Reviews for The Hundred Year Distance
lapinkmoustache chapter 1 . 4/27/2015
And now it's raining on my face. Thanks a bunch.
(Seriously. This is fantastic.)
FloridaMagpie chapter 1 . 4/16/2015
Sad and sweet. Well done.
Axijia chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
my heart... it hurts
Unnamed Wanderer chapter 1 . 2/12/2015
That last line of "I'll be here if you need me" was a tear jerker.
Tatiana chapter 1 . 1/5/2015
This shit had me crying like a fucking baby.
Leesulah chapter 1 . 10/28/2014
Truly superbly written and very well paced. I found myself dreading the ending as it grew closer as I never wanted the inevitable conclusion to come... Shepard's passing. My heart broke at her final words. I'm still very teary now just thinking about them. Going off of that, I can honestly say that I've not cried this much in many a year. Her words were just so comforting and... final at the end. I can't imagine a better way to say goodbye.

Extreme props to you, my friend. May you forever be sated with the knowledge that hundreds of readers have shed buckets of tears for this magnificent piece.
StillWittyKatie chapter 1 . 10/12/2014
Superb. Terse and to the point, but carrying so much depth. Just as heart-breaking as losing Shepard early on, before they can truly begin their lives...
Belladoni chapter 1 . 9/29/2014
Made me cry. So beautiful and emotional.
Hisaharu chapter 1 . 6/27/2014
ps if her last words where '...I should go.' I was going to punch a wall
j.n.vigil chapter 1 . 2/8/2014
I'm at work and I'm not allowed to cry, stoic manager and all that, but I would be lying of I said I wasn't going to bawl like a baby later, after reading this again. The writing is superb, and you evoke heady emotion in the most mundane of tasks between the pair. I tip my hat to you... Or I would, if I had a hat...
Serafel chapter 1 . 12/26/2013
A wise man once said, "If two people love each other there can be no happy end to it." As much as I like to imagine Shepard and Garrus together forever, all good things must come to an end, and you wrote their ending in an achingly beautiful way. I liked the combination of flashbacks and present time to convey the scope of their relationship and your writing overall is wonderful.

Thanks for the fic, please excuse me while I go cry.
honeybunhun chapter 1 . 12/22/2013
*gross sobbing*
I hate all the feels you've inflicted upon my poor heart, but I love you all the same for it. Wonderfully written.
SwomeeSwan chapter 1 . 10/12/2013
Oh, that end! *wipes her tears*
What a beautiful fic, I loved it.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/9/2013
well that was epic!
KoteDiM chapter 1 . 8/20/2013
Reading the end of this story really broke my heart... All things have an end, and this one was beautiful, but nevertheless, I don't like that reality.
Wonderful albeit unusual fic about these two. I loved it.
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