Reviews for Surviving Detroit
spnfan44 chapter 4 . 8/12/2015
Wonderful story!
LadyKryptonite294 chapter 4 . 2/3/2011
Loved it! There really is nothing better then Winchester brotherly love is there? lol I actually teared up at that little moment where Dean watched Sam get into the car That was touching.

Great writing, you have a real talent with words :)

Cee xx
pinkphoenix1985 chapter 4 . 7/17/2010
this is just brilliant!
CeCe Away chapter 4 . 7/15/2010
This is great. I'm adding it to my Post Swan song community. Thanks.
xXxShiniXKazexXx chapter 4 . 7/12/2010
Excellent fic. )
realityfling18 chapter 1 . 7/5/2010
heyy! love it
Flali-Chan chapter 4 . 6/18/2010
I finaly go to read this! I was waiting til after I had the chance to finish season 5 before I read this and I am very happy that I could get around to this. I really like it.
VoicesInTheWind chapter 4 . 6/15/2010
This would be a very good ending; nicely done. Now we just have to hope the actual show can pull something like this off for real, once they come back in September.
humblefan chapter 4 . 6/1/2010
OMG! I don't know what rock I've been living under, but I just found this! This was fantastic! It's like I was reading the script for the season 6 opener. I loved this!
LaylaBinx chapter 4 . 5/31/2010
Aww this was great! Awesome job hon! :D
Hat O' Doom chapter 4 . 5/30/2010
A damn fine read!
SuperFan3 chapter 4 . 5/27/2010
AWESOME...those dang gone writers at SPN need to read this one. I loved it. I was saying today I hope Season Six isn't a big mistake. Thanks for sharing.
Hersheybar chapter 4 . 5/27/2010
I really loved this story. I would be thrilled if season 6 actaully started this way. Great job!
kissmewinchester chapter 4 . 5/25/2010
Simply put: I loved it!
Landwing chapter 4 . 5/25/2010
It's good, Phoenix. I have absolutely no clue what happens next with the guys, and all I know is that we've been stuck hanging on a cliff again for another summer. But it's obvious the story isn't over yet. I like your take on it, though. I don't think either one of them really knows how to live a "normal" life, no matter how much they might want one from time to time. Even more so, I don't think either one of them should have to try to live it without the other. I really want to see the end of Meg, though. That black-eyed skank has been a thorn in the guys' sides for way too long. The guys and Bobby reunited, Meg dead once and for all-that would make me very happy. But, in the end, we'll have to wait and see. Still, well done.
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