Reviews for Conlaodh's Song
DragonsinWrath chapter 13 . 7/11/2020
Very cleverly written and made, with scores of interesting and thoughtful world-building that scream to me of an infusion of Tolkien that I just adore. Elves, Old Magic, the whole shebang is perfect. The self-contained story and the history Harry has with these characters, whilst not falling to the same old tropes (Slytherin Harry, Anti-Social Harry, Faux Uncaring Harry etc...) I just really wonder about who the "she" is that Harry forgot?
JamesSuigetsu chapter 13 . 3/31/2020
really hope you do more with this one of my favorite fics
nikprosta chapter 13 . 8/21/2018
I wish there was more another sequel! :(

Loved both book 1 and 2!
anIndividualist chapter 13 . 4/29/2018
Well that was an excellent fic. A shame it stops here but what's there's awesome.
anIndividualist chapter 11 . 4/29/2018
'If you strike me down, Voldemort, I shall become more powerful than you can imagine.'

Sorry, couldn't resist.
Zafar Link chapter 13 . 4/29/2018
Good read, not as good as By the Divining Light though, sad that this is the end of the series.
BillBrink chapter 13 . 10/20/2017
Imaginative, original, good characterizations, fast paced. What more could you want? Thanks for sharing it.
mrmayortheiv chapter 13 . 9/13/2017
This fic and the prequel were awesome. I suppose that should be a given since you ARE the same person who wrote Skitterleap. (I have honestly no idea why I didn't read these months ago after I read that one). I wish that the story had been finished, or at least that you didn't leave it with that huge mystery at the end. I think I could have handled it if not for not knowing who is going with them.

I suspect Ron and Snape... but honestly those are both far-fetched guesses.

By the way, I really appreciate your ability to make me have some sympathy/empathy for the (usual) bad guys. You do a masterful job of making them still kind of assholes, while being humans not malevolent creatures. I can't generally express my hatred for Snape and Umbridge's, but they weren't bad in this one.

Also, loving the mentor-Albus. I have gotten a little weary of the evil Dumbles trope lately.

FINALLY, thank you for writing extremely interesting AUs, I'm tired of canon retellings, time travel fics, romance stories, etc. These are a huge breath of fresh air.
sjdbsnksbdebidhsnsnd chapter 13 . 2/26/2017
You sir, are an incredible writer. I love the way you diverge from canon, and you do a great job of writing a strong Harry without making him infallible. I also really enjoyed your characterization of Albus Dumbledore. By writing him as good hearted but not perfect, I think that you stay closer to Rowling's vision, and it makes your plot better. You weave a superb plot, and I cannot help but hope that you will put out a sequel. A masterpiece like this deserves a true ending.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 1 . 2/6/2017
Why didn't you finish anything or give a synopsis of what you intended to happen you fucker?

with love.
omh666 chapter 13 . 11/1/2016
Is there going to be more to this at any point? It was an excellent read.
omh666 chapter 9 . 11/1/2016
Do you know that last chapter you had the captain from the books, Angelina, as captain. Then in this chapter you changed the captain to Katie?
SarcasticallySatyrical chapter 13 . 8/14/2016
I'm absolutely loving how these stories are developing. I cannot wait to read the next continuation. I will admit, sometimes the plot is a bit obscure and there's a lot that the reader doesn't understand very well that happens all at once, but usually you managed to clear it up quite easily by the end.
Hippothestrowl chapter 13 . 8/3/2016
Horrible. There were some great passages but so much was missing that the story was ruined. The ending was not an ending and the Story should not have been marked Complete so then I wouldn't have seen it. Dreadfully disappointing. I'd rather start a poorly-written story and give up early than have my hopes raised and dashed so mercilessly. Frankly, I think the author was playing with us deliberately.
Hippothestrowl chapter 1 . 7/31/2016
A fine opening chapter; well-written and believable. I wonder what comes next?
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