Reviews for Harry Potter and the Setting Sun
MattKennedy chapter 74 . 5/1
Great story! The part while Harry had cancer was very moving. I love how things worked out in the end. :)
MattKennedy chapter 73 . 5/1
Sadness about Bill :( But I love the idea of Charlie and Cormac together! :)
MattKennedy chapter 51 . 5/1
Yes! Finally a story where someone points out that killing a murdering madman in war is NOT murder. :D
MattKennedy chapter 47 . 5/1
Yay for Dumbledore coming back to his senses. :)
MattKennedy chapter 3 . 4/30
Love you little description of Mrs. Sward. Great little bit of characterization. :D
celine.sLineC-Line chapter 74 . 4/11
i'm leaving for once a message just that you know that every one of your fics i am taking on my favorties i have read them...
its taking me a lot of time to read all the story with a summary that catch my eyes. Every thing with harry catch my eye
but its very funny to see you write stories... and seeign how your writing, your style change ... _ Its like seeing you grow up in the same time as your stories...
so.. i realy like this story. and the other... i like harry as main character and edward ot other... i'm not so fond as you with severus snape... because like him or harry i was a bully and i didn't take my anger on others ... i don't like snape how he was is the books in harry...
all you stories make dumbledor good, then the bad... i like it that you haven't always the same paten in your stories...

ok, i'm finished, sorry for the fault i'm french, and english isn't my favorite language (just for harry potter fics, there is soooo much more in english ! )
loleo chapter 74 . 3/19
Nice and interesting story. Thank you...
Jo chapter 11 . 3/15
This is a brilliant story line.
Guest chapter 74 . 2/24
Cymiee chapter 1 . 2/4
I don't get bored when we read this story :D
Venus914 chapter 12 . 11/7/2014
I still think he forgave the Cullens easily enough.
MimiTaylor chapter 74 . 8/22/2014
Oooooh! I loved this story! Great job and thank you for sharing!
Athan Winter chapter 23 . 8/17/2014
Chemo changes the cells, so how would it impact on the genes? Especially the m-gene that gives magicals their magic?
Randa1 chapter 48 . 8/13/2014
GoldCloak633 chapter 1 . 6/19/2014
It was just the beginning of this month that I had overlooked the differences between Harry Potter and Twilight and had managed to cross my sight over the two fictional universes. And I found this. I have not searched the entire list thoroughly, But I have to admit that this fiction is one of the best. It is certainly a fiction I would like to call a crossover than a bunch of rags that only focuses on Twilight or the other, and romance or sex and angst. It is really good.
One thing I would really like to comment on, especially for the sake of other readers and reviewers, is that I really hoped, when I managed to get the gist of the plot, that Frost should have started at the beginning of the plot, e.g. Harry Potter's expulsion and travel and romance. You managed, however, to recount it through various monologues and dialogues. I would have preferred to read more of the beginning of the story than having been tossed in the middle of the conflict between Harry Potter and Edward Cullen. Nevertheless, I am quite happy that I didn't back off and search for another good read. This is good stuff. I will not spoil any other readers but I would have to tell you that this fiction is appropriately written and rated as such.
The author is not Stephanie Myers and, definitely, not as great as the Great Rowling. But, believe me when I say that you will have a great reading this piece of art. Fanfiction or not, this is good.
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