Reviews for Bring Out Your Dead
Reader chapter 12 . 1/31
Oh. My. Fucking. Fickety. GOD!
I read this in one sitting, and I love love love adore it!
It's amazing! I really liked your take on Malfoy Manor, and all the creepy magic going nuts is brilliant, please please continue I really want to know if the house implodes or takes a new master!
chzhang689 chapter 12 . 1/18
PLEASE continue writing. I've read nothing like this before and i would be so grateful if you continued! There's too much unsaid and unfinished to stop now so please continue!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/13
please please please update, such an original story!
B chapter 12 . 1/2
This is great! I know it's been a couple of years, but I would love to know how this ends!
Guest chapter 12 . 7/4/2014
Well this is one of those tragic occasions when you find an amazing fic that hasn't been updated in 2 years. Still I have hope. I haven't even read hp fic for like 10 years but I couldn't resist the premise and even if it remains unfinished I'm glad I decided to check it out.
licha.s chapter 12 . 6/3/2014
great story! im loving this malfoy adventure. its been forever since the last update but i do hope you get to finish/update again soon.
Guest chapter 12 . 2/7/2014
This story is amazing! please update it!
ImUpToNoGood chapter 12 . 3/23/2013
Oh, no! It isn't complete!

I am enthralled by your stories.

Keep writing, I'll keep reading.

Musette Fujiwara chapter 12 . 3/22/2013
Will they manage to escape
HerminaWinston chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
I love this story! Remember stumbling across it a year or two ago and I immediately fell in love. Your plot and execution is so unique. Nothing like most of the other stuff being written for this fandom. Please finish it.
epona9009 chapter 12 . 2/8/2013
I've really enjoyed this fic so far. I see it's been a while since you've updated, so I hope this isn't abandoned I'd like to read the end of it. I find the house being alive quite fascinating and pretty believable for a old magically house. I would think they could summon a house elf though and get them to transport them. But I'm assuming you're just making that impossible since he told her to not return until Sunday. I don't fully understand why Draco wouldn't leave though using the port key. I know it was mentioned his mom was there in the house now, but I don't see why she would be stuck there. And anyway they could come back to the house with reinforcements even if they had left. So it's not completely logically. Still your writing is good and even with those I am able to get into it and want to keep reading. And I hope Draco goes a little more in-depth about what his father wrote as I am pretty curious what he said. And to think all this for money when his house (which is trying to kill him) is worth so much.
emllew chapter 12 . 1/4/2013
omg this is amazing!
amazing characterisation, amazing tension, incredible plot, has had me totally on edge!
really hope you continue this at some point 3
MissiAmphetamine chapter 12 . 12/26/2012
This is a great story - I'm loving it. Really well written and an awesome plot and Draco and Hermione are wonderfully in-character. I especially love Draco's often absurd thoughts. But argh! I must know what happens next! Need more chapters! :)
MissiAmphetamine chapter 1 . 12/26/2012
Oooh, I am amused and intrigued, and it's past 2am and I should really go to sleep...but I have to find out what happens next!
DZAuthor AKA DZMom chapter 12 . 12/15/2012
This is an insanely awesome story. You have me spellbound by every passage and narrow escape of death. The concept of a darkly magic house that will destroy its occupants is so fully fleshed out in your writing.

I look forward to reading about their latest corridor that gives them a brief respite from the house that will tear their cells apart like the bomb that split the atom. I've enjoyed their brief moments of hope that become yet more desperate as they realize that they will never, ever survive the man-eating house that has turned on its owners.

Draco's sense of being nothing if he forsakes his house-inheritance and his desperate attempt to find his mother (and his mother's "sister") is a promising to be a captivating journey ... considering he is a captive in his own home which now hates him as much as it hates Hermione. The handless salute by the blood-traitor ghost was a great symbol that Draco is not alone, but that he really has no hope of surviving his attempt to keep Hermione alive, as he'll soon be a ghost haunting the creepy manor, too.

You were right, several chapters back, in the idea that this woud be an awesome video game. You'd be a great game writer.

The horror and romance is so aptly fitting here. It is quite like a contemporary revival of gothic literature, in that two souls are confronted with their mortality and ungodliness, while they find a type of salvation in each other. The references to a Muggle god, baptism and sacrifice are apt, while maintaining canonical imagery of bones in water. Good thing those sacrificed Muggles weren't Inferi. Draco coming into his inheritance after being baptized in the sacrificial water, and their sense of being gods, is one of the themes I'll be watching for as you continue writing.

This is one of the stories that really needs an "extra-favorite" button, as favoriting it is not justified by the number of times that I "like"'a story and hit "favorite." This ranks equally with the fan fiction "Eden" on this archive, the Lucius/Hermione blood traitor romantic tragedy ... and it is the kind of tragedy that leaves a reader traumatized afterwards, just as fair warning, if you've never read it.

Thank you for sharing for writing on this archive. You're brilliant as a writer, and so I hope to one day read your published work. Yes, the elusive dream of fanfiction writers.
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