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J Linz chapter 36 . 9/21
I'm probably late in saying something because I just now found this story about a week ago! But, I know that purple roses mean an intimate love for someone. Just wanted to share that because I wrote a fic where a character planted purple rose bushes for his crush and her daughter told her what they really meant lol! Keep up the good work! _
Sara 99 chapter 40 . 9/16
Beautiful writing, great storyline, perfect pairing, Yeah you got everything right. This story is perfection, love it.
Guest chapter 40 . 9/11
I am so glad that you have updated another chapter. I hope that everything in your personal life gets better. You're a great writer and you've worked your hardest making this fanfic.
Anonymous chapter 40 . 9/11
I am so glad that you've updated this chapter because it has been such a huge long time since I've read this fanfiction. Please continue to make more chapters of Betty and Jughead with more sex scenes inside the chapters between Betty and Jughead.
Guest chapter 40 . 9/7
Thank you for being back! I enjoyed it but I felt like it was just Segway
jandjsalmon chapter 40 . 9/6
They're going to buy Betty a wedding dress with pockets. Well, that's every woman's dream, I suppose. But Juggie in a floral tie? Really?

And YES - Archie. It's hard to deal with change.

I absolutely adored the Bughead at the end here - playing Tetris in their underwear. Relationship Goals. I love that Juggie touches her ankle. I think it's really sweet, actually. I love the touches for touches sake - not to further an agenda or end goal. Loved it!
IpizzippyReads chapter 40 . 9/6
Thank you for the update! Not sure what you're going through, but I hope you are fairing well. And hey, as someone who also has to deal with anxiety, I have to say, you're amazing just getting through one day at a time. You're a gem.
Melissa chapter 40 . 9/5
Dude, seeing you come back has made my night, congrats on the book, I have dreams of being published too. Anyway, welcome back!
chr1steh chapter 40 . 9/5
I am LIVING for the girl-squad being so into Betty and Jughead. Forreal, I love when girls support girls and this fic has been SO GREAT for fulfilling that trope/theme need in my liiiiiiiiiiiiiife yaaaaaaaaaaaas
Guest chapter 40 . 9/4
Hi., thank you for the update. Can I just say're an amazing writer. I love how you write each and every character on point. All the details you put in make it easy for us to picture everything. I still have yet to watch Riverdale, but I don't know if this "dark" version is something I'll enjoy. Haha. Take it easy ;)

-ThisLittleLady (Paola)
Isilme'sStar chapter 40 . 9/4
lol. it's cute to red your review of the show..yeah. have to agree with some of what you said. the red hair is horrible though. I mean they worked on it but still...
Jennimisk chapter 40 . 9/4
Yay! So excited when I heard there was an update. Great chapter!
Hope Leslie Hermnharry chapter 40 . 9/4
OMG you're baaaack! THank you, thank, THANK YOU! About the Riverdale serie, I totally agree with you! Did you watch the finale?
Alyssa smith chapter 40 . 9/4
We missed you too AALOT and if you ever need a reminder of your awesomeness then here it is, you are a BADASS and they better publish your manuscript because the world needs to be slayed by your writing! I always enjoy your authors notes and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this story, is Valerie going to be Archie's redemption to get over Betty? We shall see won't we :p.
Brown Eyes Parker chapter 40 . 9/4
I liked the scene with the girls and how you actually still use comic Veronica's dialogue. Or maybe comic V is TV V and it has been a while.

Do I sense some Archie/Val coming up (that ship was treated SO dirty on Riverdale, I didn't want it to last past season one BUT ARCHIE DID NOT HAVE TO ACT LIKE THAT TOWARDS HER! SHE WAS PERFECTLY FINE!)

I really love the Jughead/Betty scene and could picture it so perfectly with Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart? My brain alternates between them and the 90s comic book drawings. REALLY REALLY appreciated the line about them rediscovering each other.

I hope your depression and anxiety and family drama is okay. I'm in the middle of a bit of all of that as well. I really hope your book is going and I'm glad you're still alive.

Can't wait for more when you get the chance!
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