Reviews for The Imaginary Pitcher
Butterfree chapter 1 . 5/29/2014
Great story! The dialogue was heart warming, especially Mihashi's last line about nurses and teachers. It was something simple he'd say. Thanks for the read!

meriyaliz chapter 1 . 5/18/2011
This is so sweet and lovely! I love that nurses and teachers part, so cute. And it is indeed rather insightful; it's hard when you construct this image of a person and fall in love with it, to find that it never existed in the first place. I think you convey this well, and subtly too. Thanks, Author~
RoxasIsReal13 chapter 1 . 3/24/2011
Such awesome characterizations- great job~!
StrawberryPanicthedisco chapter 1 . 6/23/2010
"Abe-kun is Abe-kun, no matter what he likes! Cause I like...nurses, and...Hanai-kun likes..." fave quote, right there. XD i'm dying to know what volume that one was in! either way, nice job :)
RyukoVulpix chapter 1 . 6/5/2010
D'awww. Mihashi deserves a hug. (Go for it, Abe-kun! XD) And I think most people can relate to the the idea of being in love with an imaginary person. Absolutely delightful.

On a note completely unrelated to this story, where do you read your chapters? I've been reading them online as they're translated, and I've been picking up volumes in Japanese whenever I can get them (I've only found up to volume 8 so far, unfortunately), but I seem to be way behind in the plot compared to the rest of the fandom. (Though I did read that section about the nurses and all. Muohohoho...)

Anyway. I'm quickly falling in love with your Oofuri work. It's all so believable. Keep it up!
StarFixation chapter 1 . 5/19/2010
Wow, this was unbelivably insightful.

also it was something different, which is rare for this fandom. I could really connnect with abe since I've fall for my share of "imaginary pitchers".

Good job!