Reviews for Love's Labours (King and Lionheart)
xOphiuchusx chapter 25 . 8/31
Please continue! I love it!
Sariniste chapter 25 . 6/28
Wow! I was so happy to see this update. Feels like it's been forever, but I love this story. It was a pleasure to reread several chapters to catch up again. Please do keep going; you write so well and this story is the perfect blend between external action and internal character development. I can't wait to see Aizen's plan.
clio1111 chapter 25 . 6/28
And the plot thickens. So Ryu the sadist has an interest in the occult? Interesting. Hope 4 more soon.
BleachIchi15 chapter 25 . 6/27
Great chapter again! It was great to see a update off this story. Ichigo awaits a lot of pain and angst I think. But he is strong so he will eventually pull thru it. Ukitake! Even I as a reader felt more at ease when he entered the scène. He's just so trustworthy. I wonder what theybdid to his leg and why they did it in the first place.
I can't wait to know what Aizen plan will be! And hoping to see more increadible abilities of Ichigo!
Eldar-Melda chapter 25 . 6/27
Great chapter!

Ryu got what he earns by wanting to keep Ichigo close to him. I am gald he got really hurt this time. I hope for more!

Great to see some people betraying Sosuke's father for Sosuke. It's great! I am glad some people are at their side.

The last part in great, of course Ukitake would help Sosuke to get his lover back to him. I just can't wait for the future fight.

On a side note, the phone number for police in Japan is 110 after a quick research.

Ackilee chapter 24 . 6/20
Oh my freaking God !please dear author continue this fic cause it's pure drug : I'm so addicted ! I devoured all the actual chapters in like 3-4days ! And I was left so horrified when I realized I read all the chapters I wanna know what's gonna happen to Ichigo and our lovely Aizen so(n)suke xD I already read your fic some time ago and fell for it at the time but I forgot how great it was !and now I'm back at it and so waiting for an update !

With all my love and support cause I know you have a life on the other side

Fighting !
Guest chapter 6 . 1/15
Aizen got to fulfill that little fantasy of his later on ;)
noven chapter 24 . 12/2/2015
oh myyyyyy~! it's fantastic! awesome!
You did an amazing work!
akh, it's just soooooooooo sad it have to end here. Aisshhh, it's not enough. I mean, damn, it's getting more exciting and then you end the chapter here. One side i want to curse you but on other hand i want to praise you, giving a great job to end on great timing.
but, overall, despite everything, I really love your work
Hope you'll update soooon~ (impatient)
Guest chapter 24 . 10/14/2015
This is such an amazing story. Well-written, emotionally gripping, excellent plot line. I will be on tenterhooks until you finish it. It sounds like it's very near the end, so hopefully you'll be able to find some time to continue. I will be waiting! Best of luck with your work and situation.
celine997 chapter 24 . 10/13/2015
Yes! An update! XD Poor Aizen
clio1111 chapter 24 . 10/12/2015
Oh, come on! Sosuke better take care of those bastards soon! Specially that scorpion that dares to call him son. Hope 4 more soon.
BleachIchi15 chapter 24 . 10/12/2015
Oh damn.. Shit just hit the fan . What will happen with Ichigo?! What kind of torture will they put him through? So, Aaroniero looks like Kaien. I wonder if in your story there will be any relation between him and Ichigo.
Anyway I enjoyed the new chapter. To the topic of when there will be a new chapter.. just take all the time you want and need. When you write day in day out for your job and to learn a language I can understand you sometimes need a break from it. Because writing must also stay as something you enjoy doing, stay as a hobby and where you can relax yourself in. But if you write constantly then the fun, your inspiration and motivation will go away and it will turn in a tedious task. So take all the time you need, as long as you keep enjoying writing!
Ps I am really curious wich language you need to learn :P Not that it is my place to know. It just my daily curiosity speaking again xD.
Guest chapter 23 . 9/13/2015
Oh, wow! What happens next? I love this story!
Nova Gloriosa chapter 23 . 5/26/2015
First of all, let me congratulate you on a job well done with this story! I don't think there is anything about it that I don't love. I started reading it last night after work, and I've been trying to read it all day while at work (not an easy feat), and now it's almost 1am, and I've gone through every chapter and I'm positively yearning for more.

I don't usually read slash fics at all. The ones I usually encounter are badly written, and, just to put it very plainly, they aren't my type of reading (not that I don't support it; I've got a few gay friends. As a matter fact, one of them shares a birthday with Aizen!). But, every once in awhile, one catches my eye, and I'm so very glad yours did. This is one of the best romance stories with Aizen that I've ever encountered. You've managed to keep him (and everyone else!) wonderfully in character while giving him those human emotions that I wish we got to see more of the in manga.

The way you've blended the elements and characters of Bleach into an alternate, real world universe is very believable and clever. The Gotei being a weapons manufacturer, the divisions being clubs, kido being a drug... very well done.

I love that Shinji is Aizen's one good friend. There's just something about that that makes me laugh and smile when I read their scenes. Except for the ones in the past few chapters... I'm on the edge of my seat, I tell you!

And I have to admit, I was half expecting Aizen's father to be a character already in the Bleach universe, but I was pleasantly surprised and glad that you made him an original character.

The scene I think I'm anticipating the most right now is when Ichigo tells Aizen that he can see spirits, and that he's noticed Momo for a long time now. I think that would just be a lovely scene. I know Aizen isn't the overly emotional type, but I just have this vision of him begrudgingly letting a few tears fall when Ichigo tells him that Momo likes the lilies. I think that would be so precious. But you're the author, and I'm know I'll love what you write :]

Before I sign this off, when I was reading from Chapter 15 and up after I got home from work, I was listening to a band called Mumford and Sons, and I think a lot of their music fits this story, as well Aizen and Ichigo's relationship. Have you heard of them?

Good luck writing, and I can't wait for the next chapter!
MM08 chapter 23 . 5/19/2015
I'm glad Urahara was not oblivious to what was happening. Our leading men were really pushing it sometimes with their later romp locations.

Also, more Ryuunosuke please he's fabulous. Looking forward to seeing where everything's headed.
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