Reviews for There's No Such Thing As A Hot Granpa
ChristyWIX chapter 29 . 3/23
Forgot to mention in the last review that I was quite happy that they got Mike's rights terminated and a settlement. Now onto this chapter. I really liked the ending. It was a perfect way to summarize what they've been up to and where they all are now. Good to know that Jake and Nessie married. Surprised that Edward and Bella were going to stop after just one more together. Looks like the universe had others plans, since Edward didn't read the pamphlet. Yes, a lot of men don't realize that they've got to 'clean the pipes' about twenty times after the surgery. Then the doctor will give the all clear, once you clean the pipes in his office to count the little buggers. Many a woman has found herself in Bella's shoes, only most men are not to quick to believe their significant others, sadly. Until the doctor sets them straight. It is funny that Bella named their son, while dad was sleeping. Not fair. Cute though. What a fun story to have spoken to a random on a bus with and about. I like that it gave you this inspiration. I enjoyed this one.
ChristyWIX chapter 28 . 3/23
Bella and Edward were funny in this chapter. Edward wanting to kill Jake for proposing. At first, I remembered they were still in their combined junior/senior year of high school so, I thought maybe it was a promposal. Alas, I was wrong, it was definitely an actual marriage proposal. He was so sincere and he really had all the answers to the questions she kept flinging at him. Smart man-child. Bella going into labor was amusing. With Dylan claiming she peed her pants, along with Ness and Lela's commentary. I was glad that Edward didn't freak out, just like when Ness had Danny. The naming of the baby was fun too. I liked the one they chose the best. It fits and it is pretty.
ChristyWIX chapter 27 . 3/23
Bella trying to say that Ness didn't mean to forget Lela is complete crap. Of course that selfish child left her behind on purpose. It did seem to me that Mike really isn't interested in being Danny's father. I think it is what Edward said, a toy of sort. He will, hopefully, grow tired of having to show up and take the time. Especially since it seems he has 'Jessie' now. Maybe he will eventually sign those papers. Or, you may change his character completely too, and he will end up sticking it out as his father and surprise us all.
ChristyWIX chapter 26 . 3/23
Okay, so Ness isn't hormonal, you have just totally changed the character completely . . . into a raving bitch. Interesting to do, so close to the end. I wouldn't have been as nice to her as Edward is being, that is for sure. I really, really didn't like her referring to Bella's kids as bastard children. That goes way beyond disrespect. Then he just rewards her with that loft. It most definitely is not a punishment at all. And, it is not conducive to creating a family environment at all. She will just separate herself from everyone even more now. Which won't teach her to grow up at all. Clearly she didn't hear a thing he said either, as she went and started right up again with Dylan. I went from really loving this character, to completely loathing her.
ChristyWIX chapter 25 . 3/23
I think Mike and his parents are out of their minds. I think he saw Danny and decided he could do this. Too little, way too late. Or, it could just be that he doesn't like that Jake stepped right up and is being more of a man by loving and helping a teen mom with a baby that isn't even his. She has to be hormonal right now to be treating Bella the way she is. She has gone back to calling her Bella instead of Mom. She is poisoning Dylan against his own sister, which is beyond wrong on many levels. Now, she pulled this stunt with demanding that they go to the lawyers first and to hell with their other important appointment. I truly loved that Edward set her straight and let her know what is what around there. She is acting like a five year old right now and she needs to grow the hell up. He did the right thing there, completely. I loved that he is so very excited that they are pregnant. Bella wanting to run away from everything is getting really old. I think she needs to go into the same time out as Ness does. Shame on them both.
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 3/23
I was glad the test results came back exactly as expected. I also like that Bella told Lela that her and Edward planned on adopting her. Also, I really liked how Bella handled her mother. She told her straight up how she felt about her and the situation. Really liked that she would not allow her to speak. Told her off and left their hotel. I hope it settles Bella's mind, now that she is in the process of getting her daughter back and got her mother (hopefully) out of her life for good. It was good to read they are still going through with taking Mike's parental rights away from him. I hope that Dylan and Ness are as accepting of Lela, as they were with one another. I am hoping it is just Ness being overwhelmed that it was bothering her, not something deeper. It would not be fair to Bella if Ness was not accepting of Lela, when Bella opened her arms and heart to Ness right upon meeting her. Plus, it would be out of character for Ness at this point, if she were suddenly rude and/or mean to a stranger. It simply isn't how you've written her. Another symptom of being pregnant, sensitive nipples . . . Bella is definitely pregnant.
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 3/23
I do not think it is stress that is making Bella ill. I believe she is pregnant and just has not thought of that because she is on birth control and all kinds of stressed out. Besides just throwing up, she is exhausted. So yeah, I think she is pregnant. I am glad that they are running tests to find out if Bella is Lela's mom . . . even though they both know she is. It is a good thing that Edward and Bella have really good jobs, because all those kids are going to eat them out of house and home. I have a feeling when Edward realizes that Bella is pregnant, he may start bringing some work to work on at home. Even though he's taken the year off to help Ness, he's going to need more when Bella has her baby. I think that he may start trying to take care of some work stuff while Bella is still working and Ness is still out of school. At least I think he may want to. Or, he'll have to bust into that trust of his and I don't think he wants to touch that.
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 3/23
I had a strong feeling that Lela didn't have the life that Bella hoped she had. I am glad that it was good for her for the majority of it, just not the last bit of it. I am elated that she sought her out and found her. That is absolutely wonderful. I know that Edward and Bella will insist she come and live with them and they even have room for her. They can get it all legally taken care of . . . perhaps even have Edward adopt her like he was planning on doing with Dylan . . . getting Bella reinstated as her legal parent and her birth mother. I was so very worried that she would keep walking when Bella asked her to wait momentarily in the waiting room. Dylan filling her in was so funny. Out of the mouths of babes and all that. Loved that Charlie got Renee into the back of his squad car. I am now so very much more pissed at Renee than ever before. What an awful spiteful woman. For one reason was the one above about Lela. The other one, saying those horrific things to Dylan. She knew it would gut him and just kept at him. Can't Charlie accidentally push her down the stairs somewhere and break her neck? I don't think restraining orders will help keep her away. She's lost her effing mind.
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 3/22
Wow, that was massively impressive. Nessie pulling off that whole shebang in less than twenty four hours. She has a gift that Bella and Edward definitely need to nourish. I know it's fic but, wow. Them convincing the security guard to let them in and leaving the three grand behind, was funny. I hope they return to the scene and let them know which dress they escaped with. She even managed to get Angela to come and be a bridesmaid. Did Angela even get married yet? I liked this chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 20 . 3/22
This whole chapter was oh, never mind.
ChristyWIX chapter 19 . 3/22
Okay, Bella clearly needs some serious therapy. She's making herself sick over this. It all stems from what her mother did to her when she was only fifteen. However, she is thirty now and needs to get some professional help to get this fear out of her. Her mother is probably on the beach in Florida, not anywhere near ExB's home, sunning and not thinking anything of her adult daughter having a child. Sheesh. And, if her mother is thinking of Bella, I'm sure it isn't about Dylan. If Edward has a trust fund and a black card, why does he have a budget of only five hundred for a table and chairs for his dining room? You can't even get a black card unless you are extremely wealthy, as they just won't issue those to just anybody who wants one. They are earned cards. I don't think you could buy two decent dining room chairs for five hundred dollars, let alone a whole set the size they just purchased.
ChristyWIX chapter 18 . 3/22
I'm very happy that Bella told Edward her mother called. I can understand that she doesn't like that she knows where she lives. I even understand that she doesn't like her mother at all. However, I don't understand why she would fear her taking Dylan from her? She has absolutely no way of doing thata at all. She just plain can't take him . . . not without wing arrested for kidnapping and thrown in federal prison. I really liked tha Dylan mustered up the courage to ask Edward to be his daddy. Very sweet reaction from Dylan when Edward said he would love that. I really like the idea of them both adopting the other one child. I'm quite sure that even Ness would love that idea. Edward should just give in and get a queen sized bed for Nessis's bedroom. I don't think Jake will be spending a whole lot of nights at home. Well, there is Billy to think about . . . maybe he's needed at home?
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 3/22
Awww, a baby boy. Yay! I was hoping for that. I love that she named him with her dad's name in there. I agree, having it as the middle name is perfect. Dylan asking if Edward was going to be his dad, was adorable. I'm so surprised that Edward never shared with Bella that Dylan's called him daddy a few times. Camping, and one night when they got back from camping too. And, that was months ago . . . so, who knows how many times he may have said it to him, just as sleepy, without realizing it. Edward will know. Funny stuff there with Esme and all the baby photos she busts out each time a new one pops in. How in the hell did Bella's mother get Edward's home phone number? More importantly, what the hell does she want?
ChristyWIX chapter 16 . 3/22
It was surprising that Bella and Dylan moved in so quickly yet, at the same time not surprising. I guess because her home sold so quickly. I'm v ry glad they chose Edward's place as their home. He built it to what he wanted and needed at the time. Plus, there is so much room for them to add more children to those extra bedroom . . . especially with learning there was a whole second set of living space above the garage for Ness and the baby later down the years. I'm happy that Bella stood up for herself with Angela, yet sad they lost their friendship over it. Must be really uncomfortable for them sharing the practice together. I liked that you wrote Edward calm and supportive though the birth, not overly dramatic panicked parent. Thank you for that. Also, I really liked that Jake was there the whole time for Nessie. So sweet. H, and I liked learning about Rosalie looking over Jake's work on the car and not only approving it but, offering him and internship and job during and after college. That was fantastic.
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 3/22
Absolutely love the bond between Bella and Nessie. That whole scene was so wonderful. Her laying in Bella's lap and Bella fingering through her hair. Talking about not putting her life on hold for the baby, expanding her life instead. Very good words for Bella to give Ness. Dylan's wanting to go shopping because there was no way he was going to let his mom see his grandpa. Too funny. The proposal was really sweet and I am so glad she excitedly said yes. The sigh of relief from Dylan, when he realized he didn't need to go shopping any longer, was too cute. Fun chapter.
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