-SMEDGY! (and Jay teasing him as being a big-time whore back in high school was hi-larious!)

The Supernatural references kinda gave me douche-chills and took me out of the story a smidgen, but only because it came off like a pepperjack cheese/chop suey fan-fic where you like name-droppan' your favorite things (and I'm not particularly a fan of Supernatural for my own person all reasons that I don't want to wank about right now...although I'mma just say E&Cest Wincest! XD).

Finally, thank you for actually replying to my reviews in your author's note! I wasn't expecting that, actually! _
Rhiannamator chapter 9 . 12/7/2010
Best pairing ever: Etc/Adam... LOL! Such a slut. Smh.

I have to admit, for about 5 min i sat there and thought about Adam smacking his lips in his sleep. It's such a cute image. Aw, everything's so cute! Dreaming of surfing, his heavy eyes and snuggling into his pillow. I just wanna cuddle him.

The first thing i thought about when he started thinking vampires was 'Salem's Lot. Silly Adam, he knows better than to read horror comics before bed!

Rats! Hahaha!

"Not too?" Adam answered smally." Again, wants to cuddle him. Gawd i love it when he's all cute and drama queen-y. And you are the master of writing him so.

Aw, Jay-Jay, how could you kick that precious ass out of your bed? "It wouldn't want you anyway. You'd just annoy it to death and it'd return you.. in fact, it may pay me to take you back." Jay quipped dryly." *giggles* Haha, mean ol'Jay, such a tease. And a pillow fight, lulz!

"He'd never tell Adam that he enjoyed it, but that's how it was." "Adam would never admit that he enjoyed it, but that's how it was." I read these two paragraphs over and over again, just reveling in the beautiful parallels you outlined. The way they both love each other and want to be close, finding excuses to do it and too timid to come out and say it. Major luffs.

Oohhhh yeeaaahhh. Jay DEF needs to give naughty little Adam a good spankin. Imma sit here a while and imagine what it would lead to.

Aw, it's okay, Jay. I still sleep with a stuffed puppy. And yeah, i do remember reading in several places that Adam's allergic to cats. Of course, i am, too and i've got 2 of 'em... Yup. Excuses, excuses, Adds.

"See, you're lying again through those big ass teeth of yours. We'll see." Told you! And he does have big teeth. They drive me a little wild. Big, sharp white teeth just made to bite and snarl with... Grrrrr. *shiver*

Jay... purr... spank... rubbing crotch into... *thuds*

Adam... mounting... fuck brains out... riding... *thuds and dies*

"No. Ew. You're ugly and gross." This, of course, was a damned lie." ROFL! I read that last sentence as so dry, i'm still giggling.

Daaaang, Adam gets around, LOL! Of /course/ the wrestling team! But SQUEE! Yes, he was just Jeffy's little whore, LMAO! Always will be.

Mmmm, kissers. xD And yes, best surprise in the history of ever! xD

Hehe, raspberries. I totally condone this use of our conversations. xD

I find it unspeakably adorable that the kitty Jay sleeps with is named after him. I have this one fic in my proof box where Jeri finds out that Adam sleeps with one of those Jeff Hardy teddy bears the WWE put out a few years ago. Still kicking myself for not buying one. Anyway(sorry, quick ramble),just the fact that Jay sleeps every night cuddled up to something that reminds him of Adam, again just wanting to be close and never admitting it. Makes me all melty. Hehe, and of course he knows about Adam's wiggle!

Oh hey, thanks for the props! When i first read it, i was all 'Awww, she used the raspberries line! Luffs!' and i was just glad i could be a teeny part of inspiring you. But the props let me know you appreciate our twitter convos as much as i do. And yes, totally got the 'Salem's Lot vibe, lol!

I swear babe, with every new chap you become more adept with your wordsmithing. You were seriously on the ball with this one. And i totally needed a bit of fluffy sweetness what with the heaviness of the fics i've really been immersed in. Not that i don't love Figment (b/c OMG I DO SO MUCH) but it's nice to have these little breaks. Thank you! *snugs and luvs*
Esha Napoleon chapter 9 . 12/6/2010
ilzehs chapter 9 . 12/5/2010
*Sniffles* Terrah, that was one of the most adorable thing I have ever read *Hugs*. I am being this sentimental over a light-themed piece cause for so long, SO long I have waited and wanted someone to write this kind of fluffy Jay/Adam goodness. After 'Figment' I really needed it too so I could be reminded that Jay still loves his Addy.

Their friendship is one thing I adore beyond words, and my mind don't accept that Jay never looked at Adam that way (if you know what I mean ;). I miss reading Edge like this too. Where he can be a cute playful or dramatic little doll with others being equally playful and teasing towards him. You are really winning me over with E&C pairing as well after Jedam. You just write them together beautifully. As friends, lovers, whatever. I am enjoying your work lately more than ever. You are giving me some of the best Jedam and E&Cest slash wonders. I have never been this high on either of the pairings before, lately I can't think about Edge being without either of the guys.

Also, I just got done reading 'Giggles & Shit' latest chapter too and I totally got it again. Your characters dimensions according to their partners have been really impressing me too. Jay was so fucking entertaining in that fic, but main reason was he was paired up with Matt. This fic contained a Jay that I love and prefer the most when written with Adam. With Adam, he has to be this way. This feels natural. Adorable. Awesome.

One of my favorite scenario in slash is seeing Adam being spoiled by his friends and lovers. Its just Adam is one of a kind who would hold everyone's eyes and affection. He is just that pretty. Even his dorkiness is adorable. This chapter kinda took me back to Randy/Adam's friendship showcased in 'Sadistic Desires'. Hehe, sexual attraction being concealed by naughtiness and playful teasing.

Hehe, in my mind, Jeff's lap belong to Addy's ass. Forever. (Duh, or Randy. Don't know, Randy's lap and Addy's ass fit naturally too *Shrugs*) Either way, its Edge's seat. Awww...did you notice your Edge muse is also kinda a prude lately? Hehe, pet him Jeffy *giggles* Addy's so petable and when he purrs and melts under Jeff's touch...*shudders with delight*

Lol, when I saw your tweet about Jay/Adam fluff, I started biting my nails until I saw this and sighed with relief. I wouldn't have been able to resist the teaser over night hehe. By the way, the teasing pairings just had me giggling like an idiot. So many favorites of mine, and even mentions of them will entertain me.

HAHA! OMG, I think I told you before that a drama queen Addy is my favorite Addy? Also, his habits of watching horror flicks and reading horror novels despite being warned always make me giggle. Such a naughty little brat and always shriek like a girl in fear *giggles*. If only he would start listening..I specially LOL'ed hard at Adam cowering under the 'safety' of covers. I do that too and it always feel so stupid. Covers are not gonna save you *snorts*

*Doubled over with laughter*...*actually fall out of chair with the intensity*...*blinks*...*reads again*...Ok, Jay's reaction was like the fucking A and Z of hilarity. LOL, really I never knew rats could be THAT big *rolleyes*. LOL, even more hilarious, Jay hurt Addy's feelings. Adam is seriously the most adorable thing in this entire world. Him pouting comes second...and AWWW..him batting his eyes cutely just take over the first place. He is really such a queen and so absolutely cute. Hehe, if I knows better, he just wanna gets some huggles and Jay's protection for funs and amusements ;) Also, whinny Addy like this too amuse me to no ends. Why I can so see Addy like this, I have no idea.

LMAO! Jay, that was just wrong LOL. You don't say that to the pretty dramatic blonde, he'll throw a girly fit! Hehe, but that was so funny. See what I say when I tell you, there are always new things coming into your writing no matter how much you write. It never gets boring or repetitive. I loved Jay playfully insulting Addy's pretty existence too hehe. Awww and Addy getting hurt at Jay's statement and whacking him up with a pillow was just adorable...he should never ever question why we call him a girl. Ever.

I am loving this take on Jay/Adam. Jay being cocky and playful with Adam. Teasing him, but deep inside wanting him as much. Also I am sure he would go on all measure to make sure his Addy is well protected. Hehe, and yes, a frightened Addy is absolutely cutest...Addy needing protection is so likely of him.

Hah, see? No one can resist that long legged temptation. Who wouldn't love to have Addy crawl up in their bed needing to be held? Jay has got the hots for his doll hehe. Tell Addy, it might lead to something sexy ;)

Awe, be a gentleman Jay will ya? You are talking to the prettiest babe on the planet and you don't tell him to take the couch *Scowls* Hehe, Addy craves Jay's arms and snuggling too? Aren't these two so totally adorable trying to play dumb? I love how Addy is written here. One of the most entertaining and cute irritated Addy ever. Jay you idiot...take the hint!

*Drools* Will get you...spanked...*twitches*...he already used bad language...he has earned a spanking Jay! Please...OMG, terrah, I love you.

Fuck...YES, Jay would so love to spank your pretty little spankable ass Addy...*shudders*..Damn...THIS IS LOVES! My mind just exploded with images of Jay giving Adam a spanking than it leading to one thing and another and than...Fuck, I am in heaven.

Hehe, Addy's slut for Jay-Jay..little shit is so enjoying Jay pressing to him. Oh and did I mention, Jay spooning Adam is fucking sexy and absolutely cute as hell image? I am so loving this!

LOL, yeah I am sure Jay likes Addy all pretty...isn't Addy such a tease hehe. I am loving their conversation here. So playful, so teasing. Addy so want Jay to try something here. He is just asking for it ;)

I actually read in a Q&A session somewhere which I think was an authentic source that Adam is allergic to cats. I am not sure though, with as much close him and Jay are and the cats that occupy Jay's house, its strange.

"Another lie. You really.. really.." Jay purred. "Need. A. Nice. Hard. Spanking."

*Dies*...fuck, YES Jay...Please...fuck, he really... really... need a nice hard spanking via your hands. Oh baby...this is giving me such dirty thoughts I might loose myself. Jay spanking Adam is such a wondrous image...YUMMERS! Now I really, REALLY wanna see it written...and I mean, badly.

*Drools* Jay grinding into Addy's ass like that and teasing him..Oh GWAD, you are making my head spin in sheer delight with these gorgeous images. What I am loving the most is they are just best friends here. Being teased by your lover is one thing, Addy's prettiness deserve him getting teased by even his friends hehe.

HAHA! Yes, Adam's Jay's bitch. I like the thought...makes me giggle. They are being so cute in this scene its hard to resist. LOL, Samantha comment made me laugh. I always love supernatural references.

'Adam smirked. "Then I'd mount you and fuck your brains out right here. I'd ride the fuck outta you. That man.. ohh, damn.." He shivered in delight.'

*drools* You dirty dirty little slut...fuck..he definitely deserve a spanking after this. Hehe, I absolutely ADORE this Addy. So dirty, such a tease. Poor Jay, he would be dying to be Dean after listening to that. But the image Adam has put in my mind now...its making me dizzy...Fuck..Adam ridding Dean... *Whimpers* fucking hot! Its heavenly..beautiful. Terrah, do you have any Dean/Adam future plans? If not, you should. Specially with Adam riding him..Damn, so hot!

Hah, trying to act all tough Jay-Jay? Haha, yeah, not into incest thing my ass! Can't they just fuck already? Its obvious Jay wanna pound that pretty ass and Addy wanna ride that dick...its needs to happen..Jay's trying to be prude now hehe. Trying to cover up his own dirty thoughts for Addy maybe? ;)

Hehe, yeah, Addy is too pretty and perfect. No one can argue there. LOLLLL! This many? Oh, Addy's ass can lure ANYone into his pants hehe. OMG, this is just too perfect and cute to be true.

Awww Addy your not a whore? I don't think so. Not after what you want to do to Dean if presented with opportunity LOL! HAHAHA! Addy will always be a Hardy whore..Jeffy whore more so ;) Its a universal fact now.

OMG, finally...Aww I am sure Adam is the sweetest thing he has ever tasted. Yummy make out session! Hehe, yes, I think Addy will taste like raspberries too. It makes sense LOL!

Hehe, yeah, Addy's a tramp...I love Jay teasing him like this so much. So fucking much! He is well aware of his Addy's slutty tendencies and is teasing the hell outta him making him all twitchy and damn cute!

HAHAHA...Oh god, I didn't even suspect when I read the stuffed cat's name at first. Wiggly Addy is just...*Purrs* If I am ever getting a cat, I am naming it wiggles too. I can't look at a cat from now on and don't get an image of Adam wiggling LOL!

Yes, HOW Jay? Haha, told ya, he got the hots for Addy's sweet ass!

I say Rih has the perfect definition for Addy's taste ;) You guys entertain the hell outta me with your amusing tweet chats!

Hehe, of course he watches! And who could blame him really?

Brilliant Terrah, just plain beautiful writing. You rock fluff like angst as well. You don't fail in any genre. This was my favorite Jay/Adam fluff ever! I absolutely adored Jay and Adam's respective characters. The playful nature of the chapter just melted my heart. Adam was plain beautiful and adorable. Jay, as arrogant as ever. Just the way I love them. Just the way they should be written together. I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY loved it to million pieces. Major hugs & kisses your way! Thank you so much love!

Also, special thanks for heavenly images and thoughts of Adam riding Dean and Jay giving Adam a Hard, nice spanking..I am gonna go and drool for a while.
redsandman99 chapter 9 . 12/5/2010
Great chapter!
ToruKun1 chapter 2 . 11/20/2010
Ah, some good ol' Rated RKO shipping...with pouty!childish!dumb blond!uke!Addy and exasperated yet enraptured!seme!Randal~~! _

I never really gave two sh*ts about sticky-ness kinks until do it very well! And the "oblivious Edge blows giant gum bubble and acts like a bo-tard" scenario reminds me of many a cartoon, but I can't remember one's a mish-mash of The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy and a dash of Spongebob...hmmm...interesting.
ToruKun1 chapter 7 . 11/20/2010

(I have ALSO had many a fantasy of Edge/Addy-bo-baddy in the shower...and usually he's jerking it :P)

I loved the overly-elaborate/erotic description of nekkid Addy, and I love how you write Juff's dialogue with all the smex and jibber-jabber, LOLZ.
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