Reviews for Peripheral Hindsight
Hana1225 chapter 3 . 11/9/2012
Auuuh! I hope you update soon, it's just too interesting! X3
Reading this remind me of Durarara and Baccano...maybe because of the chat and random setting? I LOVE IT! OwO
SimplySinful21 chapter 3 . 11/8/2011
I gotta tell you when I searched for Kyoko, I was expecting innocent, cutesy fics that would make me sick...But yours took the floor right from under me! its so deep and profound and totally unlike the anime version. Ur Kyoko rules! I hope you try to either continue this fic or make one with this type of Kyoko, also her and Byakuya is sooo cute!
RR chapter 3 . 11/7/2011
OMG you epdated this? And it's especially for me? I'm so happy that I could cry! Lol and it's okay if it's confusing cause I like confusing stuff, it makes me think of what could've happened. siGrE was Basil? Wow... I thought he was somewhat innocent because he was crying in the first chapter. They (people in the chatroom) were Byakuran and Shouichi! I knew it! But Kyoko... she's going to haunt Byakuran? I... really wish you would continue this. But I appreciate that you would give the readers (me) this chapter.
THISISNOT chapter 2 . 6/9/2010
woah. woah. woah. woah. woah. woah.


The anguish, the pain, the emotion, the hate in Kyoko is all so... 3

I suggest describing Tsuna's feelings more though, his feelings seem shallow compared to Kyoko's.

I bet Harada Hiroshii is Shoichi! and saya-chii is... haru? siGrE... maybe Basil or Kyoko... hm. Don't know who wagashi-hime-san is though. xD
JapanManiac chapter 2 . 6/7/2010
I think siGrE is Chrome? Dunno why I think that way... either her or Basil! Poor boy is so broken!

Harada Hiroshi remind me of Shouichi and Saya-chii is Haru?

Great story, so much mystery~ Aah, I love the way you write it all!
omgpink chapter 2 . 6/7/2010
Gosh, I a so curious as to who siGrE is! Is it Kyoko? What is the significance behind the name? Ah, this is really getting so interesting. My dear, you are a master of suspense. And words like that in a chatroom? They come across as very poetic. Like a lost spirit wandering the through the internet. Your completely accurate about not being able to feel the burns. Serious burns destroy nerve endings, a blessing out of the pain. You know who you're reminding me of? A sort of mixture between Quentin Tarentino and Chuck Palahniuk. But Tsuna doesn't even wince at Kyokos, how should I put this, new-found ugliness? He did only fall in love with her looks, right?

As for grammar, I notice your using a lot of elipsis. This is such a small thing, but you do seem to pride yourself in grammar, as I have found no mistakes as of yet. So elipsis are always (...) and they signify a pause or skip text. In some places, you only use two dot. You need three. But if your ending a sentience with elipsis, you need 4. The last dot counts as the period.

Oh wow! Haru's coming back to try again. At least Tsuna finally caught on to her.

ahh i can't finish this review right now, so when you post the next chap, I'll put the rest of my review for this one in it with the new chapter's. I really like this! Funally, a KHR fic that isn't romance (wholly) that grabs my attention. I'm so happy I stumbled across this!
omgpink chapter 1 . 6/7/2010
holy cow, its haru? haha. you made her such a psycho, wow, its been a long time since I read something this intense. Haru Miura as a traitor and hypocrite? That is a very original idea. You went for the extreme right off the bat by giving her burns like that.

But anyway, you hooked me. I'll be following this fic.

As for my literary technique, I must your language flows very nicely and I caught no grammar mistakes. Your dialogue is interesting and suspenseful, albeit Haru isn't acting canon, ie, a hahi! every other line, and i must breath FINALLY, someone has not written her as a spastic fool.
THISISNOT chapter 1 . 5/16/2010
wow. what the... Interesting. veryvery interesting. Is there going to be any pairings in this? I sure hoped Kyoko will wake up and do something about it. but not for quite a long time I guess.