Reviews for Die Schattenpage
Slothspieller chapter 1 . 5/19/2010
This is a very readable story thus far! Your descriptions of the surroundings are very atmospheric, and your style of writing is smooth. It's interesting to read a TB fanfic starring such an unusual cast, and your OC is sympathetic and definitely not a Sue! The dialogue was good and natural as well. I look forward to finding out what happens next!
Master of the Graveyard chapter 1 . 5/18/2010
Because one good turn deserves another, I spotted your story and decided to review. You kow, karma and all that.

I must say that I particularly enjoyed the dialogue of your story. Eloquently harsh and demeaning at the same time; wht a lovely combination. I'm not being sarcastic, either. It has a nice effect on Meike's bleak situation.

While I do not think that Meike leans towards Sue-ism, you did spend a great deal of time describing her. I know it was only to introduce her as your character, but try not to overload the reader with too many details. Keep it short and simple.

I like Meike as a character, though. At first, she struck me as the Cinderella type. Then she had that last bout with Balthasar and I changed my mind. She's had it rough and it has toughened her up.

It'd be cool to see Meike take up for herself in the next story. I look forward to it.
Gretenai chapter 1 . 5/16/2010
Oh, fic featuring von Neumanns and Helga! I've long been waiting for Trinity Blood fanfiction including them. Thank you very much. And...sorry, I have to say a few controversial things:

What I could gather about their personalities mostly came from the Wiki article on the TB characters.

Wikipedia is infamous for its unreliability and in this case at the article of "TB characters", the bad situation is prevailing. Please, don't believe that article without doubting. The wiki writers of Trinity Blood tell so many lies...about von Neumann brothers, they tell a few lies.

For example, two sentences about Balthasar are apparently lies;

"A Methuselah, whose father was apparently a human, Balthasar lives in a castle together with his brothers. He is known to hate unnecessary violence."

Do you mind the spoilers? If you don't, I can cite some text from the stories of "Bird Cage" and "Apocalypse Now" and prove that Wiki says crazy things.

Such a woman with the codename "Eis Hexe" could not be expected to have a gentle and sympathetic personality.

To tell the truth she has some sense of sympathy, but she doesn’t show it so frequently. As far as I know, only one time she had shown her warm feeling is one scene which she and Balthasar talked at the chess room of her flying fortress. There Helga showed a kind expression as if she were anxious that Balthasar might face some danger.

Oops, sorry for long comment and my clumsy English…I really enjoyed your work. Good luck with the next story and a girl named Meike! I’m curious to know what “Meike von Neumann” means.