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klarolinebasstiel chapter 66 . 4/25
So happy to see Violet back! I always wondered what happened to her over the years in this stories timeline timeline. Also, Bart and Violet? Sign me up, I'm completely on board with that pairing. Wonder how Harry will take that piece of information though? I mean I know he's moved on from Violet romantically for quite awhile, but they still are friends, and Bart is his brother. Would he take it a violation as some kind of course. I'm looking forward to reading what's next for Bart and Violet.
klarolinebasstiel chapter 65 . 4/21
I love Bart's curiosity. Interesting to see him get a job at McDonald's, not because he needs the money, but because he is curious what the outside world is like and got to know people. I loved seeing him tell Hari how he felt in regards to Harry and his parents. Hopefully Harry will be able to fix his relationship with them because no matter how much he tries to push them away, he'll never be successful because they'll always love him no matter what.

Georgia and Harry's relationship makes more sense now. They were trying to be a bit too convincing during the latest chair of how in love they were. I knew something was out of place. Now it makes sense. Harry was being locked into the relationship and being used as revenge against Chuck and Blair. Seems that she had second thoughts about her plan though when she abandoned Harry and his son. Looking forward to reading your next chapter.
klarolinebasstiel chapter 64 . 4/18
Harry and Georgina's marriage must be so awkward for Chuck and Blair, given their adversarial past with Georgina. I like how Blair is looking at the pros of the situation though, and that is the fact that Harry is home now. If only Georgina wasn't determined to control Harry and when he can see his parents. I like that Blair wouldn't let it ruin her and Chuck's anniversary. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next in the story.
klarolinebasstiel chapter 63 . 4/10
Darn, I did not see that plot twist at the end coming. Nicely done. I'm wondering how this relationship between Harry and Georgina came to be. Harry seemed uneasy about telling his parents about it. Was it because he knew they would not be happy by it or is there a reason he had to marry her, something he's hiding, or could it be related to her pregnancy? I'm sure Chuck and Blair aren't going to be happy about it. Glad to see he got a chance to see his parents again and that he showed up, for a minute I was worried he wouldn't.

Love the way Chuck and Blair celebrated their anniversary at victrola by going back to the beginning gives my nostalgia. Chuck can be a romantic when it comes to Blair. Love the devotion and love he shows her as well as the sexy times that followed. I'm curious where you take this story next. I hope to read the next chapter in the next few days or so.
aragoto chapter 5 . 4/10
i'm confused. if blair didn't sleep with jack then who tf is harry's father?
klarolinebasstiel chapter 62 . 4/4
I love how you are dedicating a chapter to Chuck and Blair's anniversary. Their second wedding anniversary, as Blair pointed out. Levies curiosity about the timeline of her parents marriage and Harry's age was interesting. I see Lenore is competing for Agnes attention with ages grandson. I can already tell their going to have an interesting financial and rivlary. I'm looking forward to seeing Harry again next chapter, it's been awhile.
klarolinebasstiel chapter 61 . 3/23
I actually finished reading this chapter yesterday, but haven't gotten an opportunity to actually read the chapter until now. My apologies.

It seems the whole family has allergies to dogs. I wonder if that congress from Chuck, as he seemed to develop a hive from the dog as well. Given canon, it's kind of hard to picture Chuck being allergic to dogs. I'm glad Blair was able to come up with an alternative thigh Ave get them a cat. Especially if it'll help Lenore.

I loved Chuck and Lenore's daddy/daughter day. I like they have the traditions to spend the day together. Is something being developed Beth Lenore and Finn in future chapters? I can't see Lenore taking too kindly of losing her top spot. Like her mother, she strives to be the best at school. And Finn challenges that. But it seems to be that's a mask for perhaps deeper feelings. I wonder if they'll become friends, or Street out with an advesarial relationship. Looking forward to reading your next installment. Now that I've got more time, I'm going to try b and get back to reading a chair chapter every 1-5 days give or take.
Lilith Masen 369 chapter 90 . 3/20
Linda, hermosa... perfecta! que mas puedo decir, una gran historia, lograste reflejar a la perfección la personalidad de Chuck y Blair, y asimismo lograste darle una personalidad a sus hijos, original, única y acorde con la de sus padres... sin caer la cursi... es la única historia que leído que no termina en el fueron felices para siempre, sino que muy por el contrario nos mostraste esa felicidad a lo largo de los años, con los problemas típicos de CYB
solo darte las gracias por terminarla y aun mas gracias por no borrarla de fanfiction y darme la oportunidad después de tantos años de leerla y disfrutar con tus palabras, se que hay frases que quizás no entendí bien, sobre todo cuando hay ironia... jodida barrera del idioma! pero aun asi creo que entendi un 80% de ella y estoy feliz por ello.
me encanto saber de ti y de tu vida... de tu personalidad... espero de todo corazón que estes bien y que seas feliz y ojala algún dia vuelvas a escribir por que se te da muy bien... un abrazo gigantea miles de kilometros de distancia... XOXO
Guest chapter 81 . 3/19
espero que aun despues de tanto tiempo, mis comentarios te hagan feliz... dije que amo tu historia? ah... si lo dije, pero lo que no he dicho es que tambien me gusta tu forma e escribir..
Lilith Masen 369 chapter 66 . 3/19
Lo esperaba hace mucho, desde que se atrapo con las esposas... eran mi pareja perfecta, despues de b y c... obvio!
aunque es un poco tarde creo que debo decirte que no importa lo que algunos puedan decir, tu eres la única que puede definir como sigue o termina tu historia, gracias por no darte por vencida con las criticas...
te dije que amo tu historia?

I expected it a long time ago, since I got caught with the handcuffs ... they were my perfect match, after b and c ... obvious !
Although it is a little late I think I must tell you that no matter what some may say, you are the only one that can define as follows or ends your story, thanks for not giving up with criticism ...
I told you that I love your story?
Lilith Masen 369 chapter 55 . 3/18
Hi, I'm Lidia, and I'm from South America ... yes ! The end of the world, a country called Chile, recently and finally after postponing for many years and thanks Nexflix finished seeing Gossip Girl, love some things and definitely change many others and it was this last thing that I look for in fanfiction Stories that made me happy, guess what? In Spanish there are very few, so I have no other than to search in English, I have found some finished, many without an end and then I found his, it is more than dicir than the AME! I have left comments in the previous chapters, but in my native language, since you are easy ladies, I hope you understand ... otherwise ... sorry! Long ago I finish this story and I do not know if I still read this, it is evident from the comments at the beginning and end of each chapter, that his life should no longer be the same and that surely he is working ... I hope he is what I dream And I hope ... the comments of her life have made me laugh a lot ... the spider, her new cutlery among others ... I feel that I almost know her ... do not misunderstand me I'm not a psychopath .. It is just that they make it closer ... I hope it is well and that it is happy ... a hug!
Lilith Masen 369 chapter 54 . 3/18
definitivamente esta es una de las mejores historias que he leído, amo tanto la pareja de cyb, y odie tanto algunos capitulo de la serie, gracias infinitas por compartirla con nosotros...
Lilith Masen 369 chapter 22 . 3/17
amo tu historia,pero también amo tus comentarios anexo...
Lilith Masen 369 chapter 18 . 3/17
amo chuck y blair...amo tu historia...
Lilith Masen 369 chapter 6 . 3/17
gracias a Dios, pensé que Harry hijo de jack y casi muero en los capítulos anteriores
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