Reviews for How Season Six Should Have Ended
zx14ninja chapter 19 . 6/20/2012
theres only one thing i can say about this story . . . EPIC! _
Guest chapter 1 . 5/18/2012
what the hell did i just read
Sir Stud Muffin chapter 19 . 12/19/2011
That's it? I could've read this forever.
Ryan's Right Shoe chapter 19 . 3/29/2011
Finally an actual reason for me to hate Cuddy and then forgive her. Couldn't the writers have done season 7 like this instead, like Hugh Laurie said on Inside The Actor's Studio, there was a possibility, and you wrote that possibility so well! House, Wilson and everybody else was so in character that it gave me great images. I also loved Thirteen being there for Wilson..
melsshortformelody chapter 4 . 3/4/2011
I eventually found this story by reading your profile and I found it great!

Thank you so much for writing this!
resourceress7 chapter 19 . 2/28/2011
I'm so addicted to your version of the show now. PLEASE don't take it off the air! Will there be more? Please say yes.

The scene with Wilson and Ramirez getting naked freaked me the hell out. Eyes wide, about to scream "NOOOOO" to my screen. Your scenes are so vivid and engaging, and easy for the reader to become emotionally invested in. I really hope you decide to come back to this story and continue into further AU seasons in this 'verse.
Mrpointyhorns chapter 11 . 1/20/2011
I think House probably could find another job. One thing that he has that Foreman doesn't is that he is just a better doctor, but aside from that remember when House worked secretly for the government and he was offered a job. He'd probably hate working for the government, but he could still get a job with them. Oh well them worrying about it is funny.
Richie117 chapter 19 . 12/28/2010
Busy Christmas time passed, so it's me again :)

Ch. 16 - As a big fan of mpregs and all sorts of Hilsonchildren!fics, I love this part of your story. You wrote our boys exactly as I imagine them - House acting like he doesn't care much for the babysitting but eventually doing everything to make Rachel happy and Wilson being the more responsible one of the two of them but somehow enabling House to do his pranks anyway :D

This chapter really lightened the mood of the story with all of those funny moments you've put in it. First House saw Wilson's little game through, then Rachel's cute argument with House about his name, the sex in Cuddy's bed, Wilson with "that look", the compliment-thing, the shopping and the kiss of course. Everything was just awesome! I also liked very much that you made Rachel more talkative and smart than she seems in the show. I didn't expect much of 7x05, and yet that nearly total lack of House/Rachel interactions managed to disappoint me, and you finally filled this gap ;)

Ch. 17 - Hmm... IMO maybe dealing with both House and Wilson's parents in one chapter was a bit too much, but it came out nice after all. My favourite part of this chapter was when House asks Wilson if he treats him well. His insecurity at this point was so touching, as well as Wilson's answer for the question. And then there was the conversation about getting married. Awwwww...

In moments like this, I really hate TPTB for not allowing House and Wilson to be together. After all those years they truly belong to each other and their romantic relationship would easily came out better than the present Huddy *sighs*

Ch. 18 - Nice piece of angst and one of better written House's accidents I've read, I'd say :) Maybe I'm not so happy with Cuddy being a hero ('cause I'm so prejudiced against her ;p ) but I think it was sweet that House asked for Wilson when she found him. Oh, and the message on House and Wilson's answering machine was great :DD

Ch. 19 - Awesome ending of the season! I don't want to repeat my bitching about Vicodin, but I can tell you again that you've done the best you could with what you've got from the canon :) You also neatly closed the open plots - Cuddy righted herself, Wilson told Thirteen about the engagement and House confessed to having Vicodin stashed in the kitchen (which means, I suppose, that he's finally sure he doesn't need it to feel secure). Really, I'm out of words here :D *applause*

In the very end just one thing occurred to me - it's just amazing how many ideas from your story actually appeared in the show (especially the babysitting thing with House rummaging through Cuddy's kitchen :D ), only yours was much better written, like I said before. Thanks for sharing! :D
doublem9327 chapter 9 . 12/26/2010
I loved this story so far but my only thing about this so far is that you make it seem like there isn't a lot of prejudice on homo/bi sexual people in this story, just for future reference haha. However I still love it
Richie117 chapter 15 . 12/21/2010
This took me longer that I expected, so today only one chapter. Hopefully next time I'll reach the end ;)

Another upsetting part in the row ;) Firstly because I never liked the boys arguing about House's Vicodin use and secondly because of the Vicodin itself. It's not your fault, though. It's because the writers totally screwed up the Vicodin-thing - according to my friend (who is a chronic pain patient herself) there's no way House could deal with his pain only with Ibuprofen and calling House an addict is like saying that diabetics are addicted to insulin (House depends on his painkillers and the addiction is just unavoidable side-effect, so he can't be blame for this).

So, standing between the canon and the actual facts, I'd say that Wilson overreacted about the Vicodin. As an Oncologist constantly treating patients suffering from pain, he must know how much more comfortably they feel just by having an awareness that they can give themselves another dose of morphine if their pain increases. He also must remember how much House was scared because of hallucinations he've had before Mayfield and if I were Wilson that would be enough for me to trust House and leave him the pills. While reading, I was wondering why they can't make up a compromise - House would throw Vicodin away if Wilson gave him a prescription so House could fill it whenever he'd think he really need it. That way Wilson wouldn't worry all day about missing pills and House would be sure he's not left to his own fate.

Then Wilson flushed the Vicodin and I really expected that House would end their relationship right then and there. But he didn't which made me both happy and a little sad - the latest because that would mean that House was ready to give up his rules and needs just to be with Wilson at any price, and I don't want him to do it ever or for anyone. Fortunately, your House is the House-Who-Can-Fool-Everyone :D Don't know if you see it the same way, but I take the secret secret stash of Vicodin as a proof of how much House loves Wilson. He not only forgave him the lack of trust and violation of his private boundaries but, never resigning his own needs, made sure Wilson won't have reasons to worry about him having free access to Vicodin anymore.
Richie117 chapter 14 . 12/20/2010
(As for the T-rating you've mentioned in PM - if you ever try to write another season, it might be designed for HBO ;) )

Ch. 12 - Bashing!Cuddy time :DDD It was as fun to read as hearing everyone calling Cuddy a bitch in the ep from previous season. And yet that sneaky, lying creature managed to save her ass, arrrgh! (I know, though, she's an important part of the story so you couldn't just get rid of her, but it was nice to had hope for that ;) ) With that final hit below the belt which was hiring Stacy, I really can tell that you're great in writing evil!Cuddy. I felt truly sorry for House that he has to go through all of this :( Maybe it wouldn't be that bad, if he and Wilson just left Princeton one day and start their own practice ;)

Ch. 13 - Mmmm... the opening scene *_* I'd die happy, if I could see that in the show *sigh*

The rest of the chapter was a little cliché but in such occasions it's pretty hard to come out with something original (or I just saw to many movies and read to many fics). Anyway, you've compensated that with very well and in-character written stubborn!House and I'm with him in not-believing that Cuddy's behaviour was only caused by her illness. Oh, and that House's confession by the end - that he's trusting Wilson - was so sweet :)

Ch. 14 - This chapter was quite upsetting to me. I mean, I know Wilson always jumped head first into a relationship and it's not abnormal of him to expect that from House. On the other hand, though, he knows House so long that he should know by now how much House values his independence and should reveal more empathy to his needs. As in the other chapter, I like that you made both House and Wilson to have conversations with other people which helped them to figure out what they should do.

I think I was as surprised as Wilson while reading that House decided to give up his old apartment. It's so like him to change his mind just when he got a green light to do what he wanted.

And the Vicodin at the end... Cliffhangers rulz, huh? _
ShadowB3e chapter 19 . 12/16/2010
Ok. I started reading this story when you first began posting it. With this last chapter I needed some time to deal with the ending because my reaction to the way it ended was

That’s it. THAT’S IT!

*flails about*

Please! You can’t end it like that!

I have to say though the whole story was very good and I really enjoyed reading it. I looked forward to each new chapter and it was a good way to pass a summer where all I ended up doing was work.

Very well done and congrats on a great story.

Don't like the ending though. ;)
Richie117 chapter 11 . 12/15/2010
another bunch of comments ;)

Ch. 9 - Wilson's dream almost gave me a heart attack, until I found out it was just a dream. I don't believe he could take a chance and screw his relationship with House, but still - he's Wilson The Panty Peeler ;)

Cuddy slipping doubts into House's mind was evil. Very IC :D

I love the part with House questioning Wilson about what he's hiding, especially that moment when House admits that he had a sex dream including Monica, too. I don't know much about gay couples but I think one of the benefits of same-sex couples is that partners understands each others needs better than when it comes to men and women. I highly doubt that Cuddy would be so indulgent if House had sex dreams about someone other than herself. That's why Hilson will always make more sense!

Ch. 10 - I happy that Monica turned out to be more than good and decent person (not that I consider her as aware of Cuddy's plan). It's just not so common to risk a career and reputation for sake of some strangers.

The blackmail was sooo like Cuddy! And I have to say that her conversations with both House and Wilson made me think of good old times ;) Very well written

Ch. 11 - Awww, office!sex *_* (more extended version next time, plz! :D ) As for it, I also think that House nad Wilson's little conversation (after Cuddy's phone call ) was sweet. Wilson always has to worry to much and House just dismiss problems, 'cause all that matters to him is his Jimmy.

Cuddy becomes more and more cruel bitch with every chapter. It's suits her ;) I knew she was that kind of person since the very firs episode, since that scene where House said "I'm going home" and she asked "To what?"
Richie117 chapter 8 . 12/13/2010
I hate being too busy to do read fics and comment them properly *pouts* So now, briefly about next few chapters:

Ch. 6 - A part I liked the most was with Cuddy and Lucas. I think it's weird the writers got rid of the man just like that, though I suspect that Lucas would be happy for Cuddy and wish her luck and maybe offer to baby-sit Rachel sometimes *facepalm* IMHO in your story both Cuddy and Sam got what they deserved *claps*

Ch. 7 - I wish I could see Nolan's face when House told him the name of his 'girlfriend' :D Honestly, I didn't like Nolan and I don't believe House could trust him, but it's just my opinion. And as a psychologist I can say that the way he dealt with House was unethical and his so called therapy would led him nowhere in the real life. Considering all above, I wasn't happy when your Wilson made House to go to Nolan, but in the end the session wasn't half bad. Good thing House managed to make fun of him and (as I'm seeing it) he wasn't only sarcastic in self-defence.

Also, you did great a job with the suggestion about Cuddy's evil plan. I like that House looked through it immediately and told her that it wasn't going to work and yet acted so possessively around Monica. I'm sure I'll never get bored with reading about House openly showing his feelings toward Wilson. It seems so natural and right and I can't imagine him doing this for any woman in the world.

Ch. 8 - You really surprised me with House feeling hurt because of the watch. I've never thought he might take it as Wilson treating like one of his ex wives, though with the way you've put it it seemed very reasonable. Anyway, I've been wondering lately about what romantic gifts could House and Wilson give to one another and really there's not many of them. Actually, I only came up with watches and sex toys :D Still, I enjoyed this chapter - House's idea of a birthday's present was very IC :D
Richie117 chapter 5 . 12/4/2010
Gosh, you really are better in this than the writers *_* I mean, okay, House screwed up by doing something he couldn't help (like faking the lab test in the show) but he wasn't the one who should give an explanation and apologize (especially if all he'd say would be a lie). I like the way Wilson was processing his action, exactly the way it used to be in the show. And I like the conversation between him and Thirteen - it's so frustrating to me that the writers almost never made a reference to the past events, just like they've forgotten about them. Also, I think it's great that House don't consider as necessary to tell Wilson he loves him - I was so mad while watching when he told that Cuddy only because she was making him to do it. I hope your House would stick in kissing Wilson all the time. The more our boys kissing, the better :D
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