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eldwist chapter 7 . 4/8
oooh, that was clever with Turkey's mask! I love when authors use canon to their own advantage!

The whispering voices invading each nation's minds are quite insidious, aren't they? Canada and Japan seem to be resisting well for now but who knows what the future will hold. We haven't gotten an America POV yet so I'm wondering how he's faring as well. It's quite ambiguous what happened in Switzerland re: America; was he in fact the plunderer or did he simply follow Rome?

I'm also curious as to what's going on in China's mind. The more heavily involved European nations all seem to be advising the non-European nations to stay out of the situation. Given China's reaction to defend in chapter 2 it seems he may be taking the route Greece suggests to Japan re: staying in his own country. Unclear whether that's the best choice, and Japan certainly thinks it isn't.

And yay! Russia enters the playing field! He seems to be quite confident, and I'm sure that confidence will come to haunt him later. Chess is complicated; he shouldn't presume to be the master, always. I also wonder if his scarf is hiding a history not too unlike Turkey's. Did he consume once before as well? Was he the victim of another? Are there scales under that scarf or perhaps a wound? It's a cold and calculating mood in this last section, and I'm wondering what Russia's got planned up his sleeve.

Anyways, speculations aside, I've thoroughly enjoyed all 7 chapters of this fic! You have a wonderful plot brewing here and I'm glad I stumbled across it. Thank you for writing and sharing!
eldwist chapter 5 . 4/7
I stumbled across this fic a few nights ago and I've been devouring it in my free time since! You have a wonderful way of writing that really conveys the moods of your scenes and the moods of your characters; the tension is almost palpable and the horror, when needed, is wonderfully executed as well. I also absolutely love your world-building. I'm a huge fan origin stories and the history you have concocted here is unlike any that I've come across or would have thought of on my own. I love themes reminiscent of 'humanity' and what it means to be human, and you definitely have that here. Internal psychological struggles are also a fave of mine, and that's here in spades as well.

I'm curious to know what caused Ancient Rome to 'awaken' after all this time (why here? why now? and what happened to him originally anyways?), and I suppose I'll see if I find out in two remaining chapters. :P I'm also wondering if Canada's 'invisibility' is shaping up to be a plot point because it seems like it! (Is England also going to snap? You seem to be building up to that too!)

Some favourite scenes so far include Canada's exchange with France and France desperately clinging onto his 'humanity.' (I also love the use weapons as a metaphor for intellect over instinct; it makes sense now why Austria was so desperate to find his sword and why France was holding onto his rapier as though it were his lifeline). The phone conversation with Canada and America in this chapter when America tells Canada that he loves him also hit home quite hard; "I love you" is overused in English but the way America says it here has some sort of finality, as though he were saying 'goodbye' to Canada (is America worried he'll be consumed by whatever it is that's creeping in on him? how much awareness does he actually have?). And oh, that scene when Spain intercepts Germany as he's about to kill the Italies broke my heart. I'm holding out hope that it's not too late for Italy and Romano.

All in all, you have me hooked! I'll definitely be reading the next two chapters sooner rather than later!
phoenixrisingdusk chapter 1 . 7/28/2016
This is such an amazing story. Like, there are no words to describe how awesome and wonderful this is. None. I would have to invent a new word... maybe incarcentine. Yes, that will work. This story is so incarcentine that it blows my mind. I took the Shakespearean word for red and twisted it, because there's a lot of blood in this. Back to the topic, this. Is. Awesome. I don't care if I'm starting to sound like Prussia, but that's how I feel about it. How do people come up with such beautiful ideas like this? It's mindboggling...

I will wait forever for the next chapter. I am that dedicated to this story now.
Candied Literature chapter 1 . 4/19/2015
Woah. This fic was amazing, for what it is so far. It is really well written and I loved the way you switched points of view in a smooth manner. I really do hope you update this story soon, I spent my morning reading this amazing piece and I need to know what happens next!
Devin Trinidad chapter 7 . 11/8/2014
Finally, a story that isn't filled with shoujo sparkles! Anyway, this was well written, with plenty of suspense and horror. I love how you just wrote a down a history of the original seven continents and then you wrote them as these dements that used to terrorize humanity. I especially liked how you made them these creatures that don't necessarily give birth to nations, but rip them apart in their image. It kinda makes you think of what all the characters in the show are capable of. On an emotional level, it appears that some of the ancients are still taking of their young (i.e. trying to hide them from the Italy brothers and ripping them apart to save them from getting eaten). Truly, this was a horrendous way at looking at the countries.

I hope that you update or at least think of doing so. It would be a waste of a good head canon if you were to leave this all alone.
foREVerhauntingme chapter 7 . 3/31/2013
The ideas here are so beautiful that i havent moved since i started reading. You must please update for i must read more...
NinjaTerra chapter 7 . 1/4/2012
Avptrhrcnfbjkrehncvjkagncds! This story! Gott, I am way too into this! Grr! The whole idea in itself is amazing! Holy crud! It's just simply too good! How did you come up with the idea for this? You have got me so hooked on this! Also, the way you write really draws out emotions. The entire time reading this, I was like "No! Romano and Italy! You guys can't be stuck like that! Rome, you bastard! I'm going to kill you!" amnd "SWITZERLAND! OH MY GOD! NO!" and stuff like that. Honestly, I wasn't really looking for anything special when I was searching through fanfiction today (I was bored) and I came across this and though "Sure. Why not?" I was not expecting this! Keep up the great writing!

Write on,

Stringbean724 chapter 7 . 8/25/2011
This is one of the most amazing fanfictions I have read! I didnt even know hetalia could be twisted in that manner I love your writting style especially in the beginning. Please please continue this update as quickly as possible. Though I must admit I really want to hear more about England. And as a fetish of mine what has happened to the central american countries?
removal-requestedremoval-reque chapter 7 . 6/14/2011

I'm impressed!

You've managed to craft a universe so unlike Hetalia and yet, so close to it that it leaves me guessing at were you're taking the story. A roller coaster I definitely wasn't expecting nor prepared for.

Simply fantastic :)

I look forward to your next update.

Nurane chapter 7 . 6/11/2011
Read through all the chapters today. Would have done it in one sitting if not interrupted with work. It is such a great story that manages to keep all the countries in character while being creative. 3
B. Tommorrow chapter 7 . 6/8/2011
Okay, so normally I try to wait until a story is finished to review, BUT THIS STORY IS JUST TOO AWESOME!

I mean, holy crud, you managed to keep me at the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this... and now... that I finally have reached the end (of what you so far have published) I couldn't help but wish this fic was an actual book so that I could read the rest!

Like honestly, you managed to write one of my favourite genre of stories, and you wrote it well! Which no one ever does! So I aplaud you for that. I love horror, I love history, and I especially love mythology.

Thank you for working in all three! Please continue being awesome and thank you for writing this story!

Gretchen123 chapter 7 . 6/7/2011
Omfg. Wooooooow. This is just brilliant. It's well written, its original, the grammar isn't shitastic like some stories. (Like mine...) it freaks me out, and not in the "gross, gore" way but the "keep you up at night contemplating life" way. As in you take something so bad like cannibalism and write about it. I can't put it down! And all the dead people. NO SWITZERLAND NO! I looooooove this. Please please please update.
natcat5 chapter 7 . 6/7/2011
Ahhh, sorry! I got this fanfic's title confused with another fanfic that I didn't feel like reading anymore, so everytime I saw this alert I thought it was that one and didn't click it. It was only this time that I clicked and realized! So sorry!

So, wow. I've missed quite a bit. Poor Liechtenstein...wait. Poor Switzerland! Dammit...everything's kind of going to hell. I'm scared for Canada. He's the one who's having direct contact with America, who is kind of the most dangerous one out there aside from Rome, so I feel like he's in the most danger...

Oh...I had to skim over the Italy part. It hurt too much. Romano is my favourite character and seeing adorable loveable Italy like that... That part was both horrifying and so, so sad. When Italy called Germany Holy Rome... and when Spain rushed in! Oh goodness, it was just too painful...

Spain...I love you Boss Spain. I love Spamano. I really, really hope that you're right and the Italies can be separated. I'd hate to think you only prolonged the inevitable...

Hey wait! There's still an Ancient Nation around! Maybe Greece's Mother can separate...

Canada! So Canada's got an inner monster too...of course he does. It's silly to think he wouldn't. I...oh man, I hope he doesn't snap.

I love the Lore bit...I love all the Lore bits! Honestly, I have a bad habit of skimming over italicized bits at the beginnings of chapters. This is the only story where I have never once done that. I'm really excited to see more than just a tidbit of North America Lore...

Japan, Turkey, and Greece...and Mother Greece. This story is picking up (as if it wasn't ridiculously intense already) and I'm so, so, so excited for the next instalment!
Yellow Eyed Arachnid chapter 6 . 5/2/2011
...Holy crap. I don't know where to even begin on this magificent work of art. You have inspired me. The way you have filled out the characters to match their history is amazing. I'm most impressed with how you depict their insanity. As with all of the greatest works of literature, there is not only an external conflict, but there is a terrifying internal one as well. The possibility of someone in the forming "heroic group" going insane creats a feeling of distrust. A great story. Sorry I can't give you anything constructive, I'm just way too enthralled.

(Alright my favorite character so far is America. I love his insanity and I really REALLY hope he'll be the one to kill Rome. It might not be likely (I can't read your mind). Canada's moment of mindlessness kinda proves that as they're being manuvered into the safest positions... but I can hope. Whatever you go with, though, I will be looking forward to it.)
Astrea Xenophon chapter 3 . 5/2/2011

Nice work by the way :D
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