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Fuchs the Hero chapter 1 . 10/21
Anneliese DA chapter 42 . 10/10
I absolutely loved this story! I completely fell in love with it and i believe that this is the best that a Shaw/oc story will ever be! It's such a damn shame you stopped writing. I knwo life can be hard to juggle but its so cruel to leave fans hanging! Anyway, i hope you write thr 43rd chapter and the chappies after that in order to appropriately finish this most amazingly wonderful fanfic soon!
Update chapter 42 . 9/25
It has been two years. And I need, nay, DEMAND you make a new chapter. Or I will release a pack of wolves on your loved ones. So update if you don't want me to release the hounds. You have two weeks to comply. Tick tock my dogs are hungry.

ps: Just kidding! But seriously update!
Fuchs the Hero chapter 42 . 9/16
I just read all of this yesterday and now I'm so sad! You haven't updated since 2013! Which is really my fault for not reading this sooner... I really enjoyed what I read though :). Thank you for writing this! I wish I would have read it before and commented when you would have actually read this. Thanks for the good read(even if there was an abrupt stop lol) :D
Eleanor Maison chapter 42 . 9/2
Please update as soon as you can, this book is AMAZING! haha Love you. X
She'sARealNowhereGirl chapter 42 . 7/27
Are you going to update ever again? I love this so much! :)
She'sARealNowhereGirl chapter 7 . 7/25
I think this is the best fan fiction I have ever read! :D
Lift the Wings chapter 42 . 7/24
I seriously love this story. I read it a while back, and just went back and read it all again. I'd love to see a new chapter!
Aaliyah chapter 42 . 6/15
There is a glory of a hero fan page on Facebook called "We love Glory of a hero"
Crowning Glories chapter 1 . 6/13
Okay, I need to be honest. This story crossed my mind about a few days ago, so I began to re-read it. I first watched the movie Glory in I was learning about the Civil War in U.S. History class, my 8th grade year, 2010/2011. I was never into history, or any other subject for that matter, I wasn't very academic. Glory changed my whole life, as silly has that sounds let me explain... This movie made me fall in love with history (the first class I enjoyed in school), which has translated to today, me majoring in History in college. Learning about the Civil War opened the door for me to other historical topics and periods, to again, fall in love over and over again. The spirit of the film, and the actual Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts. Now, about this story... I found it on a whim, I searched for Glory stories, assuming to film nothing, and was surprised to find a small, yet strong community. This story automatically clicked with me. Once again I fell in love, and got wrapped up in Alex's adventures. Adventures I have only day dreamed about. Through the funny moments, frustrating moments (Robert x Alex cough cough), and the inspirational moments, I read on and on. After a while, I slowly began to forget about the story in between updates, later coming back a year or so ago to see there was on new chapter up, chapter 42. And I read it and didn't think much of it, seeing that it was posted months earlier, I loss hope in another update. Fast forward to today, I not quit sure what brought me back to the 54th, maybe reflecting on high school as I prepared to graduate... I began to try to pinpoint when/what/why I even loved history so much, even after not taking a class my senior year. The 54th, this story. Now, lastly a message to the author, thank you. Thank you for this story and all the effort you put into it. I'm not sure where you are in life now, maybe still in school or with a demanding job, but if you see this comment and are wary on what to do, please let us know... Let us know what happened to Alex. I saw myself as Alex... Trust me I have thought up all different ways this tale could come to a close but it all means nothing in compare to the author's plan. Sorry for the looooooong comment and possible grammar errors. I ask, Spanish Sunrise, please come back, and continue your story. Not just for the readers or yourself... Do it for the 54th, bring glory to our heroes. -A
the-first-beast chapter 42 . 6/1
Shit bruh... when's the next update?
Eleanor Maison chapter 1 . 5/31
I love this book so far! Alex is so stumbly and awkward, I love her. X
Aberdeen chapter 42 . 5/27
Awesome! Can't wait for the update! I am so excited to see some more Alex and Robert moments! Love your story!
Guest chapter 42 . 5/7
Please, please, PLEASE UPDATE! I'm in love with this story! Your writing skills are amazing, you have a great sense of humor, and honestly reading this story was the best part of my day, it sounds sad but its true! So please please update you would make one person really happy!
Guest chapter 42 . 4/14
Please please please keep writing this! I love it!
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