Reviews for Fio's Amazing Family Reunion and Vacation
MegaAuthor chapter 2 . 5/17/2010

I find it hard to believe that this fic could actually be worth while, you manage to descript Fio's family, how they live and humor secret they all share! The story is rather long, but it's worth it! Now if only it wasn't separate...

I fine it hard to believe that the weapon Flynn brought never been shown for Marco and the rest of his cohorts, their expression were worth while.

As for the shooting star wish, (look at your profile again) I say that will be hard to grant. D8

but the best part of all is the guards, they really enjoy themselves do they? Flynn does a cannonball and cause it to splash up a giant geyser the size of an 16-inch from the battleship gun! NOW THATS AWESOME!

Peace Forever... for now.
MegaAuthor chapter 1 . 5/15/2010
Hmm... over 30,000 words huh? Why separate though if its one-shot? Oh well.

It is pure hilarity that you place the team in a very funny spot; Flynn goes and play Doom with Marco despite that both are respected military officer, Leon and Eri backtalk together while remaining cool and Tarma went nuts when he heard Fio's dad is invited them all into a party till he accidentally hurting Leon without knowing, the list goes on and yet there is very little to say as per vacation, hence the title.

It's hard to believe that Eri kept a lot of explosive material in her tiny home, and that no law enforcement even bother her! I don't want to stay in a girls room filled with explosive, let alone as her to cook! (using Molotov as a source of fuel is bad; don't try this at home kids! _U)

Flynn... I have nothing to say for that guy. He's obsession on his awesome weapon is too much, bringing the deadly weapon to Germi's dad just to impress him. At least he wasn't an actual craze gun man who run around killing zom... wait never mind - he is craze gun man after all!

I feel sorry for Tarma; his prize bike was torch, ruined, all that hours working and tuning must have taken its toll! But still, unlike most character Tarma remain his cool, not out of place character (flynn goes all child like and Leon goes way overboard about his job), but running with a chainsaw is bad! Bad Tarma, Bad boy!

I could go on, but there is still more to be reveal. I just wish this story is actually whole and not separated, like any one-shot stories out there.

Peace Forever!