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hybridkingbass chapter 41 . 8/21
Suspected that referral since the last chapter. I men it did explain her symptoms. Even though I wonder how it's possible since I thought Chuck got a vesectomy many chapters ago, after having Bart. I would like to see them have a little girl. That would really be an interesting DiMaggio's for the bass family. It would really their the bass brothers of their game. But I'm interested to see where you go with it.
hybridkingbass chapter 40 . 8/17
I actually read this last night, buy feel asleep before I could leave a review, so sorry for that. I'm pretty well caught up now, so I should be able to get to your next chapter much quicker

I love Blair's career choice. What Jack did to her was terrible, but she's using that to help other women that are in the position she was with Jack. I love how supportive Chuck is of Blair's career choice. Save her working at Cyrus's law firm is interesting. Even though she's connected, she's able to make her own achievements of her own meritt.

I feel kind of bad for Heart and Violet. Young love being torn apart by an ocean. Glad they remained friends though and keep in touch, though I do have to wonder how long that will last before they realize how difficult a long distance relationship is.
Long distance relationships can be very difficult. It seems he's starting to follow in his father's foresters during his youth.

Great chair and look fists to reading your next one soon.
hybridkingbass chapter 39 . 8/11
I'm starting to like violet! You can start to see her good side studying to shine through. Before there had been nothing but hostility brush Violet and the Bass brothers, but more Violet and Harry are much closer and she's even encouraged Harry to be nice to Bart. She sure has come a long way since we first met her as das how troubled she was. Violet does mean well, even if he plan didn't pan out. The Bass family is a complex breed for sure. I'm glad she was able to remedy the situation.

I thinking it makes complete sense in the way you described Bart and Harry's complex brotherly relationship. I always saw Harry tormenting Bart as a misguided way of showing his love for Bart. And it now is evident that Bart understand that and showed his refection to him for it, but you untangle that routine and it disarms that familiarity and the relationship they had developed in their own unconventional way.

I love how you're writing Blair going to law school. It's nice to read a fix where she find her own footing outside of Chuck and Eleanor's shadow it's so rare to find fics where she doesn't take over Waldorf Designs. It's nice to read a fix where she follows her own path and established a career of her own meritt and success. And the fact that Chuck didn't have to bribe the admissions office or offer then anything in return is the icing on top. It shows just how powerful and is academically. I will be anticipating what career path she'll choose once she graduates. I also love these she's able to do it in her own neck of the woods where she can still be there for her family. And I love that they've even settled into a routine over it.
hybridkingbass chapter 38 . 8/6
Changed my pen name from thealluretodarkness to hybridkingbass, just wanted to let you know veggie reviewing this chapter. Weird it to laugh my tumblr and think I may keep it at this over for quite awhile of not permanent.

I like the idea of Blair exploring other options professionally. She doesn't necessarily have to work in the fashion industry because she's a dictator of taste and because she loves fashion. I think it's possible for her to grow bleed off it and want to see what else is out there for her. I love that Chuck was so understanding, despite the fact she went to over of good chief business rivals. I know whatever she pursues professionally, they'll find a way to make it work.

Still send Chuck hasn't let go of Booklets scheme to get Blair and her dad together. I do hope I've day he can get along with her, even if just for Harry's sake. It's clear he really likes her. I'm liking their friendship ACD wives of it will become something more.
hybridkingbass chapter 37 . 8/1
I loved Harry spitting on Bart's neck part. It's such an obvious Harry and Get thing to do. It's Harry's own way of showing he cares about Bart. Loved the CB focus on this chapter. CB seat times is always a bonus. And I'm glad they talked things through. In some ways his trip provided an oversight for Chuck on what is truly important, and not wanting to end up like Elizabeth. I hope Chuck will not hold too mich of a grudge against Violet, but she did try and desire his relationship to Blair, so I guess that's wishful thinking. Looking forward to reading your next soon, and since I'm almost caught up on fics, it shouldn't take me nearly as long this time.
hybridkingbass chapter 36 . 7/27
This chapter made me so happy. Of course because we've got chair back, but also because it was a well executed chapter. Did not see Blair behind the scheming to get her Chuck back, not that I should have been surpassed really, it is chair after all. Plus there's no way Blair could have been so inflictors to Booklets schemes. Glad that Bolt wing be an obstacle for chair anymore, but I do hope she won't be gone from this story for good. I was studying to feel a little sympathetic towards her, though I'm glad chair remains together looking forward to reading what's in store next.
hybridkingbass chapter 35 . 7/21
Yay! Chuck's back, that should definitely make things interesting. He's missed a lot, and sure has a lot to make up for with leading for nearly a month. Did he come back because Harry called him or was he already on his way. I look fists to finding out in the next chapter. I guess this means Violet has given up her crusade to get Blair and her dad together. Thank goodness. I kind of feel sorry for her there. On some level there's a loveable kid there who was abandoned by her mother, EFI she wished to replace with Blair. I love how Harry believed in good parents love and they it seemed Violet finally understood it. Looking forward to what will happen next.
hybridkingbass chapter 34 . 7/13
Sorry it took me so long to get to this chapter. It's been like to weeks, but I won't let that happen again. I've just been busy until now. I think I've finally found a way to balance my schedule, not to mention I had no phone access all weekend. I should be able to get back to the 1-5 days reading schedule.

Looks like both the Basses and Violet are willing to play dirty to save their family. I wonder how l when Blair is going to v realized what Violet is up to and put a stop to it. Hopefully she won't give Aidan and Violet the wing signal. Whole I like Violet, she's playing a dangerous game. Hopefully Chuck will come home soon, before she can try anything with Blair and get dad.

The conversion between Chuck and Evelyn was interesting to say the least. It's interesting to see Chuck have such a different take on his professional life than Bart did. Bart carter mostly about making as much money and power as possible, while Chuck cares about his family the most, and good care and money fine a distant second. Even if those two things sometimes collide. I do hope Chuck has messages what truly matters most to home and voyagers home m to his home with Blair, Harry and Bart. But when he does, what will he come home too.

Looking forward to reading your next chapter soon.
hybridkingbass chapter 33 . 6/26
In my opinion Elizabeth doesn't deserve squat from Chuck, but I'm curious to see why he's come to see her and what you do with Elizabeth in this story. The Blair and Serena bonding was really great to read, and I also like how she pondered calling Chuck, thinking she had been to harsh on him, but if close they'd before Chuck boarded a plane to Japan, even though she doesn't know it was too see Elizabeth. Looking forward to seeing what's next and hopefully Chuck will return early. I'm also wondering eBay Hey and Her have planned for Violet.
hybridkingbass chapter 32 . 6/21
Just as I suspected, Violet is trying to hook up her dad with Blair, to gain a new mother I'm sure. There so alike it's almost frightening. I wonder how soon it will be before Blair catches onto Violets scheme and her ulterior motives for getting closer to Blair. I hope her plan will fail, because then Click will be in serious trouble even he comes back, and not just the kind from leaving, but in the form of completion. I found Blair missing sleeping next to Chuck really sweet. Ah, she misses her Chuck.

I really love how close Barry clings to Harry. He loves his big brother, it's very endearing. Looking forward to more Chuck soon.
hybridkingbass chapter 31 . 6/17
Violet is so mischievous it's frightening. I worry for what her plans for Blair are, I'm hoping her what I assume plan, to get Blair and her dad together will fail. She may be angry at Chuck, but I just don't believe she'd do anything to Betsy Chuck. Even in frustration and anger, they love each other. Violet also send troubled, they're something mysterious about her. I feel they're more to her past them we understand. The flashback between Chuck and Blair when they were dating, before marriage and children was really cute. It was nice seeing them lighter and more playful then they are now. But I Horace hope they'll get past it.
hybridkingbass chapter 30 . 6/14
Violet is making me nervous. She's up to something I know it. I'm guessing she's trying to set up Blair with her dad so that she will become her mom? This chapter made me realize how much I miss Chuck and in particular Chuck and Blair interactions. I love the effect they have on each other even from opposite sides of the world, through the phone. Glad to see Chuck in spades this chapter.
hybridkingbass chapter 29 . 6/10
I am intrigued by Violet. On one hand she I feel bad for her, but it also seems she's up to something? I'm guessing playing matchmaker to Blair and her father? It just seems that way by how her eyes kept following Blair's. I feel like she sees Blair as a possibly love interest for her father, which won't bode well for Chuck since he's half way across the world. Please don't let Blair fall for someone else, not that I think she will. Chuck needs to get home asap. I'm interested to know more about Violets backstory.
hybridkingbass chapter 28 . 6/7
Oh no, I feel so bad for Blair, Chuck and the boys. I'm sad that Chuck couldn't even give Blair one last night before he headed to China. I really feel sad for Blair, because it seemed like she c was really looking forward to spending the month with him and her kids. A time for them to just get away and spend time with each other, only to have those dreams come crashing down. I don't c want Chuck to leave, but I trust you with this story. I can only hope that Chuck will come back with a new sense of purpose of what's important. I'm glad she rejected Chucks bracelet. Trying to buy her off with jewellery won't make things better for them.
hybridkingbass chapter 27 . 6/4
Again, I've been bad taking so long to read this magnificent chapter. I Took a break for a few days to work on some of my own fanfics, but I'm back not at full capacity. I really hope it'll be sooner to get to the next chapter, and I'll try.

The last line from Chuck about not telling Blair worries me a bit. Why do I have a feeling he's going to take a long business trip. I don't think Blair's going to be very happy with him once she finds out. The best option would be to tell her the truth, keeping that from her would cause more harm than good. Chuck has been spending a lot of time at work, I think he should be focusing on Blair and his family for awhile. I do believe Chuck and Blair will be able to get past it though. They always figure it out in the end.

Bart not being much of a talker, I can understand what Blair and Chucks concern. I love that his first word was Harry. He loves his little brother, even if Harry wants to convince himself he doesn't return the sentiment. Chuck comforting Blair was really sweet. I wonder what Chucks going to have to do to get back into Blair's good graces once she learns whatever it is he's hiding. Hope to x read your next chapter soon.
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